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 Two months passed and Saito could only manage to stop chakra from leaking after opening his third gate. The training is taking longer than expected. While it's effective the Chakra channels are slowly expending, plus each time after using the 8 inner gates opening he enters a weakened state. The reason why he avoided using it without having his chakra mode active is because of the strong backlash. His body can handle it but it will drain his stamina and damage his body.

But Saito still felt that this training was effective his chakra levels where getting closer and closer to Kage level. Fu also improved tremendously by sparing with Saito and learning chakra control. Most Jinchuriki find it hard to control their own chakra because one of the side effects of hosting Biju is getting a bigger chakra reserve, most Jinchuriki have Kage level chakra reserves.

Saito's daily life was quite peaceful he didn't come in contact with other villagers and he didn't see a reason to. He also kept a shadow clone around Fu to protect her.

But his peaceful daily life was disturbed when his Shadow clone who was in the Land of Lightning.

Saito: "WTF."

From the memories he received he gained a lot of information about the Land of Lightning, his clone found another Orochimaru hideout this one was a prison, the place was fortified so the clone couldn't destroy it. But the most shocking memory is the reason why his clone was released, after entering the hidden cloud village disguised as a merchant he started peddling, and he was going to give the Raikage Intel about the Akatsuki and their goal. Just as he approached the side of the mountain where the entrance to the Kage building is. He heard a voice full of rage.


Before he could react the Raikage's office wall exploded and before he could dodge a lightning clade Raikage landed right at the place where Saito's clone was. The clone was directly destroyed.

Saito: "Seriously that's an embracing way to die."

But during his travels his clone learned quite a lot about the Land of lightning. They are the only Nation to have two Jinchurikis the eight tails and the two tails. Apparently both of them can control their Biju. He also remembered the last scene his clone saw the Raikage had covered his entire body in lightning chakra. It was similar to his medical chakra mode, after thinking for a bit he concluded that by using lightning they increased the strength of their bodies while also improving there reflexes. An interesting concept Saito was always so concentrated on his own Chakra mode and seldom tried improving his own jutsus, he was well aware that his strongest power for now was his chakra mode, and he kept working on trying to increase its power, only trying new jutsus if he had a new idea or in order to help with his chakra mode training.

Now his training included trying to recreate the Lightning chakra mode, while his main body is still training his Medical chakra mode.

Another week passed by, Saito managed to recreate some of the effects of the lightning chakra mode but not the entire effects, it was hard for him to make lightning into an armor and he needed a longer time to train. Just as he was returning back to his home when the shadow clone watching over Fu was released, apparently the villagers out of fear from the Akatsuki attacking them wanted to capture Fu and hand her over. Saito was angry he moved with his full speed to the location that Fu was fleeing to.

As soon as he reached her. Saito calm down for a bit when he saw her unharmed.

Saito: "Fu are you alright?"

Fu: "Saito! How did you find me so fast?"

Saito: "I had one of my clones watch over you, just in case the Akatsuki acted."

Fu looked desperate.

Fu: "What should I do? The village head sent a lot of elite Jonin after me."

Saito: "Fu I don't think that they will listen to reason. I believe it's best if we get out of the village."

Fu: "But what can I do? The only place I have is the village."

Saito was started thinking about his next move, up to now he was travelling around the world looking to learn more about the people and the land but he never had a final plan he just tried to gain more strength in order to be able to handle all the dangers of this world. But now he doesn't know if its fate or something else but he met three Jinchurikis and after talking with them he felt that all of them had something that he lacked, Naruto wanted to be recognized by the people of Konoha, Gaara was a lost child at first but after meeting Naruto he started working hard in order to help his village and keep the peace, as for Fu she had a simple but admirable goal, making one hundred friends, but Saito was akin to an empty husk even his choice for this world wasn't for himself but to learn more about his son, he hated to admit it but he can't help but feel lonely an outsider thrown in a dangerous world, he already died twice but for some reason while he was satisfied, he couldn't help but feel a small void inside him, but now he knew what he was missing he always lived for the others in his old life and even in his current life he only acted for others but never for himself, he doesn't regret him helping the people around him but he needs to find a purpose for his own existence. He wanted to live peacefully and for everyone to be happy, no more wars, no more killing. Saito finally found a purpose for his life.

Saito: "Fu how about travelling with me?"

Fu was shocked by Saito's sudden proposition.

Fu: "Ok."

Saito: "Jump on my back I will move at full speed."

Fu jumped on his back. And joyfully screamed.

Fu: "Let's go!"

Saito activated his second phase and disappeared deep into the forest.