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 While using Akamaru to locate Sasuke's location they managed to catch up only to be stopped by four sound ninjas. All of them had power close to a jonin.

Shikamaru tried binding them with his shadow but they managed to free themselves. The team split up and each one of them was facing against one of the sound four, while Naruto and Saito kept chasing after Sasuke. Saito felt uneasy leaving them facing against the sound ninjas but he knew that sometimes fighting a stronger opponent is better for them to grow.

Saito was fuming with rage because this is the third time Orochimaru caused a problem.

Soon they managed to catch up to Sasuke near the Valley of the end. Saito was about to act when Naruto stopped him.

Naruto: "I will face him alone."

After thinking for a bit Saito agreed.

Saito: "But I will interfere if I deem it necessary."

What followed was a clash between Naruto and Sasuke, Sasuke held the upper hand at first but pushed into a corner Naruto used the Kyubi chakra giving him one tail. Naruto's power increased dramatically and as he was basically beating Sasuke to a pulp, Sasuke suddenly became Saito managed to catch sight of his eyes he remembers that Sasuke only managed to unlock two tomoes but now he had three he became able to follow Naruto's attacks and countered him. The battle reached an ultimatum and just when they were about to clash one final time Saito moved activating his full power to stop them he redirected their attacks to miss each other.

Sasuke was shocked while Naruto slowly started losing power and directly fell exhausted.

Saito: "That's enough. Sasuke it's time for you to return."

Saito actually learned from some Anbu records about the Uchiha massacre and how Sasuke is the only survivor. He also learned from Naruto that Sasuke recently clashed with his brother and he was basically played by his brother.

Saito: "I know that you are seeking power in order to take revenge but let me tell you one thing Orochimaru will only use you make you stronger then take over your body."

Sasuke: "I'm ready to do anything to gain power."

Saito: "To what end! You will throw your life away in order to kill the last family member you have."

Sasuke: "He is not my family! He killed the whole clan with his own hands."

Saito kept trying to reason with him but he was just a brat who didn't see the bigger picture and he kept talking about revenge this and power that.

Saito: "I can't make you change your mind about killing your brother but let me tell you. You won't be able to win if you join Orochimaru, and the power you will gain from him wouldn't truly belong to you, I know how it feels to be weak more than anyone, I know how helpless it feels but instead of waiting for the world to give me power, I carved my own path using my own power. You have a great bloodline and you are a descendant from one of the strongest ninjas in history. "

Saito pointed at Uchiha Madara's giant statue.

Saito: "Do you think he got his power by using shortcuts? In this world the only thing that won't betray you is the strength that you gained using your own hands."

Sasuke was in deep taught. When Uchiha Madara was mentioned he finally became aware of the path that he was walking.

Sasuke: "So what even Madara left the Village and ended up becoming a traitor."

Saito: "You're really a simpleton. I didn't ask you not to leave but I told you to choose a better path. Orochimaru is after your bloodline. You will become a toy for his experiments and don't think that you can overpower him. That bastard is harder to kill than a Kage. Both the third hokage and Jiraya one of the sanin barely managed to hurt him and he still managed to flee."

Sasuke: "They were just weak."

Saito: "Believe me Orochimaru is a snake he has as many backup plans as there are stars in the sky and if at that forest I didn't stop him you would have already became his toy."

Sasuke: "So what do you expect me to do?"

Saito: "I know that your life's goal is to kill Itachi but before you act on impulse. I hope you will try to learn more about your brother's actions before acting on impulse."

Sasuke: "But I still need power!"

Saito: "Try to expend your powers and learn to use them to perfection expand your arsenal and don't forget to put train each day with your life on the line. Naruto over there is inferior to you in all aspects expect one thing, he is a hard working guy and he is always looking to improve. And to tell you the truth his life wasn't that much better than yours even worst in certain aspects, an orphan hated by everybody for a crime he didn't commit but instead of been consumed by hatred he tried to improve and slowly gain the approval of people around him. He has a big chakra reserve but he is an idiot who only knows how to rush headfirst into fight but that's what made him grow stronger. You are in no way inferior you are smart and have great talent and let me tell you one thing revenge is a dish best served cold. Try to learn more about your target before acting on impulse, you are a ninja for god's sake."

Sasuke finally cooled down.

Sasuke: "But I betrayed the village, I will be treated as a criminal."

Saito: "I will talk with the Hokage, this mission is a secret and only a small circle of people know about it. And I think the best course of action for you now is to join the Anbu, you get access to a lot of resources and also gain access to some intelligence reports. It will also protect you from the Darkness of Konoha."

Sasuke: "Darkness?"

Saito: "Root an organization headed by some power hungry bastard named Danzo. Just be careful in case you are in his presence. Now help Naruto up Sakura is waiting for you both in the village. And don't tell anyone about what I told you."

Naruto finally recovered and regained consciousness. Just as Sasuke held his hand to Naruto.

Naruto jumped to his feet and hugged him. And after that he head-butted him.

Sasuke was shocked and he held his head in pain.

Sasuke: "You crazy bastard what was that for?"

Naruto: "For making Sakura cry you idiot."

They started bickering as if nothing happened before. Saito was standing by the side watching them with an amused smile on his face. They looked like brothers. And just as he was about to ask them to hurry up and move.

Saito heard a sound and directly jumped at both Sasuke and Naruto barely avoiding a sneak attack.

Saito then saw him the source of all his headaches, Orochimaru.