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 After Saito's punishment ended, he and his team spent the night at the Sarutobi clan, their Saito met Hizuren who was elated by the news of Saito's survival. Each one of them was given a room, Jugo and Suigetsu directly went to sleep, Saito was meditating in his room entering his sage modes in cycles, He felt his body slowly growing stronger and more accustomed to natural chakra, suddenly he heard a scream then an explosion but he wasn't that bothered because when he was in his earth chakra mode he sensed Hizuren's chakra signal creeping closer to the bath where both Karin's and Fu's chakra signal was. Saito had a smile on his face as he imagined the state Hizuren was in. Suigetsu and Jugo came to his room to ask about the commotion he told them that the short version. After having exhausted his chakra Saito finally went to sleep.

Next morning they were greeted by Hizuren whose face was so swollen it doubled in size, when Tsunade came by and saw him she started laughing so much it took her a long time to calm down. She knew her old teacher was a huge pervert second only to Jiraya.

Tsunade after learning her student's survival and Orochimaru's death was as happy as she was in years and even Danzo's attempts didn't seem to affect her mood. So today was the day she will have the council meeting, usually it is impossible to intrude on them, unless someone from the inside let an enemy in disguised as a guard.

Saito didn't need to actually be in the vicinity he only needs to have his sage mode activated because with his training he managed to increase the distance of his sensory abilities, to cover the whole village and some of the vicinities, after he was given the place of the meeting place he concentrated only on that building.

After about half an hour many people gathered in a room sitting around in a circle some chakra signals were weak some reached elite Jonin levels, but only two where at a level of a Kage, one was Tsunade and the other should be Danzo. But Saito was surprised that what was present there wasn't the original body but a shadow clone. He knew that Danzo must have been suspicious about Tsunade calling a meeting so suddenly so he sent a clone to attend instead of going himself. But Saito was able to track him down following the connection between him and his clone, soon he found the main body in an underground facility. He then concentrated his sensory abilities on that body and started analyzing the chakra emitted by him, he wasn't that surprised when he sensed a foreign potent chakra mixed with the main bodies chakra. What surprised him is the nature of the potent chakra, after he concentrated further he found out what the chakra was it was a mix of a chakra similar to Yamato's chakra so he must have implanted Senju cells in his right arm, but what was more surprising is the presence of numerous small chakra signals in that arm and also a strong one in his right eye that where similar to the Uchiha chakra, and each one of them was slightly different. The only conclusion Saito came to was that Danzo must have used Orochimaru's research to implant the eyes of the fallen Uchiha from the Uchiha massacre and used Orochimaru's research to implement senju cells and suppress the side effects.

Saito finally learned one truth about the Uchiha massacre it was on one hand an act of suppression of a strong clan that might be able to take over Konoha and on the other hand a way for Danzo to get his hand on the power of the Sharingan. Saito knew that all the sharingans implanted in Danzo's body where always active and that the one he had in his right eye socket will most likely be an awakened sharingan, same as Itachi's, He started pondering about how to counter the effects of the sharingan, last time he swore that if he encountered a doujutsu user he will rip out his eyes before he activates them but he knew how hard that will be even with his sage mode he won't be able to counter a Genjutsu of the same level as the one used by Itachi, but the only thing he could think of is killing Danzo or at least depriving him of his power before he could activate it. So the only solution he had is speed, unparalleled speed. He needs to rip out the right eye and right hand before he could even act.

Saito had a solution, his lightning sage mode, he was getting closer and closer to perfecting it and he had an idea of how to make it reach perfection, he returned to the Sarutobi mansion and after a brief talk with Hizuren he learned who was the owner of the right eye, Shisui Uchiha, one of the most brilliant ninjas that Konoha ever had, and after he asked Hizuren about what ability his eyes had, he couldn't answer but he knew that it rendered all enemies helpless, so Saito could only conclude that it was similar to Itachi's attack if not Stronger, because Itachi's Genjutsu while it couldn't be countered or resisted if someone is strong willed he could endure it until the end.

Saito asked Hizuren if he could use the training room and after entering he created one hundred clones each one of them will training in using the Lightning Chakra mode until it reaches perfection.

And with that two days passed where Saito ended up collapsing after each training session, this was his first time using a big number of clones to train, he can conjure up to a thousand if he wanted but he found them less efficient in combat and they also couldn't use his chakra mode so he only used them in training Ninjutsu and gaining Intel. Saito finally managed to master this technique further increasing his power and reflexes, he tried using it with his medical chakra mode but it didn't work, but he believes that if he managed to get his chakra control to reach the next level he will be able to use them both at the same time.

After organizing his thoughts and recovering his chakra he started absorbing the Lightning natural chakra into his body, and as he expected this time it was smoother and easier to absorb lightning nature chakra. Soon Lightning markings appeared on both sides of his chest, he felt the world slow down around him and after standing up he tried to move his body, he tried to run a little, and was surprised by the level of speed he gained his current speed surpassed the speed he achieved using his chakra mode with the five gates opened, he then had an Idea to use lightning chakra mode to further boost his power and speed, unlike the normal blue lightning that usually covered the body this one was silver white colored, and the moment he tried to move around a little he crushed face first into the wall, if not for his strong body he would have met the wheel for the third time. He wasn't accustomed to the speed and the chakra was used really fast, he knew that he needed to learn to control his body while moving at this speed and also increase the duration of his new sage mode, he estimated that it will take him another three days before he could control his ability.

Hizuren entered the training ground with a huge Fuma shuriken in hand ready to attack. But he calmed down after seeing Saito unharmed, but when he turned his head his saw a huge dent on the wall in the shape of a human.

Hizuren: "What happened here? And what is that dent? I was having my afternoon tea when the building started shaking."

Saito: "It was just me losing control over my technique, I think I will manage to master it in about three days."

Hizuren: "Just what kind of technique is that? This wall can handle numerous attacks from A rank jutsus without a scratch and here you made a huge human shaped dent. "

Saito was slightly embarrassed he knew that this place must have costed a fortune, and Hizuren was nice enough to let him use it.

Saito: "I just managed to use my new sage mode but due to my lack of control. I crashed into the wall."

Hizuren sighed helplessly.

Hizuren: "Well just be careful. I don't like to be disturbed during my tea time."

Saito smiled sheepishly.

Saito: "Really, you mean the time when you read your magazine collection."

Hizuren was about to go out and froze. With a rusty movement he turned his head to look at Saito.

Hizuren: "How do you know about that?"

Saito: "Just by coincidence, I was looking for Suigetsu to discuss something important when I saw you from a slightly open door reading some interesting magazines. I bet the girls will be happy if I told them about that."

Hizuren: "Please don't tell them. Last time I spent a while day trying to free myself from the ropes with my chakra sealed."

Saito: "Just kidding! But be careful, next time it might be Karin not me who find out about your secret stash."

Hizuren trembled, at the idea of Karin finding out and moved back to his chamber. Leaving Saito to his training.

The team was surprisingly happy to be in Konoha; Karin stuck to Tsunade like glue and kept pestering her with questions about medical Ninjutsu, while Jugo liked playing shogi with Hizuren and sometimes his son Asuma, Suigetsu lazed around and Fu was sightseeing, Saito was happy for them, they all had difficult lives and from time to time they need to have a break from this harsh life.