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 In the hidden leaf village a group of kids about 8 years old are lining up with their parents in front of the Academy, the children's eyes are full of excitement and hope, even the parents are excited for their children. The academy is one of the most important structures in the village within it the children are trained and raised to become Konoha's new generation of shinobi. The admission criteria has always been simple:

1. Love the village and hope to help preserve peace and prosperity.

2. Have a mind that will not yield, able to endure hard training and work.

3. Be healthy in mind and body.

The academy like any normal school teaches the children the basic writing, reading, math, world history and geography. In order to prepare them for later more advanced education in tactics. As for shinobi classes, they are handled by veteran shinobis teaching them chakra, how to use it and hand seals. This also includes Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.

Amongst the children not everyone is accompanied by their parents, due to the nine tails incident nine years ago a great number of children lost their parents. Amongst them a young boy with jet black hair, hazel colored eyes and small stature was looking around excitedly, today is the day he was waiting for since he became aware of his surroundings, his first step to become a shinobi and help protect the village.

As an orphan he was taken care of by the village, and he felt grateful for the 3rd Hokage who often came by the orphanage, gave them gift and told them stories. Since then he aspired to become a great shinobi like the Hokage. Now he is 8 years old and with great zeal he can finally start his journey.

For his age he was quite capable. He was avid to learn and his hardworking nature was liked by the teachers. He always put all his effort into learning, sometimes he visited the public library to read about ancient shinobis and the wars fought by the older generations.

As the days passed, he became more accustomed to the new changes in his life. He made lots of friends and often went out with them to play. Today is his 10th birthday after having a small party with his friend he went back home because as of today he will start living alone in a small apartment provided by the village. He found it really cozy after partying with his friends he was tired so he directly went to bed. As soon as his head touched the pillow he heard a voice in his head.

Voice: "Initiating System ..."

Voice: "Unlocking Hosts memories ..."

And with that he lost consciousness.