Saito was prepared to use extreme methods to make him speak, but to his surprise he told him everything he knew about Danzo and his plan he held no respect or loyalty for him and the moment the leash was removed he was free. But while interacting whit him he noticed an absence of all emotions, no fear or hatred, asking him Sai refused to talk so Saito didn't dig further. Saito asked him if he wanted to join him but he refused. After meeting Naruto he wanted to know the reason of his obsession for retrieving Sasuke.

But before he let him go Saito had Karin put a seal on him, this one won't kill him but it will make it impossible for him to reveal any information about him, Saito promised him that as soon as he executes his plan he will free him. Sai agreed willingly knowing that it wasn't weird for him not to be trusted. And he started heading towards the location of the hideout.

Suigetsu: "What will we do now?"

Saito: "We will watch how the situation unfolds, and act if needed."

Moving towards a place near the hideout, they started watching what was happening, the place was in ruins as a big crater was blown revealing the inner structure of the hideout, Sasuke was standing on top of a pillar while Naruto and Sakura where trying to talk to him. Saito was also interested in hearing Sasuke's reason but seeing the cursed mark on his neck he had an idea. And it didn't take long for him to start talking about gaining power at any price, and how he was ready to sacrifice anything to gain power. Naruto was trying to reason with him but to no avail.

Then Saito's name came up, Naruto tried to remind Sasuke of the sacrifice, but Sasuke brushed it off as empty words and that in the end Orochimaru still survived and became even stronger. While Saito was watching the scene unfolding, his teammates looked at him thoughtfully, they joined him each looking to achieve something, and even with the time they spent together they still knew close to nothing about Saito, and now in the most roundabout way they discovered a part of his past. Saito wasn't aware of this in his eyes a person's background wasn't important as long as they didn't let greed and lust for power consume them he was willing to accept them.

The negotiation failed and Sasuke tried attacking Naruto but was stopped by Sai who finally reached the scene, Saito and his team were faster due to the crazy training they usually did in their own base, even Karin became as strong as an elite Jounin and that's without counting Fuinjutsu.

Suigetsu and Fu further developed their own specialties. As for Jugo with Saito's help he managed to control his transformation and eliminate the psychotic effects of his bloodline.

The fight was pretty even and Saito was surprised that even with all of the team trying to suppress him Sasuke manages to push them back. But he knew it wasn't because they were weak but due to the hesitation to harm them, meanwhile Sasuke is willing to kill them if it meant getting what he wants.

Sasuke suddenly jumped up and launched a fire jutsu at the sky. And he then started gathering lightning chakra and sending it to the cloud created by his last attack. Saito entered his earth Sage mode and observed the cloud inside it he felt a huge amount of lightning chakra, he knew the attack will cause great destruction and just as he dropped his hand.

Saito: "Sage Arts: Stone fort"

The pit that Sasuke targeted was directly covered by a thick stone dome. The lightning attack fell on the dome causing a huge explosive sound, but in the end it didn't leave a single scratch on the surface. Sasuke was shocked by the result Kirin was his strongest attack and the level of damage was S class, but a stone dome managed to block it. Using his sharingan he found the one who used the jutsu to block his attack and just as he was about to act Kabuto appeared near him whispered something in his ears and after that they disappeared.

Meanwhile Naruto was shocked by the interference. Saito was struggling with a certain decision. He planned to come back to Konoha when he finishes off the Akatsuki, but with Danzo acting all crazy he decided to push back his plans for a bit and act, but in order to do it he will need Tsunade's help in order to control the aftermath and he didn't know if she will accept him back into the village.

Saito and his teammates moved towards them. As soon as they reached them Naruto run up to him.

Naruto: "It's you! Thanks for the help."

Saito: "No problem. I'm actually her to talk with Yamato."

Yamato was still hurt but he knew that it was time for him to ask Saito for an explanation.

Yamato: "You guys tend to your wounds and rest for a bit. We need to talk in private."

Saito looked at his teammates.

Saito: "Can you guys wait for me here?"

Karin: "Why you don't want us to hear your talk?"

Saito: "You know that's not it. I will tell you all everything latter."

Karin: "You better."

Saito moved with Yamato inside one of the rooms left after the battle. Yamato put a silence seal on the door and walls and then he created two chairs using his wood release. After that they both sat down facing each other.

Yamato: "Can you remove that mask first."

Saito obliged he also hated using it, but it was useful to hide his face without having to use transformation jutsu constantly. Yamato finally confirmed that it was indeed Saito. He was one of his first students and one the most hardworking ones.

Yamato: "So tell me everything that happened. How you are alive? Why you didn't return? And what were you doing?"