After ripping out Danzo's eye he moved away, he tried to cut of Danzo's arm but to his surprise he wasn't able to fully sever it in one attack and he had to move back when he sensed chakra flowing into the arm. He knew that Danzo must be preparing to make his move. But Saito was able to remove the biggest danger for him, He stored the eye safely, and prepared himself to make his next move, his last attack costed him a great deal of Natural lightning chakra, he believes that the reason is most likely the first Hokage's cells. Danzo was already preparing to attack Saito, he wasn't the chatty type and knew that for now he was targeted and as for the ones responsible he had an idea.

Danzo started sending wind blade after wind blade in Saito's direction he didn't want to give Saito a chance to move against him again Saito was dodging the fast attacks easily, Danzo's wounds were healing rapidly and soon his arm was attached fully to his body making him able to increase the power of his jutsus, he created small vacuums in order to lock Saito down but Saito managed to break free easily but he knew that his sage mode won't last for long he created a shadow clone who started lunching lightning infused shurikens at Danzo while he moved to the top of the dome he was going to finish this battle with the next attack. On his hand a small rasengan was created and soon white lightning surrounded the arm holding the rasengan a barrel was created in order to guaranty that his attack will hit. His clone used what was left in its chakra reserves to get near Danzo and using chakra string he tied himself to Danzo. At that moment Saito already moved to the top of the cave in his hand was a fast rotating rasengan it was compressed and was highly unstable so Saito after locking onto his target launched his attack, the rasengan at a blinding speed was moving towards Danzo, and just as it was close to hit it disappeared , the clone that was binding Danzo disappeared and before he could move he was hit by a huge impact, he was pushed to the ground and wat followed after was a huge explosion the cave barely held on without collapsing.

Saito had used the last bit of Natural chakra in that attack, after learning lightning sage mode he created numerous strong variants of his lightning jutsus but when he tried using railgun he found out that the ninja tools couldn't handle the heat and power generated by the powered up railgun, but he soon found out that he could use something else, after trying using the rasengan he found out that it worked well and some of the lightning chakra seeped into the rasengan making it highly instable but he knew that with training he could make it even more powerful. He tried using it in his normal state but for some reason he failed he believes that with his heightened speed and reflexes he is able to react more accurately to the changes of the jutsu.

Saito was watching the huge crater left by the attack but something wasn't right not a single trace of Danzo could be found, alarmed he jumped down and popped a pill to recover his chakra. The place he was just standing in was assaulted with a huge wind blade, and as soon as he landed he started running as a barrage of wind blades was assaulting him, but he had time to see Danzo running around and launching his attacks he wasn't affected by the attack, but Saito saw that one of the Uchiha eyes on Danzo's hand was closed, Saito could only deduct that he used the sharingan in his hand to avoid that last attack, Saito was using his medical chakra mode and his second phase to avoid Danzo's attacks, he was still low on chakra and needed some time to recover, while the pill helped him increase the speed of recovery he was in the middle of a battle and he was constantly using chakra to fight, so the recovery was slow.

Saito knew that he should let Danzo continue his assault, activating his third phase up to the third gate he started moving towards Danzo, and as soon as he was close he started a barrage of Taijutsu attacks, Danzo couldn't dodge them and had to resort to using his sharingan ability again, after Saito's attack landed on empty air, he felt something flying towards his neck, with swift movements he jumped up avoiding another attack coming towards him but to his shock he was heading towards another vacuum created by Danzo, he knew that if he was caught in that attack he will become an easy target for Danzo, so without waiting he created a huge Wind chakra blade and using his body's weight he managed to make a powerful slash destroying the vacuum and also attacking Danzo, Saito and Danzo once again started exchanging attacks, Saito with his medical chakra mode active and his strong body could ignore some of the weaker attacks, and Danzo was barely managing to survive he alredy lost five sharingans and Saito always managed to avoid the attacks he used after activating the sharingan.

The battle was going on for about five minutes and both Saito and Danzo where running out of chakra, Saito was doing fairly well due to his constant training and stamina, Danzo on the other hand was old so he didn't have as much stamina and he had lost his strongest trump card at the beginning of the attack, if he had Shisui sharingan this battle would have ended the moment he activated it's ability, he would have gained a strong puppet but now he was barely managing to survive, losing another eye he knew that he needed to use more dangerous attacks.

Saito was moving in attacking with his chakra blade when, Danzo suddenly sent gathered a big amount of chakra in his hand and slammed it on the ground. Saito felt the ground shaking under him but before he could dodge some huge tree roots surrounded him binding his limbs and stopping him from moving. Saito was warry of the Sharingan abilities and forgot about the Hashirama Senju cells, he knew that he wouldn't be able to break them easily, Danzo was delighted that his desperate attack worked, but before he could move towards Saito he was assaulted by a wave of pain from his right arm, he soon found out the reason using that huge amount of chakra made the cells instable and soon they started trying to erode his body, Danzo decisively decided to cut of his hand, unlike Saito who because of his lack of control and hast missed the target Danzo knew exactly where to strike covering his hand with wind type chakra he cut of his arm, the arm that fell on the ground started deforming and soon tree roots exploded from it Danzo avoided the roots but Saito was stuck on and soon was surrounded in a cage of roots. Danzo knew that Saito will most likely die if left alone, but the eye he took will be lost with him and Danzo couldn't afford to lose it. But no matter how much he tried the roots couldn't be destroyed and Danzo soon gave up and tried to look for a way out.

Meanwhile Saito inside the wooden root cage was suffering, one of the roots had directly stabbed him in the abdomen and if he didn't free himself he will die from blood loss, his chakra was low and he could barely move a finger. Soon he started losing his consciousness.