Next morning Saito woke up with a splitting headache.

Saito: "God my head"

Voice: "Host memories restored. System is fully functional"

Saito: "So that wasn't a dream and these memories are really mine."

Saito stood up opened the fridge fetching a bottle of water, after gulping it he felt refreshed and he then started organizing his thoughts.

Saito: "So this is the world I choose, really interesting. But if my memories are correct the world's name is Naruto world wish means that the main character of this world is that Naruto"

According to his memories (from when he was born in this world) Naruto should be that golden haired kid who is always playing pranks in the village. To tell the truth his opinion of him was quite low. Instead of working hard he spent most of his time screaming about been Hokage and making troubles. He knew that Naruto was also an orphan from the same incident as him so even if he didn't have a good opinion of him he still felt for him as he knew what it was like to grow up without parents, and in a certain way he was looking for people to notice him, and for some strange reason many people acted coldly towards him. In fact he always saw him sitting by a swing watching parents coming to pick their kids. After his old memories awakened he felt like, he should get closer to that kid not only because it will help him with gaining points, he also felt sorry for the kid who kept acting tough in front of others while he felt lonely deep inside.

He suddenly remembered that he should have an ability given to him.

Saito: "Check Stats"

Name: Saito Nakamura

Age: 10

Fame: 5

R. Points: 0

Chakra: 350 (Normal Academy Student level)

Physique: Normal Academy Student level

Chakra Control: Advanced Academy Student level


-Basic CQC (Beginner)


-Body Replacement Technique (Beginner)

-Clone Technique (Beginner)

-Transformation Technique (Advanced)

-Rope escape Technique (Advanced)


-Medical Ninjutsu Enhancement (25% more effective)

Seeing His stats he knew that he still has a long road ahead before he can make any impact on the world. What surprised him the most is the fame value he thought that it will be a 0 but to his surprise it was 5. After some thinking he concluded that it was due to his academic abilities. He was also quite satisfied with his ability, coupled with his talent in chakra control he believes he can be a great medical shinobi. While it was not battle oriented he can still make a change to the world, but for the moment he is still far from being able to master even the weakest medical Ninjutsu.

He changed his cloths and headed straight to the academy, on his way he met with his friend Akira Ito a young boy same age as him he had Bright Brown hair, Blue eyes and his body was well built for someone his age. They both met at the academy and since then they stuck together. Saito while good at academics, he was just average in other aspects.

Saito: "Hey Akira, do you know that Naruto kid"

Akira: "Oh him! I know him quite a prankster if I remember correctly."

Saito: "Do you know anything about him or the people around him?"

Akira was taken back, he knew Saito for two years and this was the first time he heard him take interest in someone outside of their entourage.

Akira: "Why the sudden interest?"

Saito knew that it would seem weird if he shows interest in a person he usually never talked with or interacted with. So he came up with pretext.

Saito: "Well it's just that yesterday on my way home I saw him in the park alone and he was crying. He seemed lonely."

Akira: "Who knows? But I only know that he is in the same class as the Uchiha kid and that his class is filled to the brim with big clan heirs".

Saito nodded, it made sense that the main character is always associated with people with important backgrounds.

Saito: "You think we could ask him to be our friend?"

Akira was shocked again.

Akira: "Umm.. Saito are you okay? You don't have a fever do you?"

Saito: "You bastard! Do you want to fight?"

Akira: "It just weird to see you being so thoughtful!"

Saito: "It just that he was in the same orphanage as me. So, I thought that I should help him."

Akira: "Hmmm...Why not! He seems like an interesting guy."

Saito nodded gratefully. He knew that it would be hard to make others accept Naruto out of the blue so he thought about helping him make friends. While also creating an opportunity for himself.

He plans to talk with Naruto after school.