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 Danzo was trying everything he could to break the seal but to no avail, he couldn't break it using force, and he no longer had a sharingan to analyze the barrier, he tried digging down but same as the maze he came from the earth was practically indestructible, this also made him realize how lucky he was for avoiding Saito's railgun attack, because it had created a huge crater even with the sturdy structure, he could only try recovering his chakra, he sat down and kept looking at the cave, he saw the huge bundle of tree roots in the middle but he didn't dare approach. But just as he was about to return to his meditation, he remembered an important thing the reason he came here first, he knew that it wasn't a Biju but he could still make use of that chakra to enhance his body, making him a pseudo Jinchuriki. Danzo destroyed the rock hiding the chakra source, but what he saw shocked him the scroll from wish the chakra was emanating was surrounded by tree roots, and the chakra was slowly been absorbed, he moved as fast as he could trying to get the scroll but as if knowing his intent the roots accelerated the absorption rate and soon the scroll was emptied. Danzo was at a loss, he regretted his late realization, normally he wouldn't have forgot it but due to his injuries and losing the sharingans he worked so hard to get he couldn't think strait. And just as he was about to turn back he heard a roar filled with rage behind him before he could turn his head, his sight started to swirl around and soon he saw his feet, he was decapitated, he died without knowing what really happened.

Earlier just when Saito lost his consciousness, he knew that it was hopeless and once again he will meet the wheel, most people will feel happy because using this opportunity they could gain even more power and revive, but for him he knew that while he was practically immortal, he should know the value of life, more than anyone he already died two times and the cold embrace of death wasn't something he longed for and he knew that his death wasn't only affecting him but all the people close to him, he couldn't afford letting Danzo live. But alas he was getting closer to deaths doors and just when he was about to lose the last strand of life he felt a strong life power connected to him, he was sure of the source but he knew that he should be able to use it to keep on living, and with all his will power he started drawing on that source, surprisingly it was chakra and a highly potent one, he soon started waking up and finally found the source of the chakra, the root stabbed into his body was forming a link between him and the source which can only be the scroll containing the Biju chakra, in order to fool Danzo Fu put a big chunk of chakra inside, an amount that will take her close to a week to recover, and now that chakra was been absorbed inside Saito's body, he already surpassed his capacity and the chakra started eroding his mind, he knew that he will most likely lose control, and as his body was slowly beginning to be covered by a potent red chakra he started breaking the roots restraining him but he wasn't fast enough and soon his mind was overwhelmed by a wave of emotions, he could feel all his feeling amplifying to a crazy level, his despair and rage soon took over his rationality and for now he only had one thing in mind break free from his cage and destroy the source of his rage. With a roar he created a huge read chakra blade and made a horizontal slash, the wood prison wasn't able to withstand the attack and was cut in half, the first thing the beast saw was Danzo's headless corpse and even with that it's wrath didn't recede, in a flash it appeared near the body and started raining a rain of punches, slowly reducing the body into a blood puddle. After its target disappeared it turned towards the barrier and started attacking it using its full power but the barrier wouldn't budge, slowly its movement started slowing down, not long after it fell down and the red chakra disappeared revealing an unconscious Saito, the hole in his stomach was already healed, but his body was covered with burn like markings.

Just as Saito's rampage ended the barrier was dissolved and Karin, Fu and Jugo ran inside, Karin checked her surroundings before approaching Saito and she began healing the unconscious Saito. When she was checking his condition she was shocked to see the Biju chakra trying to overtake and suppress Saito's chakra, if left alone it will most likely kill him so without waiting any longer, she sealed that chakra preventing it from mixing with Saito's and then resumed the healing process.

Before the fight began, Karin, Fu, Jugo and Suigetsu were standing on guard around the cave in case someone tried to interfere or in case Saito failed they needed to kill Danzo. But after sometime they felt a huge tremor and what followed was a voice filled with rage. Fu was able to sense a familiar chakra.

Fu: "Guys, I think Saito needs our help. I can sense the Chakra we used going berserk.'"

Using a map that Saito gave them, they soon reached the barrier only to find a transformed Saito raining hell on Danzo's corps, and as soon as he finished he started bombarding the barrier luckily it was strong enough to hold him.

Fu: "He must have been affected by the chakra we need to stop him."

Karin: "I believe he will soon be exhausted, we can't let him run loose. You know he won't forgive himself if he hurt us or innocents."

Fu agreed, but she knew that, that transformation caused a huge deal of pain to the user. Not long after Saito calmed down and fell on the floor.

Karin: "I will release the barrier. And check the surroundings before starting the treatment."

Without waiting further they took the unconscious Saito back to the village.

=Hokage's office=

The team was reporting about the incident, after confirming Danzo's death she sent a team of Anbu to round up all the surviving root members and confiscate any relevant Documents. Saito was already transported into the Sarutobi clan's estate. Shizune was in charge of healing him.

Tsunade: "Karin, will Saito's life be in danger?"

Karin: "Not for the moment, we managed to seal the Biju chakra before it could affect him. But for now he is close to being a Jinchuriki, a pseudo Jinchuriki if you like. He will find it hard to control his chakra for some time, other than that he should be fine."

=Sarutobi clan=

Saito was lying on a bed, his eyes slowly started to open, his body was aching and he could barely lift a finger, and for some reason he felt an anomaly with his chakra. He tried activating his Medical chakra mode but it didn't work, he wasn't able to fully control it, after numerous tries he finally gave up.

Saito: "It can't be helped. Check stats."

Name: Saito Nakamura

Age: 15

Fame: 136450

R. Points: 1020000

Chakra: 100000(Normal Demi God level)

Biju Chakra: 150000

Physique: Normal Demi God level

Chakra Control: Expert Kage level -> {Normal Chunin}


-Medical Ninjutsu Enhancement (60% more potent) [Limit]

-Adapting Body

-Pseudo Jinchuriki [Instable]