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 After some deliberation Tsunade sent Naruto, Sakura, Sai and Yamato to find Sasuke. Meanwhile Saito was still deep into his training he was becoming more and more proficient at using his sage mode in battle, he also managed to finally enter his earth sage mode. When using it his physical strength and defense becomes higher and he can feel his surroundings, as long as he is using it no one in a five kilometer radius could sneak attack him, and same as the Water sage mode the power of his earth release jutsus is amplified, on his palms appeared two crystal shaped marks and his hands. Saito's current level of power is indisputably Kage level and he was getting closer to reaching the next level of power. While he managed to progress in his earth sage mode he didn't show any progress in his lightning sage mode, so he switched to training in jutsus he created a variant of Chidori that sends a small lightning bird at the enemy the power and speed was of a higher tier than the normal Chidori.

Today was the same he was sparing with Fu, Jugo and Suigetsu but they were interrupted by Karin who just received an urgent message from Gaara, after opening the scroll and reading the content Saito frowned. Gaara received an Intel from his envoy in Konoha. A team was sent to look for a missing Anbu member and apparently it's Sasuke Uchiha. Saito was in a dilemma, he was in the middle of his training but something about this was bugging him.

Saito: "We will move towards the Tenchi bridge. I need to check out something."

While they didn't know all the details they knew that Saito won't put their life in danger.

After gathering supplies and putting their masks they began moving towards the Tenchi Bridge. They should be able to reach the bridge before the team sent by Konoha does.

While moving Saito didn't use the added weight jutsu, but he started using his earth sage mode to keep an eye on the surroundings, because even with Karin's power she couldn't cover a five kilometers radius. When they reached the border between the hidden rain village and the hidden grass village, they took a small break Saito had spent a long time training and hardly had time to look at his stats but he was sure that he was close to surpassing Kage level.

Saito: "Check stats."

Name: Saito Nakamura

Age: 15

Fame: 36450

R. Points: 14000

Chakra: 70000(Expert Kage level)

Physique: Expert Kage level

Chakra Control: Expert Kage level


-CQC Training (Master)

-Strong Fist (Master)

-Leaf Gale (Master)

-Leaf Whirlwind (Master)

-Heavenly Foot of Pain (Master)

-Heaven Spear Kick (Master)

-Moon light Fang (Master)

-Moonlit Hunt (Master)


-Shurikenjutsu (Master)

-Kenjutsu (Master)

-Stealth (Master)



-Body Replacement Technique (Master)

-Clone Technique (Master)

-Transformation Technique (Master)

-Rope escape Technique (Master)

-Body Flicker Technique (Master)

-Shadow clone (Master)

-Rasengan (Master)

-8 inner Gates [8 gates] (Master)


-Mystical Palm Technique (Master)

-Chakra Scalpel (Master)

-Chakra Sword (Master)

-Chakra mode [1st Phase] (Master) [2nd phase] (Master) [3rd phase] (Advanced)

-Body Pathway Derangement (Master)

-Mass healing [15 people] (Master)

-Chakra Enhanced Strength (Master)

-Chakra Transfer Technique (Master)

-Creation Rebirth [100%] (Master)


-Water Clone (Master)

-Rapid Thunder Whip (Master)

-Rising Water Slicer (Master)

-Water Bullet (Master)

-Water jet cutter (Master)

-Water Dragon Bullet (Master)

-Heavenly Weeping (Master)

-Water Colliding Wave (Master)

-Water Formation Wall (Master)

-Water Prison (Master)

-Water Burial (Master)

-Great Waterfall (Master)


-Lightning Burial: Banquet of Lightning (Master)

-Lightning: Chakra scalpel (Master)

-Lightning: Chakra sword (Master)

-Chidori (Master)

-Lightning chakra mode (Advanced)

-Railgun (Beginner)


-Earth Wave Technique (Master)

-Earth Flow Spears (Master1111111)

-Earth-Style Wall (Master)

-Hiding like a Mole (Master)

-Earth Dome Prison (Master)

-Added-Weight Rock Technique (Master)

-Earth Dragon (Master)


-Wind: Chakra scalpel (Master)

-Wind: Chakra sword (Master)

-Air Bullet (Master)

-Air slash (Master)

-Vacuum Bullet (Master)


-Fire Bullet (Master)

-Fire Dragon (Master)

-Fire Slash (Master)


-Water Sage mode (Beginner)

-Earth Sage mode (Beginner)


-Silent Seal (Master)

-Chakra Lock (Master)

-Unseal (Beginner)

-Basic Seal (Master)


-Medical Ninjutsu Enhancement (60% more potent) [Limit]

-Adapting Body

He knew that for the moment he had the power to fight toe to toe with at least two Kages, but Saito had a guts feeling that it was far from enough.

He directly started meditating while his teammates were resting. His mind was filled with plans and ideas, while he was training he tried using a sword but his level of power destroys his sword, even gauntlets end up as iron dust after using them, he did try using Suigetsu's sword but after a day of use it was broken in half, Suigetsu swore that he will never lend him his sword again and spent that night hunting for chakra beasts with Fu to restore the sword to its perfect condition, but Saito was surprised by the level of power he could display using a weapon. He wondered if anyone of the hidden mist swords could handle his power.

With him using earth sage mode for a long time he was able to feel a great deal of people but one of them kept bugging him, the chakra was similar to an Uzumaki's but the chakra was much stronger and was divided into six parts, with each one tied to one single point at a tower in the hidden village of rain, He knew that they shouldn't be clones because, the clone while having a part of the users chakra, aren't tied to the main body by chakra.

Saito also sensed a foreign chakra mixed with the Uzumaki's one. His only conclusion was that the one with that power should be the leader of the rebels who killed Hanzo. And he knew better than to act on impulse and try to meet him.

Saito slowly emptied his mind and started to feel the natural chakra around him, he entered his water sage mode after channeling the chakra trough his body and releasing it out of his body, he then entered earth sage mode and did the same thing, while training he found out that by doing this his body is becoming more in tune with natural chakra, and it's one of the reasons he managed to perfect his earth sage mode.

He continued doing this cycle numerous times but as he was about to run out of chakra. He entered earth sage mode and detected a familiar chakra signal, while moving from their hide out as soon as they went out of the forest a chakra signal kept following them just as he was about to act the signal stopped following them at the hidden rain village so he didn't act in order to avoid attracting attention but this time the chakra was way to close and only stopped after about fifty meters from their camp, Saito was slightly pissed by this spy so without waiting he used his earth jutsu.

Saito: "Sage arts: Great earth wave."

The earth started shaking as if it was water and while the spy was trying to run Saito used his earth jutsu to dive in the earth moving at crazy speed towards his target, after capturing the perpetrator he was surprised by what he saw it was the same Akatsuki ninja he killed when running away with Fu.

Saito: "You again."

He knew that this guy should be the one responsible for gathering Intel for the Akatsuki. And with his sage mode active he was surprised, this guy's body wasn't human, he was close to a manmade life form than a human with a strange bloodline, what shocked him most was the presence of wood nature chakra in each of his body cells.

Knowing that this bastard won't talk he crashed him using his Added-Weight technique to crush him into paste. He gathered a few cell samples, and later he will ask Karin to test them.

The others woke up, due to the commotion caused by Saito. After asking him about the situation he asked them to gather their stuff and move before someone caught up to them. He couldn't use his sage mode anymore so he needed to be careful. He had to rely on Karin to watch the surroundings while moving he told them about the spy, Fu was shocked because she witnessed his death, but apparently he didn't die.

Saito and Co kept moving full speed towards the Tenchi Bridge.