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 In the following days Saito managed to complete his training in chakra mode, instead of just punching he now can use his chakra claws to rip chunks of meat from his opponents. He followed it by training his Chakra control which finally reached Expert Jonin and he knew that it will take a while before he reached Elite Jonin level. But the advancement gave him more power and he managed to increase the damage and strength of all his jutsus. He still sends his clone to the Hospital in order to keep his façade, and also improve his medical skills.

His current training is concentrated on his new Chakra release, his current speed of improvement was increased with the help of his four clones (minus the fifth working in the hospital), He finally managed to learn a new jutsu and the power it showed was surprising, he knew that other Nature changes can be trained and most Kage level ninjas know more than three nature changes.

Saito now is trying to increase his arsenal of lightning jutsus, he knew that without the shadow clones he would have taken months to learn any new jutsus, he also managed to use it to increase the power of his chakra scalpel and chakra sword creating new variants using thunder to increase the destructive power.

Today he had to stop his training because he was summoned by the Hokage to take a special mission.

=Hokage's office=

Hokage: "So Saito how is the Anbu life treating you?"

The hokage was smiling, he liked Saito quite a lot he received reports about him and when he learned that he already started learning new chakra nature change, he knew that Saito's talent wasn't comparable to Geniuses like Neji Huga, Sasuke Uchiha or Itachi Uchiha but he managed to achieve great power based on hard work only. Hizuren was proud to have a ninja like him in the village and according to the hospital he showed great healing abilities.

Saito: "Everything is great Hokage sama, the resources proved helpful in increasing my fighting power, and the battle experience is a great help."

The Hokage then started explaining the content of his mission, the chakra beast captured the other day, according to the analysis was modified by someone and the changes made it extremely aggressive and its life power was exhausted.

Saito: "So basically someone created an instable chakra beast, and let it wreak havoc on the villages."

The Hokage nodded.

Hokage: "I would like you to go undercover and look around the small villages for any suspicious activities. I already deployed other Anbus to cover bigger areas if you find anything send a report and keep watch on the target."

Saito: "Understood."

Saito used body flicker and moved directly towards his house, he prepared civilian clothes with inner pockets used to store weapons and storage scrolls.

After eating one bowl of Ichiraku ramen, he directly headed out. This wasn't his first time out of the village alone, while taking missions with Anbu he had a lot of solo missions outside of the village some were infiltration, others spying or assassination.

On his way he met a lot of merchants and carriages, Saito always found it amusing that they had electricity, TV and fridges but didn't create transportation vehicles. He thinks that it's most likely due to the constant war between the nations.

He actually enjoys travelling around and meeting new people. He sometimes joined some travelling carriages or merchants. He usually keep his civilian disguise and only acts if his life is in danger.

He passed a lot of time gathering Intel he usually changed his appearance from one village to the other. Saito finally got a lead in a small village surrounded by rice fields. In order to confirm the lead he created a shadow clone and sent it to the place an old lady told him about.

He soon reached an old shrine, he felt something off about it and after looking around he found a trap door hidden under a big stone behind the shrine. After determining the existence of the trap door. He used chakra to try and sense if anything is on the other side. Feeling nothing he took out a scroll and a piece of paper, he wrote on the paper his findings and the coordinates, opened the scroll and then put the paper inside an empty circle.

Saito: "Reverse summoning jutsu."

In a puff of white smoke the paper disappeared and the scroll started burning by itself.

The clone then took a kunai and slowly opened the trap door, and warily headed down all while keeping his guard up. He soon reached a big room filled with vials and what looked like animal and human body parts.

This place should be a laboratory. And by the look of it was used recently, he saw traces of moved objects.

He opened a few drawers and inside he found some documents, most of them where about human experiments and Animal experiments. And when he read the name of the researcher he was shocked.

Saito: "That snake bastard."

Just as Saito's clone decided to head out, seal the entrance and wait for the others to come he heard a ruckus coming from another chamber in there. When he slowly peered in he was horrified by the scene in front of him.

A monster like creature stood there moaning from its body shape he thinks that it used to be human, it didn't seem to notice him.

The clone slowly moved back heading to the exit and just as he was getting closer to the exit he heard a fast thumping sound coming behind him and it was getting closer and closer. He accelerated and as fast as he could exited the hatch and closed it just in time to see what the creature looked like.

It had a human like face only it looks as if someone melted his face his eyes and ears where disproportionate and his skin was green colored his muscles where big and disfigured and the most disturbing thing is his eyes they were empty no will inside them only instincts.

Saito as fast as he could made hand signs and soon slammed his on the trap door before that monster opened the hatch. The seal was completed just in time.

But according to what he saw it can't hold it for long. The clone made a hand sign and then disappeared in a cloud of white smoke.

In the village Saito who was waiting for his clones report suddenly received his clone's memories.

Saito: "Ok! That bastard is causing me problems even when his not here."