Saito finally managed to get used to the new speed and he also created a Lightning sage art that was basically a cheat when the conditions were met. But he knew that won't be enough in order to make sure that Danzo will not be able to counter him, he used his new sage lightning to strengthen his own body the same way he did with the normal lightning at first the output was strong enough to almost cripple him if it wasn't for creation rebirth and his chakra mode regenerating the damage, but after some trial and errors he managed to control the output slowly increasing it to match his own progress it took him a single day for his physical abilities to break from the Kage level into the new demi god level. His body became so strong that normal weapons no longer harmed him, he was basically invulnerable to normal attacks but when he tried to test the limit using Suigetsu's sword, the sword still managed to cut him, as for his power and speed he now had power equal to him using the third gate. But the most pleasant thing is that coupled with lightning sage mode he should be able to kill Danzo without any problems, but just to be sure he asked Karin to make him a special seal in case Danzo somehow survived the first assault.

That night he had a meeting with his teammates and Hiruzen to make a plan to drag Danzo out of his hole in the village, in order to avoid casualties.

Hiruzen: "Danzo is always on guard and he rarely moves himself, even at council meetings he sends a clone most of the times. The only time he acts personally is when there is something he deems too important to let his dogs do."

Saito: "So in order for him to move personally we should provide something that he will wish to get his hands on no matter the price. Can you think of anything?"

Hiruzen: "I think I know just the thing. Danzo always lusted after the power of the Uchiha and I bet that he will do anything if it meant getting his hand on the other eye of Shisui Uchiha, I believe that after experiencing the power of one eye he is willing to do anything to get his hands on it. Or if it was a Biju I believe he will do everything in his power to get his hand on it. "

Saito had an idea and after discussing with his team for a while they finally made the perfect plan. Hiruzen went to the Hokage's office to inform Tsunade, while Saito sneaked out of the village and started preparing the stage for his battle.

The following day Tsunade summoned all the members of Yugure except Saito who was waiting by the village's gates to her office, she was giving them a secret mission, to verify if the Intel report received was accurate and if it is confirmed they should retrieve the package. There wasn't a single mention of what was the package but Danzo already had some spies look into the Intel that Tsunade received. Saito while out of the village sent an Intel report under the name of one of the informants of the village. If Danzo knew of the nature of the package he will do everything in his power to get his hand on it.

And he was right, Danzo knew that he needs to make his move before Tsunade, because if the Intel was correct, and Tsunade succeeded, his plan to overtake Konoha will be ruined. He directly moved with his two most trusted subordinates.

Saito who was by the gates was in his earth sage mode and as soon as he felt Danzo's chakra signal move out from the village trough a secret tunnel he dissipated into a cloud of white smoke.

Meanwhile in a mountain area far from Konoha, Saito was inside a cave with a complicated structure, even he the one who created this network of tunnels will get lost without his sage mode. The tunnels looked naturally created, Saito spent a lot of effort to make it look like that. He was currently inside a huge space he created for the battle in front of him was a scroll with a seal on it, Saito just received the memories of his clone, and without waiting any further he activated the seal soon a small red flame appeared on the surface, but no heat was emitted from it, if one looked closely he will find that the flame wasn't a flame but a small lump of chakra. With Fu's chakra and Karin's seals they created a lure for Danzo. Because even this small portion of chakra could be sensed even by ordinary ninja's if they entered the cave, so it should be as clear as the sun for Danzo once he enters the cave.

Saito entered his lightning sage mode and was waiting patiently in a small crevice he created. Meanwhile Danzo and his two followers finally reached the caves entrance and as soon as they checked the place they sensed a strong chakra, Danzo knew that he found his target, because the chakra was similar to the one he felt during the Kyuubi attack on Konoha.

But even while knowing the direction from wish the chakra came he couldn't find the right way, he could try to destroy the tunnel walls but that will cause them to be buried alive, and for some reason he couldn't use earth Ninjutsu to travel something seems to block his chakra from affecting the walls. He assumed it that it was due to the Biju chakra. Soon he and his followers split up to cover a wider area.

After some searching one of them found the huge empty cave but before he could react was killed and soon his body disappeared, Due to the strong chakra present in the cave even Danzo couldn't sense his subordinate's death but he knew that he must have reached the source of the chakra. Danzo feared that he will be betrayed so he accelerated his pace trying to reach the place where the signal disappeared, Saito was still waiting after killing the subordinate he stored his body in a scroll and got back to his hiding place. And soon enough another person reached the cave and this time also it wasn't Danzo, in the same fashion he moved killing him in one hit and storing his body. Now the only person left was Danzo. Danzo was getting closer to the cave but he was suspicious because just a moment ago his second subordinate reached the place of the chakra he disappeared. Soon he found the place he was looking for and carefully entered. The cave was huge and in the middle was a huge boulder under which he could see red chakra seeping out. The prize was in front of him but he didn't act he couldn't see his two subordinates anywhere. And just as he was about halfway to the boulder the entrance from wish he came was sealed by a barrier he tried attacking it using a wind blade but it had no effect, and just as he was turning to look at the boulder his eyes opened wide because instead of a bolder he saw a cold eye looking at him and a huge amount of pain run through the right side of his body. His right eye was ripped out and his right hand was barely attached to his body. At that moment Danzo knew that this was a trap and he was the target from the start.