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 Orochimaru was shocked Saito managed to sneak up on him, but the most shocking thing was what he said. He remembers only one person calling him that.

Orochimaru: "So you survived. I taught I killed you no wonder I couldn't find your body. But her you are delivering yourself to me just like Sasuke."

Saito had a feeling about Sasuke but know Orochimaru confirmed his thoughts.

Saito: "So Orochimaru you survived that time. How exactly?"

Orochimaru: "If you join me, I will teach you everything I know."

Saito: "Oh! Come on you know that won't work on me."

Orochimaru: "If you won't join me willingly. I will capture you."

Orochimaru lunged at Saito with an open mouth. But before he could reach him Saito disappeared from his place and what followed was pain. Saito appeared behind him with a wind Chakra sword formed on his hand. But that wasn't enough to finish him he directly fixed himself.

Orochimaru: "Unlike last time it won't be so easy. After our fight I made some modifications on my body."

Saito: "You are not the only one who grew stronger."

Saito with his constant meditation and his constant contact with Natural chakra found it easier to enter his sage modes, he couldn't switch between them yet but he could still enter Sage mode easily even mid battle. So he directly entered the Water sage mode. His mind calmed down and he no longer felt irritated even while looking at Orochimaru's smug face. He also remembered the Konoha ninja that was talking with Orochimaru.

Saito: "Water clone jutsu."

The clone moved towards the fallen ninja. And picked him up and moved him towards Saito's teammates who were on standby waiting for Saito's return. At first they wanted to join him but he wanted to handle him himself, Karin to Saito's surprise managed to control herself and finally let go of the memories she had of Orochimaru.

Orochimaru: "I had no use of him, and instead of fearing for him you should protect yourself first."

Orochimaru considered Saito a real threat and was no longer holding back his skin started to rip and soon a giant white snake appeared, instead of scales his body was made of thousands of white snakes. But the most horrifying was the face that looked nothing like a snake or a human but a hideous looking hybrid.

Orochimaru: "This is the end of the road for you."

Orochimaru opened his mouth and spat a wave of poisonous snakes a tsunami made of snakes would be the most accurate description. Saito wasn't disturbed the slightest by this form, his mind was calm. He watched the attack coming at him.

Saito: "Sage Arts: Giant Water Wall."

From his legs a giant wave as high as the Snake wall appeared the two attacks clashed but the jutsu powered by the natural chakra suppressed Orochimaru's attack.

Orochimaru: "Sage arts? You managed to become a sage! Your body will be mine."

Orochimaru was a genius but if there was one thing he failed to do and that was learning senjutsu. And now in front of him stood a specimen of a young ninja who achieved sage mode. In his eyes right now Saito's value surpassed that of Sasuke. He gathered all the chakra he could master and started preparing an all-out attack. Saito was up in the air he used the water wall to jump high in the sky and before the water fell down. He made a hand sign.

Saito: "It's time to end this. Sage arts: Water Hydra."

The giant water wall transformed into a huge water dragon with seven heads. The seven heads moved as if alive each one seizing a part of Orochimaru's giant body. As Orochimaru was about to lunch his final attack.

Saito: "Water Burial."

All the water condensed around Orochimaru's body, surrounding him in a huge globe of water, and in an instant it was reduced to the size of a golf ball. But the water was tainted with blood. Saito held the ball in his hand the Water was condensed into a small mass he knew that he won't be able to keep up his sage mode up for much longer. And once he does the ball will burst. The only way he could thing he could do was to use the remaining natural chakra to send the water orb into the sky. With all his power he launched the orb as soon as it disappeared into the clouds Saito run out of Natural chakra and even his own chakra was running low.

Not soon after he heard the sound of an explosion coming from the sky and soon it started raining. Soon his teammates appeared near him.

Fu: "What was that? Did you do that? "

Saito: "That was my last attack. Karin can check if he survived?"

Karin closed her eyes and without saying a world launched a kunai at a tree far away. Her kunai was nailing something invisible, soon a lifeless white snake appeared it moved for a bit trying to free itself but soon it became lifeless.

Karin: "That should be the end."

Saito also let out a sigh of relief and he suddenly remembered the shinobi he sent them.

Saito: "You did receive the package I sent you."

Karin nodded.

Karin: "Yes, he is with Suigetsu still bound, we removed his weapons, and after searching him I found a seal on his tongue, it was used to silence him in case he spoke about a certain person, I removed it."

Saito: "Good, I need to ask him some questions. And I need him to be alive for that."

Saito and co moved back to Suigetsu who standing near a tree on wish the ninja was leaning. Saito sent his chakra threads to check his body. After analyzing him he was to find that he was already awake.

Saito: "Stop playing dead. I don't want to Karin wake you up."

Karin: "Hey!"

The ninja raised his head and looked at Saito with dead eyes.

Ninja: "....."