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 Once Saito and his team reached the Tenchi Bridge he asked Karin to look for any signs of people. While they inspect the area after looking around they found a clearing with marks of battle. But no other clue was available. Karin who was using a seal to amplify her sensing ability and scanning the surrounding suddenly opened her closed eyes in shock.

Saito: "What is it, Karin?"

Karin: "I found a chakra signal and it's a familiar one."

Saito had a feeling he knew who it was but he still wanted to confirm.

Saito: "Please tell me it's not that snake bastard, Orochimaru."

Karin nodded, she worked under Orochimaru for a long time and knew how sneaky and sly he can be.

Saito: "This is urgent we need to act before he finds us."

Moving stealthily they approached the location as they got closer Karin sensed two other chakra signals, one was Kabuto's and the other she didn't know about.

Soon they found an entrance to an underground hideout. Karin suddenly told him that Orochimaru disappeared from the hideout. Saito activated his earth sage mode and was surprised to find him near the bridge confronting Naruto and his teammates what shocked him was that Naruto's chakra was rapidly rising and soon he could hear explosion sounds coming from the bridge. At first he wanted to act and get Sasuke back but when he entered his earth sage mode he could tell that Sasuke wasn't here against his will and he must have chosen to come here. So he wanted to leave it to Naruto who was Sasuke's friend and teammate to save him and change his opinion.

Saito: "Change of plans we will watch and see how the situation unfolds."

The team moved out and watched as Naruto in his tailed beast cloak form was fighting against Orochimaru. The moment Saito saw him he had the urge to jump down and rip his spine out but he didn't want to act know because Naruto lost control and will attack anyone who moves. Plus he knew that Yamato his old teacher was getting closer and he will soon using wood release to suppress the Kyubi chakra. Karin and the others were looking at the spectacle. Fu had a frown on her face looking at the transformed Naruto, Suigetsu was barely hiding his killing intent and Karin had a complicated look on her face seeing Orochimaru in front of her.

Saito was waiting for an opportunity to move and kill Orochimaru this time he was going to make sure that he is dead. The battle was reaching its climax. And soon Yamato and Sakura caught up with Naruto in his rage Naruto hit Sakura with his tail. Yamato directly suppressed him while Orochimaru retreated. Naruto was in a critical state from the effect of the Biju chakra.

Saito and Co revealed themselves, Yamato was about to attack when Saito removed his mask briefly and made a shush sign with his hand, Sakura was desperately healing Naruto so she didn't see Saito's face. Yamato was in shock the student who was supposed to be dead was standing in front of him, if it wasn't for his years of Anbu and root services he would have run towards Saito and asked him about how he survived but when he saw Saito asking him to keep it a secret he didn't act.

Saito moved towards Naruto he extended his hand and numerous chakra treads connected with Naruto's body healing him at a visible pace. Sakura who was concentrating on healing finally saw Saito and his teammates who appeared from the forest. The one healing Naruto was showing a terrifying ability to heal. After Naruto was fully healed a tread moved towards Sakura's wound and started healing her soon. Not a single trace of the wound was left.

Saito looked at Sakura with his mask on.

Saito: "You still have a long way to go before you can call yourself a full-fledged medical nin."

Saito nodded towards Yamato who had a complicated look on his face and moved with his team to chase after Orochimaru.

Shortly after Saito and his team left Naruto opened his eyes and after remembering what happened he felt guilty for losing control, Yamato scolded him for relying on Kyubi's power too much.

Sakura: "Yamato sensei, that person, he was one of the people who rescued the Kazekage. What was he doing here?"

Yamato: "I don't know it must be a coincidence that they were here. Enough about that for now we need to move fast. Naruto are you alright."

Naruto: "I'm feeling Ok. Wait Yamato sensei, that guy who saved Gaara was here?"

Yamato nodded and started moving before Naruto could ask him any other question. Yamato was still shaken by this news and he was still struggling if he should tell the Hokage or not.

Meanwhile Saito and Co finally found Orochimaru and he was not alone he was talking with a young pale shinobi. Using his stealth and by enhancing his hearing he could listen to their conversation. To his surprise the content was shocking one of the elder council members Danzo was planning a coup to take the Hokage seat and he wanted Orochimaru's cooperation. Saito had heard enough during his time with the Anbu force, he already learned a lot about the darkness that is Root and about Danzo the control freak who want stop at anything to gain more power. Before when he talked with Sasuke he told him to be careful around that guy, because a sharingan was really valuable and Saito had the feeling that Danzo will try to get his hand on it. At first he didn't want to act because Danzo was still an asset for Konoha and was still useful but now that he totally gave in to his lust of power, Saito added his name on his hit list and from the information he gathered he will need to act as soon as he can in order to protect Konoha and also stop Danzo from seizing power.

Orochimaru refused the offer and captured Danzo's messenger but before he could move back to his hideout Saito stood in front of him.

Saito: "Long time no see, you snake bastard."