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 Saito was usually calm and cool headed but when it comes to this Snake bastard he starts to lose his temper.

Orochimaru: "One more time you get in the way of my plans. I think it's time for me to kill you."

Sasuke and Naruto where on guard but for the moment they were both drained from their battle. Orochimaru was most likely waiting for them to exhaust each other before taking Sasuke.

Saito: "If it isn't the snake bastard. So you managed to heal your hands."

Orochimaru: "How rude! Teacher and Jiraya forced me to change bodies prematurely. Well now I will get rid of you before capturing Sasuke."

Orochimaru made hand signs and used Genjutsu to paralyze Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke was too tired to use his sharingan so he couldn't resist it while Naruto was weak against Genjutsu and could barely counter weak ones.

Saito was already on guard and he directly activated his Chakra mode second phase at full power.

They directly clashed Orochimaru kept using his snakes to attack while also avoiding Saito's attacks using his supple body movements. The exchange was as fast as lightning and Sasuke couldn't see a single attack.

Saito was slowly pushed back by Orochimaru, so he knew that he should pick up the pace he directly pushed his second phase to increase his brain's power. Everything became clear to him every detail was as clear as water. He dodged Orochimaru's attack and from a gape he activated chakra claws and directly ripped a chunk of meat from Orochimaru's hand. He was aiming for the heart but that bastard dodged him in the last second.

Orochimaru then Increased the distance between them all while taking blood from the wound he suffered from.

Orochimaru: "Summoning Jutsu."

With a puff of white smoke a huge snake appeared.

Snake: "Orochimaru why are you calling me again."

Orochimaru: "Manda, this bug is proving to be harder to kill than I taught."

Saito was now facing a giant purple snake.

Manda looked at Saito in contempt. And directly rushed at him.

Saito released his second form created a shadow clone to even the playing ground and the reactivated it full power

Saito's training payed of and now he can use chakra sword all while keeping his second phase active but he can't use the great sword version.

Orochimaru was standing snobbishly on the snakes head and his wound was already healed.

The clone directly activated the chakra Sword making it huge, using a huge chunk of chakra. Saito knew that he was far from finished with Orochimaru. He started lunching chakra infused Kunais while trying to find an opening to attack Orochimaru. Meanwhile his clone is engaging in a fight against Manda who kept spitting corrosive poison to his surprise the great sword barely damaged the outer scales.

Saito knew that Orochimaru was stalling waiting for Saito to exhaust himself so he had to make a daring move.

Saito clone started using chakra nature change infusing the great sword with lightning. The chakra became bright blue with lighting sparks all over it and this time when the hit connected it left a huge wound with blood coming from it. Manda started rampaging from the pain. Saito's clone directly disappeared because it used up all its chakra.

Saito took this opportunity while Orochimaru jumped from the rampaging snakes head to attack him. Pushing his muscles to the limit he jumped and infusing chakra in his leg he launched an attack.

Saito: "Heaven Spear Kick."

Orochimaru received the full burn of the attack and his internal organs were destroyed. Saito didn't won't to lose the opportunity he launched a drop axe kick at the falling Orochimaru.

Saito: "Heavenly foot of Pain."

Saito landed and the body under him was reduced into a bloody past. At that moment Mande disappeared. Saito was still in pain from using both techniques. He felt a movement behind him but he could dodge in time. A shining sword stabbed him in the back coming directly out of his body. He barely managed to avoid being killed. But he received a huge deal of damage. The sword flew out of his wound leaving a gaping hole. Saito turned and saw Orochimaru with a face full of sweat. Saito deactivated his second phase and used his enhanced regeneration mode to try healing the damage.

Orochimaru: "You almost killed me! But too bad now you're at my mercy. You will make a great test subject"

Orochimaru used almost all of his chakra to survive that last attack. But he still had the power to kill Saito before he recovers.

Saito looked at Naruto and Sasuke both where shocked at the display of power. Orochimaru was approaching him and he knew he only had one last option a desperate one but he could only do that. As fast as he could he popped a bunch of pills in his mouth his chakra started rising exponentially Orochimaru was shocked and started running towards Saito ready to chop his head.

Saito: "Sasuke, Naruto, look now this is the strength I gained through hard work. The only strength worth obtaining is the one you worked for. And Naruto tell teacher to keep moving forward."

Saito directly activated his second phase blood started gushing out of the wound, and directly opened three gates. If he activated one more his body will explode.

Saito's body was enveloped in a mixture of chakra and mist. Before Orochimaru could react Saito appeared before him and directly lunched a punch using his full power.

The resulting attack was devastating Orochimaru literally disappeared not even blood was left and the forest behind him was wreaked not a single leaf was left.

Saito's body couldn't hold any longer and he directly fell down in a pool of blood. Every bone in his body was broken his muscle were torn and his hand was mangled.

Both Sasuke and Naruto where shocked Saito just showed them a level of power they never saw. They were freed from Orochimaru's Genjutsu and directly rushed to Saito's body. Both of them felt a huge pain in their chests a kid the same age as them sacrificed his life to save them. Sasuke felt regret and guilt because he gave in to Orochimaru's temptation Saito died.

Naruto was also in tears. Not much after Kakashi reached the Valley of the end. And what he saw was shocking the level of destruction was huge and when he saw Saito lying down with his eyes closed and the damage his body suffered he knew what happened Saito died. On his way here many other Jonin found members of the search team in bad shape and directly took them to the village. But now he found a dead Chunin, he suddenly remembered his old teammates.

After taking Saito's body back to the village and reporting the situation. Tsunade was so sad that she seemed to age ten years in an instant, Hizuren had a saddened expression on his face once again his former student caused more destruction. The village held a funeral and all the people who knew him where present, Akira and Akane couldn't stop crying, Naruto's eyes where red but when he put a white flower on the tomb his eyes shined with determination. Sasuke on the other hand was filled with guilt, after returning no one blamed him in respect of Saito's memory Tsunade assigned him to Anbu and he wasn't held accountable although he will be under watch.

Chouji unlike his usual self had firm eyes.

The funeral ceremony went by and slowly people got back to their daily lives. Naruto went with Jiraya on a training journey, Sasuke was training with Anbu all while doing missions for the village as for Tsunade she respected her student's will and moved on taking sakura as her disciple and teaching here everything she knows.


A wheel was floating and slowly turning. Soon it started shining with a silver light.

Wheel: "Welcome back, you are by far the most interesting soul I chose."

Saito: "Thanks, I just hope that they will move on with their lives."

Wheel: "Your actions affected that world's fate into a direction no one ever did before. Now let's talk about your reincarnation."