Wheel: "During your life you managed to earn a huge number of R. points. And you changed the world's fate for the better, using that ability you gained. Currently you have 10700 R. Points You can now use them to buy abilities and powers for your next reincarnation."

In front of his soul appeared a huge wall the wall hade tablets with information about the power and it's price.

Otsutsuki Bloodline {1 000 000 R. points}: Beings Closer to gods they travel from dimension to dimension in order to plant the divine tree and harvest its fruit. The Chakra of the Naruto world originates from the divine tree.

Saito was shocked he slowly kept reading about other bloodlines. He then found the Uchiha bloodline

Sharingan {500 000 R. Points}: The Sharingan's origin is closely tied with the Otsutsuki bloodline....

Byakugan {500 000 R.Points}: The Byakogan's origin is closely tied with the Otsutsuki bloodline...

Saito was shocked at the price even more ridiculous is the Senju blood line with a whopping: 750 000 R. Points.

He looked at the strong abilities but all of them had ridiculous prices.

Saito: "Wheel I don't believe I can buy any ability. The prices are impossible."

Wheel: "A majority of stronger powers can only be bought if you reincarnated numerous times in deferent worlds."

Saito: "So if I choose to travel to another world latter on. I can use my accumulated R. Points."

Wheel: "Yes but when you move to another world you will be stripped from your old abilities and in return you will gain a second random ability. Because powers and abilities are governed by laws and any foreign power will be treated as an intruder."

Saito: "Can you show me only the abilities I can buy."

A great number of tablets disappeared and with it the wall shrunk to about a tenth of its old size.

He started reading the current possible powers. Most of them where Bloodline limits connected with chakra. But he knew that while mixing two natures gives birth to a more powerful nature change, he can still achieve superior power using one Nature change and he could also learn other chakra Nature changes. While he won't be able to fuse them he will still be able to demonstrate more power. He also saw an ability that gave him all affinities but he can't fuse them, making it only useful to make it easier for him to learn other Nature changes, he remembered seen an advanced version of it that allowed him to fuse them.

He didn't want to give into the temptation of instant gain. He knew that an ability will grow if you put more effort into your training, his ability to increase Medical Ninjutsu potency was mediocre at best compared to other abilities and bloodlines but he managed to push it to the limit and use it to kill a ninja two times stronger than him even at the cost of his life.

After pondering for what seemed an eternity a certain tablet caught his eyes.

Resurrection {5000 R. Points}: Allows you to restart from when you died. The original body will be fixed and the soul will fuse with it, in order to avoid panic the body will be transferred far from the burial ground.

Saito: "Wheel if I take this will I be able to reincarnate and come back to life just after the time of my death."

Wheel: "Yes, as the name says it's more of a continue option than a restart."

Saito directly bought it, many would take this opportunity to reincarnate in the past and use their own future knowledge to gain the upper hand. But Saito knew that things weren't that simple, the wheel already told him that the concept of time and fate couldn't be understood by mortals even some gods only managed to touch the surface of the concept. The fact that he could reincarnate in the past shows it. Plus he was satisfied with his current progress even though his death caused many people pain he managed to change their fates for the best. And he was also happy because unlike his life on earth he could still see the people he loved in the Naruto world another time.

Wheel: "A wise choice, many before you tried to use their knowledge to change the world to their own tastes only to end up destroying everything around them."

Saito still had 5 700 R. Points. He kept looking at the plates he finally found an ability that peeked his interest.

Adapting Body {5 000 R. points}: Your body will slowly adapt to the changes around it becoming stronger but the rate of transformation is slow.

Saito: "Wheel shouldn't this ability cost even more."

Wheel: "There are many abilities that raises a body's ability and most of them give a huge boost of power. While this ability has limitless potential it will take a lot of suffering in order for it to show any progress."

Saito knew that the world will only become grow more dangerous. Saito made up his mind for the moment that's the only ability he found that gave him a chance to fight the growing odds.

He was now left with 700 R. points. He couldn't buy anything else.

Saito: "Wheel will I keep my R. points after resurrecting."

Wheel: "You will keep your fame but all R. Points will be reset. I have a proposition you can use 500 R. points to increase the limit of your first ability by 10%."

Saito: "Ok."

Saito now had only 200 R. points.

Wheel: "I will send you back now."

Saito: "Good bye. I hope I won't meet you in a long, long time."

The Wheel Started to shine in bright silver light and soon after the wheel became still and no longer showed any signs of activity.


In a forest far west from the land of fire. A flash of silver suddenly disturbed the calm of the forest when the light disappeared a boy was lying down on the ground he was wearing a simple black Kimono.

The boy was still until he suddenly took a deep breath as if he was suffocating.

Saito: "Oh god that was really weird. Where am I?"

Saito could only see forest as far as his eyes could see. He slowly stood up and started moving his body. Everything seemed to be in place. He then remembered something, opening the top part of his cloths he saw a scar. The wound he suffered from Orochimaru was fully healed leaving this scar as a reminder of his battle.

He now had to make plans for his future.