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 While Karin and Saito's clone where heading to Orochimaru's office. Two clones intruded on Jugo's and Suigetsu's fight.

Suigetsu: "Who are you?"

Before Saito (clone1) could answer. Jugo attacked Suigetsu again blowing him into a puddle of water. Suigetsu started reforming again. Jugo was partially transformed he looked as if he is about to lose control. Before he could attack another time Saito (Saito 2) used Earth jutsu to tremendously increase Jugo's weight rendering him immobile, If Saito used this level of power on a normal ninja his bones would have been broken but due to the effect of Natural chakra he was able to handle the pressure and only stopped moving.

Jugo: "What did you do to me?"

Saito (clone 2): "I just increased your body's weight. I need to talk to both of you."

Suigetsu: "I don't care what you want to say. I will leave now."

The first clone punched Suigetsu's body, the latter used his secret technique transforming his own body into water but before he could counter attack, the clone activated Chidori. Suigetsu was directly paralyzed.

Saito (clone 2): "I'm Saito Nakamura. I want you both to join my Organization. I'm in need of your skills."

Suigetsu: "Why should I join you?"

Saito: "I know that you are trying to retrieve the seven swords. And I'm ready to help you retrieve and revive the group."

Suigetsu: "What makes you think I will believe you?"

Saito: "I know where Kubikiribocho is. I know where Zabuza died. Plus my main mission will take us all across the world so we can look for the swords while moving around."

Suigetsu: "Ok I will follow you for now."

Saito then looked at Jugo.

Saito: "Jugo you are looking for a cure for your fits of anger. I found a huge number of documents about you and the cause of your anger fits in Orochimaru's lairs. You need to slowly get accustomed to the change that the Natural chakra inflicts on you. I know that you are a very kind person and you hate killing. I assure you that I'm fully capable of stopping you from killing others. I'm only a clone but I was still able to stop your movements."

Jugo: "Alright I will believe you. Kimimaro was the only one who could stop me before you showed up."

One clone disappeared informing the original Saito about the mission's success.

Saito (clone): "Follow me."

The clone followed by Jugo and Suigetsu started moving towards Orochimaru's office.

=Orochimaru's Office=

Saito was reading trough some documents while Fu was standing on guard. He did ask her to help but she couldn't understand a single thing so he used his clones to help with the Intel gathering. Orochimaru was very power hungry and he gathered data about multiple organizations, Clans and Powers.

Just as he was about to finish reading he received the clone's memories.

Saito: "Fu we managed to recruit jugo and Suigetsu. My last clone wasn't destroyed so he should be with Karin."

Fu made a guts pose

Fu: "Yes! More friends."

Saito could only shake his head helplessly. The only thing in Fu's mind is making friends.

He gathered all the documents he could get his hand on and stored them in a scroll. At that moment his two last clones disappeared and he knew that they reached the office.

At that moment both groups met. Karin, Suigetsu and Jugo were standing at the door. Saito smiled at them.

Saito: "Once again I'm Saito Nakamura and this is Fu. I hope we will all get along."

Suigetsu looked at Karin.

Suigetsu: "Working with this crazy B****."

Karin: "What did you say?"

Karin and Suigetsu were already clashing. Jugo was standing by the side looking at them with a helpless expression.

Fu seemed really interested in the newcomers. She ran towards Karin and Suigetsu held their hands and started talking with them. Suigetsu seemed uncomfortable while Karin calmed down and started talking with Fu. Karin and Fu where surprisingly compatible.

Jugo approached Saito.

Jugo: "So what's your goal for creating the organization?"

Saito: "For the moment stopping the Akatsuki from hunting the Jinchuriki. And on the long term create a place where everyone can live in peace regardless of backgrounds, powers or villages."

Jugo: "That will be harder than you think. This world is in constant war."

Saito nodded.

Saito: "I know but I believe it is worth it. Konoha was born with that as the idea to unite the warring clans and create peace, but after the death of the first Hokage war broke out."

Jugo: "I hope you can make it a reality."

Saito: "I can't do it alone. That's why I need you guys."

Karin approached them.

Karin: "By the way what's our organizations name?"

Saito: "Our biggest enemy for the moment is the Akatsuki so I taught Yugure is a suitable name."