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 The following weeks where Heaven and Hell, on one hand his growth accelerated because of Tsunade's teaching on the other hand he ended everyday with cracked bones and torn muscles. Tsunade used Shadow clones but she still received the stress caused by paperwork, and poor Saito was her only target to blow of some steam.

Saito became 13 years old and he had a Birthday party with all of his friends and even his teacher was present. Most of them gave him books or ninja tools.

After parting with everyone he went back home and sitting on his bed he checked his Stats.

Saito: "Check Stats."

Name: Saito Nakamura

Age: 13

Fame: 2450

R. Points: 5700

Chakra: 6000(Expert Jonin level)

Physique: Advanced Elite Jonin level

Chakra Control: Expert Elite Jonin level


-CQC Training (Master)

-Strong Fist (Master)

-Leaf Gale (Master)

-Leaf Whirlwind (Master)

-Heavenly Foot of Pain (Master)

-Heaven Spear Kick (Master)


-Shurikenjutsu (Master)

-Kenjutsu (Advanced)



-Body Replacement Technique (Master)

-Clone Technique (Master)

-Transformation Technique (Master)

-Rope escape Technique (Master)

-Body Flicker Technique (Master)

-Shadow clone (Master)

-Rasengan (Master)

-8 inner Gates [6 gates] (Advanced)


-Mystical Palm Technique (Master)

-Chakra Scalpel (Master)

-Chakra Sword (Master)

-Chakra mode [1st Phase] (Master) [2nd phase] (Master)

-Body Pathway Derangement (Master)

-Mass healing [15 people] (Master)

-Chakra Enhanced Strength (Master)

-Chakra Transfer Technique (Master)

-Creation Rebirth [10%] (Master)


-Water Clone (Master)

-Rapid Thunder Whip (Master)

-Rising Water Slicer (Master)

-Water Bullet (Master)

-Water jet cutter (Master)

-Water Dragon Bullet (Master)

-Heavenly Weeping (Master)

-Water Colliding Wave (Master)

-Water Formation Wall (Master)

-Water Prison (Master)

-Water Burial (Master)


-Lightning Burial: Banquet of Lightning (Master)

-Lightning: Chakra scalpel (Master)

-Lightning: Chakra sword (Master)


-Silent Seal (Master)

-Chakra Lock (Master)

-Unseal (Beginner)

-Basic Seal (Master)


-Medical Ninjutsu Enhancement (50% more potent) [Limit]

Saito learned everything he could from Tsunade. She even gave him an S rank jutsu created by the fourth Hokage. Saito taught that it was ingenious the way the chakra was molded.

He also learned how to use some of her most destructive moves. But his greatest advance was him mastering his Chakra mode and using his current power he could fight with an Elite Jonin using his full power. His teacher found another student and is currently teaching her the basics of medical jutsu. To his surprise she chose Sakura from Naruto's team.

Tsunade proposed to Saito to make a summoning contract with the Slugs. But he refused while they were powerful, they mostly concentrated on transferring Chakra and Intel.

While Tsunade felt a little bit disappointed he told her that even as a Medical nin he was always fighting on the front lines and for the moment he won't make any contracts until he feels that he needs to.

His increased chakra control made it easier for him to fight against bigger opponents especially chakra swords he could now maintain it without losing a lot of chakra.

He also created another strong water jutsu called water burial. He creates a water prison and using his chakra he compresses it to the size of a basketball. The pressure destroys the person stuck inside.

As for his Chakra mode he can finally use his brain enhancing power without losing consciousness, He tried to think of a way to further increase his destructive power but the only thing he could think of is the 8 inner Gates opening his body is Strong enough but if he tries to activate it while using his Chakra mode he can't use more than 2 gates otherwise he start losing control making him deactivate his chakra mode, but he can open 6 gates normally but the damage he suffers is great he ended up in the hospital for four days after activating it during one of his training sessions with Tsunade while trying to take her by surprise, she kept nagging at him for the following weeks.

After checking his current progress. Saito finally lied down and slowly fell asleep while thinking about the future.

Next morning he was hit by surprising news, Sasuke Uchiha was taken away from the village. The Hokage issued a mission and Saito convinced Tsunade to join the mission at the last second.

On their way out of the village. Sakura joined them and made Naruto promise him to get Sasuke back. Saito was by the side watching this and he felt angry at this selfish promise she basically asked the guy who didn't stop screaming his love for her all year long to find the guy she loves and bring him back and what pissed him off is that for a moment Naruto made a really pained face.

As they were looking for Sasuke he slowly approached Naruto, while he could not tell him to forget his love for Sakura he could share the burden.

Saito: "Naruto, I will do my best to help you get Sasuke back to the village."

Little did he know that the following events can change the fate of the world.