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 When they finally reached the village, they were dead tired. Fu talked to the village head who recurrently gave in. Saito noticed that the villagers treated Fu badly barely acknowledging her existence even Kegon's family blamed her for their son's death and Yoro who seemed to have gotten friendlier to Fu on their way back to the village reverted back to treating Fu as a monster, he also blamed Fu for the attack and kept pretending around her out of fear.

Saito was angry but he didn't act he felt that Fu's situation was even worse than Naruto he at least had the Hokage's backing. He now learned why Fu was obsessed with making friends.

Fu was guiding him to a place for him to stay in.

Saito: "Fu no matter what others say I will be your friend."

Fu was surprised by Saito's sudden declaration.

Fu: "Thank you. Ah! You can stay here. It's a bit messy but that's the only place the village head agreed to let you stay in."

Fu guided him to a house close to the outskirt of the village. The place looked abandoned.

Saito opened the creaking door.

Saito: "Thanks Fu. Can I bother you tomorrow to show me around the village?"

Fu's eyes started to shine.

Fu: "Ok. I know all the great places around the village. Good night Saito."

Saito: "Good night Fu."

When Fu headed out Saito created another shadow clone and sent it to keep an eye on Fu just in case something happens. Today he learned how bad Fu was treated, and he saw the disappointment in the villagers eyes when they learned that Fu survived two attacks.

Saito: "This world is a mess. Check Stats."

Name: Saito Nakamura

Age: 15

Fame: 18450

R. Points: 10000

Chakra: 10000 (Advanced Elite Jonin level)

Physique: Expert S Class level

Chakra Control: Normal S Class level


-CQC Training (Master)

-Strong Fist (Master)

-Leaf Gale (Master)

-Leaf Whirlwind (Master)

-Heavenly Foot of Pain (Master)

-Heaven Spear Kick (Master)


-Shurikenjutsu (Master)

-Kenjutsu (Master)

-Stealth (Master)



-Body Replacement Technique (Master)

-Clone Technique (Master)

-Transformation Technique (Master)

-Rope escape Technique (Master)

-Body Flicker Technique (Master)

-Shadow clone (Master)

-Rasengan (Master)

-8 inner Gates [8 gates] (Master)


-Mystical Palm Technique (Master)

-Chakra Scalpel (Master)

-Chakra Sword (Master)

-Chakra mode [1st Phase] (Master) [2nd phase] (Master) [3rd phase] {4 gates} (Advanced)

-Body Pathway Derangement (Master)

-Mass healing [15 people] (Master)

-Chakra Enhanced Strength (Master)

-Chakra Transfer Technique (Master)

-Creation Rebirth [100%] (Master)


-Water Clone (Master)

-Rapid Thunder Whip (Master)

-Rising Water Slicer (Master)

-Water Bullet (Master)

-Water jet cutter (Master)

-Water Dragon Bullet (Master)

-Heavenly Weeping (Master)

-Water Colliding Wave (Master)

-Water Formation Wall (Master)

-Water Prison (Master)

-Water Burial (Master)

-Great Waterfall (Master)


-Lightning Burial: Banquet of Lightning (Master)

-Lightning: Chakra scalpel (Master)

-Lightning: Chakra sword (Master)



-Earth Wave Technique (Master)

-Earth Flow Spears (Master)

-Earth-Style Wall (Master)

-Hiding like a Mole (Master)

-Earth Dome Prison (Master)

-Added-Weight Rock Technique (Master)


-Silent Seal (Master)

-Chakra Lock (Master)

-Unseal (Beginner)

-Basic Seal (Master)


-Medical Ninjutsu Enhancement (55% more potent)

-Adapting Body

He was surprised by the huge amount of R. points he gained it was equal to the number he gained all along his first years.

System: "The Hosts interference changed the Fate of an important person."

Saito: "But killing Orochimaru who was a danger to everyone only gave 5000 R. points."

System: "Orochimaru still lives in this world."

Saito was in shock how did that bastard survive.

Saito: "I will eradicate that snake bastard if I get the chance to."

He now had a new thing to worry about.

The following day he and Fu visited the different interesting places of the village. The place was full of assholes but he had to admit it had some of the most beautiful sceneries he has ever seen.

Fu: "This is the reason I love the village."

Saito: "I have to admit this village has some beautiful sights. If only the villagers weren't a bunch of idiots."

Fu: "I don't hold it against them. It's just fear of the unknown. Someday I will make one hundred friends."

Saito was shocked Fu has a stronger mentality than him. He wouldn't stay in a village where not a single person treated him as a person. He gained a whole new level of respect for Fu.

Saito found was interested in a certain place they had visited.

Saito: "Fu I'm going to train near the waterfall."

Fu: "Can I join you?"

Saito: "You can."

Saito had a problem with his third phase chakra mode he can't move past the fourth gate and even with his current physical prowess he knows that he can't unleash his third phase's full power. But today while moving around with Fu he got an idea.

He is still not taking full advantage of his new ability. He strengthened his own muscles to a higher level and his chakra increased exponentially. He also increased his chakra control but he still loses control over his chakra when he tries opening the fifth gate. And his fourth gate opening is still instable.

He could think only of one thing to do try to contain the rampaging chakra from going out of his body keeping it inside his chakra channels. He knew that he could die with one wrong move but he knew that the people he will face later on will be much stronger and he might die if he let his guard down. The process will take a long time but if he mix it with his chakra mode and adapting body he can slowly strengthen and increase the size of his chakra channels.