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 I want to thank everyone for the support. I would also like to point out that I'm open to people crtisisme. I make lots of mistakes and If i have time I fix them. Some of you do give me suggestions about the story and what to do. I read all comments and respond in order to clear any misunderstanding. I just want to say that what I write is sometime seems to be me taking the idea of someone from the comment section I want you all to know that I won't write something that I don't see fit for the direction I want the story to take. I didn't kill Hidan and Kakuzu because I believe that Asuma's death is essential in the growth of some characters that will play an important role in the story. I can be selfish sometimes but believe me it took a lot of courage and will for me to write this fanfic. I loved stories with Op characters but at a certain time everything became dull, A system this, System that. I don't critisise them because everyone has something they love. I personally love all the fresh Idea's. Take for example legacy (Naruto fanfic) the writer created an original story based on the pre existing world of Naruto. The Mc reached crazy levels of power but I still read it until the end because after I started writing I learn how hard it is. I spend a great deal of time looking for informations about the original story all while trying to inject our MC in that world. I put the chapter and hope that people will find Saito's journey in this world as intriguing and fun as the original. I didn't give him crazy power ups because I wanted a hard working MC who manages after so much hardship to reach the top (Not a la Wuxia or using a broken System that keeps handing him power ups) It would have been much easier to give him knowledge about the full story and also give him a doujutsu right from the start but I wanted to avoid using them because in the end. Everyone will be able to predict how powerfull he will get (Sharingan->mangekyo->eternal->reningan->sage of paths) and I also wanted him to be human not some monster i human skin who keeps acting as if the world is his own playground. Our Mc sees the stories characters as people not some chess pieces for him to control.

Now about Romance;)

Your friend Muffin has no experience with it and the one time I loved someone I ended up hurt. I can write a carbon copy of another love story and make Saito fall in love and win but I can't see myself writing a relatable and believable love story. I can tell you one thing if I have an Idea I will write it. And believe me I more than anyone of you want Saito to find love. But as I always said I don't want to forcefully create a couple. I believe that after I end this book if someone is willing he will take Saito on another journey and Maybe someday Saito will find love. So yeah no sexy time :)

Now my rant is over.

Please don't fight in the comments, we all love Novels and are looking to escape the stress of daily life by reading some fantastic stories given to us free of charge. I don't ask you to give me 5 stars, hell I won't give me a 4 Stars even. But I would like you to please be repectfull and if you have any critisism please be precise otherwise I won't be able to learn and fix my errors.

And one last thing I was looking hard in order to find the order that the jinshuriki were captured (***.anime.stackexchange.com/questions/32419/in-what-order-does-the-akatsuki-capture-the-beasts). And the last development was my own choice, If you feel that Saito's power didn't develop from his last battle with Orochimaru then I will accelerate his growth.

Sorry for today. I just feel tired with my travel getting closer I need to spend more time with my family. Starting from Monday I won't meet them for a whole year. I hope you will keep supporting Saito. And forgive my rant.

Muffin Out (-_-)'/