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 Saito was having fun talking with Fu but when they were getting closer to the hidden waterfalls village Saito felt something.

Saito stopped them.

Saito: "Someone is approaching us at a great speed."

Preparing to intercept the enemy. Soon two ninjas clade in a black cloak with red clouds on it. One had gray hair with a Scythe and wore the hidden Hot Water village head protector on his neck the sign was crossed on his back while the other wore a mask over his face this one wore the Hidden Waterfalls head protector. Fu saw the head protector and started talking about making friends.

As she was about to approach them. Saito caught her.

Saito: "Fu careful they are the ones I told you about."

Fu directly jumped back.

Scythe man: "Nee Kakuzu this kid knows about us. You take care of the garbage I will capture the jinshuriki."

Kakuzu: "Just don't kill her Hidan."

Hidan: "Leave some of them alive I need to sacrifice them to lord Jashin."

Directly after that they engaged them in combat.

Saito watched carefully how Kakuzu moved and to his surprise he modified his body and attacked using black treads lunching his hands and by using earth jutsu he strengthened his hands to reach ridiculous levels. At first Saito didn't use his power and observed these guys to see if they will have a slip of thong and reveal soothing but Kakuzu remained silent while Hidan couldn't stop swearing and talking about his lord Jashin. Saito gave up and directly deactivated the earth jutsu he used. His body directly became light. Kakuzu was taken back by the speed of Saito's attack and receiving the attack he was sent flying breaking numerous trees on his way.

Saito: "Both of you go assist Fu. I will take care of this guy."

Kakuzu got back and started making hand signs, Saito was already prepared.

Saito: "Water release: Water Dragon bullet."

A huge dragon made of water attacked Kakuzu, who barely avoided the attack. Saito didn't wait for him to counter and had already prepared the next attack. Using the water that covered the ground he used lightning release.

Saito: "Lightning Burial: Banquet of Lightning."

Kakuzu couldn't dodge it and directly received the attack. The attack didn't cause him a lot of damage but it destroyed his robe. Revealing a body filled with stitches.

Saito: "Oh god another freak who modifies his body."

Kakuzu: "Kid you have no idea. From now on I will use my full power. You will learn the tr..."

Saito didn't wait for him to finish talking, activating his second phase at full power he disappeared from his place and directly attacked Kakuzu with chakra claws stabbing him through the heart. Kakuzu had a shocked look but Saito knew that it was a ruse, Saito was a Medical nin and he knew that this guy heavily modified his body, he is barely human. Saito directly jumped back just in time to avoid a pincer attack from two creatures made from black threads. They both had weird shape and the only similar point is the mask. One used a fire attack while the other used the wind attack.

Kakuzu: "So you dodged that!"

Kakuzu started making hand signs and this time had his hands full fighting against the two beasts.

Kakuzu: "Lightning release: False darkness."

Saito avoided the jet of lightning launched by Kakuzu. Saito was tired of playing around and he needed to go help Fu.

Saito: "Shadow clone jutsu."

He created five clones who directly headed towards Kakuzu and his beasts.

Saito directly headed to Fu's location.

Kakuzu: "Where do you think you are going?"

Kakuzu was angry for being ignored by his enemy. And just as he was preparing to move and attack Saito the five clones made their move.

Clone1: "Earth release: Earth Dome prison."

The ground around Kakuzu and his beasts started to tremble just as he was about two clones appeared before him and stopped his movements, his two beasts also were intercepted by two clones. The clones used the third phase and disappeared almost directly after using it to stop the enemy from retreating.

The last clone was left with Kakuzu and his two beasts.

Kakuzu: "Do you think a measly earth dome and a clone can stop me?"

Saito's clone didn't talk only smiled. Using his nature release he created a small spark.

Before Kakuzu could react he heard.

Clone: "Dust explosion."

Using Lightning the clone created a spark igniting all the fine practices in the air that fell from the dome's inner walls, what followed was a crazy explosion Kakuzu couldn't dodge it and found himself taking the full burn of the attack. The clone was destroyed as well.

Meanwhile Saito finally joined with Fu and co, Fu already activated her chakra cloak. And was facing off against Hidan.

Hidan was agile and dodged all attacks while deflecting some of them his attire was torn but he didn't look hurt. Saito found one of Fu's teammates dead stabbed through the heart.

Saito: "Fu what's the situation."

Fu: "That guy is immortal, our attacks couldn't kill him, when we managed to stab him in the heart he brushed it as if it's nothing. He then took blood from Kegon then after drawing a circle on the ground he stabbed himself in the heart but instead of dying Kegon's heart was pierced then he died."

Hidan: "Where is Kakuzu?"

Saito: "Dead."

Hidan started laughing maniacally.

Hidan: "You will make an excellent sacrifice to lord Jashin."

Saito was angry he hated it when people talked about sacrifing and killing living creatures for ridiculous reasons and in his eyes this Hidan guy was just a crazy person who loved torturing people.

Saito: "Fu stand back."

Fu moved back.

Saito: "So you are proud of being immortal."

Hidan jumped at him using his full speed swinging his scythe.

Fu: "Careful."

Saito was boiling with rage, he was usually a peaceful person and during his travels he never acted violently but he always loses it when he see's people suffer or people playing god. He wants to end this directly. He activated his third phase keeping it at third gate. Hidan was attacking when suddenly his target disappeared and soon he was hit with something so strong that half of his body disappeared. Hidan fell to the ground he was still alive but his body can't move he lost half of his body.

Saito went back from his third phase to his first. The torn muscles where healing at a visible crazy fast speed he slowly approached what was left of Hidan.

Saito: "So mister immortal what should I do with you?"

The only reason Saito didn't erase him from existence is to gather Intel about the inner workings of the Akatsuki.

Just as he was ready to reach out to grab Hidan from his hair. He felt killing intent, and directly moved back.

The place he was standing in was assaulted by a sharp jet of water.

And then Kakuzu appeared near Hidan.

Hidan: "Kakuzu you bastard! You are late."

Kakuzu: "Hidan, the mission is a failure we should head back."

Before Saito made his move Kakuzu and Hidan disappeared using Body Flicker. Saito tried looking for them but they already escaped, he couldn't understand how Kakuzu survived the Dust explosion.

Saito turned towards Fu.

Saito: "We should move fast they might call for reinforcement."

Fu nodded. Saito warped Kegon's body in a white cloth and stored his body in scroll. Fu and her other teammate Yoro were sad at Kegon's death but they knew that they need to move.

Saito and his companions resumed their travel moving as fast as they could.