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 After about an hour where Saito explained his reason for not returning, how he survived and his current mission. Yamato understood why he didn't return. But he found it really strange why he would want to return now.

Saito: "I wasn't planning of returning now but after questioning Sai he told me about Danzo's plan."

Saito then proceeded to tell Yamato everything that happened.

Yamato: "I knew it the moment he joined the team. I was keeping an eye on him and he only managed to elude me when Orochimaru attacked. But to think he betrayed Danzo so easily."

After talking for a bit they soon joined the others, but as soon as they reached that place he was met with a chaotic scene Karin and Sakura were fighting with both Naruto and Fu trying to calm them and Jugo, Suigetsu and Sai watching from the side.

Yamato: "What is going on here? Why are they fighting?"

The one to answer that was Sai.

Sai: "Apparently Sakura tried to ask Naruto to come with here to try and find Sasuke. But Karin told her that they won't be able to catch him and even if they did he will kill them because they are weak. Sakura became angry and started a fight."

Saito: "I will handle this. Karin stand back."

Karin: "Why she is the in the wrong here?"

Saito: "I know, so stand down I will talk with her."

Karin: "Ok but only this time."

Saito the turned towards Sakura.

Saito: "And you are you an idiot? Are you trying to get yourself and Naruto killed?"

Sakura: "No but I think we can still talk with him and make him turn back."

Saito: "So you are an idiot. He was trying to kill you guys and if I didn't block his last attack you would have become a corps. He is consumed by hatred and you are dragging Naruto into this. Naruto do you think you can get Sasuke back as you are now."

Naruto shook his head.

Naruto: "We were helpless and barely survived the attack."

Saito: "You guys are weak and for the moment you won't be able even to touch him. As for you Sakura are even worst did you waste these last years doing nothing, during this battle you were of no help and even with the Hokage training you just stood there watching and your recklessness caused your captain to get hurt so you need to stop crying and blaming others and look at yourself. Hufff! I will stop here, we need to move back to Konoha."

Sakura was now feeling ashamed of her actions and weakness.

Yamato: "We should move now."

The trip back to Konoha was filled with an awkward silence. Naruto and Sakura were still feeling down when they reached Konoha. Yamato got the Hokage's permission to let Saito and his teammates in without checking there identifications. Sai went to report back to Danzo while Naruto and Sakura each went back to their respective homes.

Once they entered Konoha Saito felt really nostalgic.

Saito: "It's still as lively as I remember."

They soon reached the Hokage's building. After checking with the guards they headed towards the Hokage's office.

Once they entered Yamato gave her a report about the mission's failure and when she asked about the reason of Yugure's presence here.

Saito: "First I would like to ask the Anbu to leave, the information I'm about to reveal is vital."

Tsunade: "You can leave."

Saito was using his earth sage mode and he felt two chakra signals disappear.

Tsunade: "They left. You can talk."

Saito: "Not yet. Suigetsu help me bring him in."

Making a hand sign a thud could be heard outside the Hokage's window. Suigetsu moved near the window and caught an unconscious Konoha ninja.

Tsunade: "Root! That bastard Danzo."

Karin moved close to the unconscious ninja and removed the seal on his tongue she then sealed his chakra. Tsunade ordered some Anbu to take him in for questioning.

Saito: "Now that that was taken care of. We can get back to business."

Saito moved his hand and removed the mask he was wearing.

Tsunade was greatly shocked by the face that appeared under the mask. It was a face she would never forget. He was her first student, someone she believed dead. But now he was standing in front of her like everything was a lie.

When she was about to ask, Saito started explaining everything. Tsunade and his teammates where listening to his story attentively. After he finished both his teammates and his teacher where shocked.

Saito: "I'm sorry I didn't return earlier."

Tsunade calmed down finally.

Tsunade: "So what are you planning to do now?"

Saito: "I will prepare to subdue Danzo, Its better if he doesn't know of my survival. I need to stop his plan from coming to fruition."

Tsunade: "You know he is as strong as a Kage."

Saito: "I know and so am I. But I feel that he is hiding something, he was in contact with Orochimaru for a long time, so he might have something hidden up his sleeves."

Tsunade: "So what are you planning to do? Even we don't have much Intel about his full abilities."

Saito: "You can use our appearance to call for an elder council meeting. To discuss about hiring us. I will stealthily scan his body for any modifications."

Tsunade: "How will you do that, you won't be able to get close to him without him seeing you. And even if you did, how will you check his body for anomalies without him feeling you."

Saito: "It's pretty easy, I can use my Sage mode to check for any abnormalities."

Tsunade and Yamato were shocked.

Tsunade: "You can use Sage mode? Do you have a summoning contract with the Toads or Snakes?"

Saito: "No. Mine is similar to the one used by Hashirama Senju."

After some strategizing Tsunade finally agreed to Saito's plan.

As they were leaving Tsunade called back to Saito. Her voice was a little bit cold.

Tsunade: "Now that we took care of that. I want to talk to you about you taking this much to contact your teacher who was so sad after thinking you were dead."

Saito was left alone in the office with an enraged Tsunade. And he knew that no amount of training could save him from her wrath.