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 Karin, Fu, Suigetsu and Jugo gathered around Saito.

Saito: "For now I will create shadow clones and send them to keep an eye on all known Jinchurikis."

Doing this will reduce Saito's current chakra level but he can still use Taijutsu and Ninjutsu to fight plus he only needs to create six clones because a Jinchuriki is already dead, Fu is with them and Naruto is with Jiraya so if he is captured it means that the enemy should be at least Kage level .

Karin: "What will we do for now?"

Saito: "First we will go to the land of waves to get Zabuza's sword, and after that I would like to visit the land of whirlpools."

Karin: "Why are you going to the land of whirlpools?"

Saito: "I was deeply interested in the land of whirlpools since I read a book about their origin and ties with the senju clan. I believe that with your help we could find any hidden information left by the Uzumaki clan. It will also be a great help if you also learn Fuinjutsu if we manage to find some scrolls."

Karin nodded in agreement.

After making their plans they started travelling towards the land of waves. They will pass by the land of fire on their way, Saito didn't want to return to Konoha just yet. He felt that for the moment it's better for him to avoid alerting others about his survival, he wish he could tell his teacher Tsunade but he somehow knows that he should do it for the moment.

While moving Saito didn't stop his training he needed his body to be even stronger if he wishes to reach a higher level of strength. He started using lightning release in conjunction with earth release to speed up his muscle training, the pain was unbearable at first but he slowly started to adapt and soon he could ignore that level of pain plus using two chakra nature changes at the same time helped him train his chakra control getting closer and closer to Kage level, even his chakra reserve started growing. Saito didn't want to continue his 8 inner gates opening training because he always ends up in a weakened stat after ending the training.

The others who just joined where shocked at the torture that Saito inflicted on himself.

Karin: "Is he alright in the head? Why is he torturing himself?"

Fu found it funny.

Fu: "Saito is a training junkie, he always trains even while travelling, when he was in my village he kept training until he could no longer move his own body."

Karin, Suigetsu and Jugo where shocked. And changed their opinion of Saito. Each one of them joined him for their own reasons but seeing how hard he trained hey knew that their opponents are some of the strongest they will meet and if they don't increase their own strength they will become more of a burden.

The journey continued they fought many rogue ninjas and bandits on their way to the land of Waves. After a week on the road they finally reached the Land of Waves which now had a great bridge connecting it directly to the main land.

On the bridge was a big sign: "Great Naruto Bridge".

Saito smiled. Naruto told him that Kakashi buried both Haku and Zabuza near the village and that the sword was there.

Saito and co looked around and finally found the grave but there was no sign of the sword. Suigetsu was getting impatient.

Saito: "Suigetsu, Jugo and me will look for information about the sword. Karin and Fu you can rest in the inn."

Karin made a guts pose then she took Fu and dragged here towards the inn.

Suigetsu: "Oy! What's up with the preferential treatment? Shouldn't they help too?"

Saito and Jugo looked at Suigetsu and sighted helplessly.

Saito: "Suigetsu, Karin was on the verge of exploding. Plus I believe that for our next move they won't be needed. I used one of my clones to ask about the sword and according to Intel it's currently been moved by some poachers towards the fort up north."

Suigetsu: "What are we waiting for let's go get it?"

Saito: "Not now I don't want to kill them. Tonight we will make our move."

Suigetsu: "Why not we can get the sword easier that way?"

Saito: "I don't like unnecessary killing. And there might be someone with a strong background backing them up so let's not attract attention for the moment. But we should follow them and watch from a distance."

Suigetsu: "What about Karin and Fu?"

Saito: "I will leave a clone to inform them."

That night Saito, Suigetsu and Jugo infiltrated the poachers camp after looking around they finally found there target. In a large box at the back of a covered carriage the sword lied there. Suigetsu was flying from happiness he directly took the sword. Jugo was keeping watch. Saito who stood next to Suigetsu heard a small movement coming from within the carriage. The carriage was big and cluttered with boxes and objects so it was hard to see everything. Saito moved slowly with a kunai in hand towards the source of the sound there he saw a horrifying scene. Children and Women were cuffed and muffled held captive inside a cage carefully hidden behind tall boxes. These aren't poachers but human traffickers who just happened to take Zabuza's sword from the grave while on their way to make a delivery.

Suigetsu: "Saito let's move before someone wakes up."

What responded to him was cold voice filled with killing intent.

Saito: "Change of plans. We will slaughter them."

Suigetsu: "Why?"

Saito: "Jugo free the people back here while I and Suigetsu are taking care of the poachers."

Saito and Suigetsu started their attack they met some resistance but that was it. Five minutes later the floor was littered with bodies. Jugo already started evacuating the prisoners towards the village.

Saito kept one person alive so he could interrogate him. Suigetsu was watching in horror as Saito started torturing the last person. It didn't take much before he spilled the beans. The leader of the traffickers was Tenzen Daikoku, an aid of the daimyo of the Land of Water.

He was a corrupt politician who used his political power and money to terrorize the people and according to what Saito learned a big deal of that money came from capturing people and selling them.

After gathering all the Intel he could get, Saito decapitated him using chakra sword.

Saito: "Suigetsu want to give your sword a try on something stronger?"

Suigetsu nodded with a grin on his face.

While Saito and Suigetsu were heading to the fort. Jugo reached the village followed by the saved people after handing them over to the village elder and explaining the situation. The village elder was a kind old man so he directly accepted to help them. After the bridge was built the village's situation became much better so the village could take care of these people.

Meanwhile, Saito and Suigetsu finally reached the forts front gates. Before Suigetsu could say anything Saito created a huge chakra sword in his hand and slashed at the gate directly destroying it. The commotion attracted the guards but before they could act Saito and Suigetsu passed by them. Saito didn't attack them because he knew that most of them where simple guards working here, only the close guards of Tenzen knew about his own dealings.

Normal guards couldn't even touch Saito and Suigetsu. Soon they reached the top of the fort, on their way if a guard tried to hold them back Saito paralyzed him using medical Ninjutsu.

Tenzen: "Who are you? How dare you attack my fort?"

Saito: "I'm her to end you."

Tenzen backed away and signaled to his bodyguards to attack.

Suigetsu intercepted the guards while Saito moved towards Tenzen.

Tenzen was scared.

Tenzen: "Do you know who am I? If you kill me the daimyo of the Land of water will hunt you down."

Saito: "I don't care."

And putting his hand on Tenzen's head he started releasing a great amount of lightning. Tenzen's skin started to melt and slowly he lost his life after Saito stopped only a charred corps was left.

Suigetsu also killed those Bodyguards.

Suigetsu: "What are you going to do now?"

Saito: "Let's gather all the documents and evidence we need and send them to Kiri?"

Suigetsu: "Why Kiri?"

Saito: "The Kage there has great influence over the current daimyo. So she can suppress him."

After looking around they found a great number of documents of corruption and dark dealings the bastard was also selling Intel to other nations.

He took out a scroll and put all the documents on it.

Saito: "Reverse summoning jutsu."

The documents all disappeared. Before he sent his clones to look after the Jinchurikis each one of them had a scroll with special inscriptions. He uses them to send information to his clones.

Saito: "This should take care of things. Suigetsu lets return to the village. After one night of rest we will start moving towards the land of whirlpools."

Suigetsu: "All right."

After returning to the village they went to the inn, the girls where refreshed after taking a bath and Saito and Jugo where playing a game of shogi while Suigetsu was sleeping.