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 The day of his integration into Anbu he was given a blank mask, for the moment he was a trainee and after completing the minimal Anbu training course, he will be given a marked mask, a codename then he will be sent on a mission.

Saito knew that the training won't be easy but that's fine by him. He still had to learn the two jutsus he got as a reward from the Hokage. On the first day he created two clones one went to work in the hospital while the other started training in some water release techniques, while the original Saito was training with the Anbu instructor. An Anbu should be able to handle weapons, Jutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu and Basic Fuinjutsu. The first part of the training was weapons training, the instructor started showing him the way to use a sword in the most deadly and efficient way, Saito was quick on the uptake and didn't take more than 3 days to reach a satisfying level in kenjutsu. The next part was Taijutsu, while Saito had reached the standard put by the Anbu but he still lacked combat experience, what followed where five days of constant beating he wasn't allowed to use his chakra mode and could only rely on his own power, slowly he made less and less mistakes until he finally managed to take down his opponent without using his chakra mode. As for Genjutsu the instructor kept using Genjutsu attacks on him and he had to dispel them as fast as he could, the problem is some of these Genjutsu attacks didn't have immediate effects but once fully activated it was hard to break free, but thanks to his chakra control Saito managed to break free from almost all Genjutsus except some high level ones that he could only break by activating his second phase chakra mode. The instructor was satisfied at last. Saito has the suspicion that the instructor liked bullying new trainees, he always had a sadistic smile when he used those high level Genjutsus.

And the last part of Saito's Anbu training was Fuinjutsu, he was required to learn some simple fuinjutsus like the silent seal and the chakra locking seal and he also has to learn opening seals and breaking them.

Fuinjutsu was the hardest subject he ever had to learn it took him two weeks to get it done, he now learned why sealing experts where in high demand. He could have used Shadow Clones to reduce the time it took but his two clones where both working. His clone managed to learn the Heavenly Weeping and Water shockwave that where given to him by the Hokage he also took some jutsus from the Anbu library and now he had a plethora of water jutsus for any situation that may arise. He learned a few techniques to lock enemies and also some defensive ones.

His other clone was working at the Konoha Hospital further increasing his medical expertise. After he finished his Anbu training Saito was finally eligible to take Anbu missions. The Anbu took mission going from B Rank at minimum up to S rank. Saito was given a mask with wolf blue markings, his code name is Okami.

Saito's first mission was a team mission they had to take care of some Chakra Beasts that have been destroying small villages and determine the source of their transformation.

The team is leaded by an experienced Anbu, Saito doesn't know who his teammates are and his only knowledge about them is there specialty and codenames.

They soon reached the beasts then with the help of one of the Anbus specialized in tracking. The leader ordered them to seal the perimeter and lock all exits. Then he and 2 other Anbus moved to neutralize the beast Saito was surprised by the power shown by the chakra beast, it was at least at a Jonin's level. Normal blades wouldn't even penetrate its skin and it moved at great speed. Luckily the Anbu managed to stop it from fleeing and slowly cornered it. The leader gave the Anbus the order to attack and using jutsus they bombarded the beast.

The beast finally fell to the ground, it took a team of 6 Anbus to take care of it. After they collected the body they started looking at its nest for any cause for the mutation.

After looking at the surrounding no anomaly was found, the only way to learn the reason of the transformation is by dissecting the body.

After they returned to the base. Each member had to write a report. Saito finished his as fast as he could and submitted it. Saito planned to learn a second chakra nature change, he knew that it was harder to learn another Nature change but he still haven't decided what Nature to learn but his best bet is to try lightning, he could create some combination techniques attacks, he recalled his One of his Clones and created another one that clone directly took a bunch of scrolls about lightning chakra change and headed to the Anbu training facility.

As for Saito he planned to increase his control over his chakra mode, his training with Anbu gave him an idea. Using his second phase Chakra mode seals his jutsu but he can still control his chakra. So for the moment he wants to become able to use chakra scalpel. Chakra scalpel doesn't require any hand signs and as long as he can control the flowing chakra he could create a chakra scalpel.

He started by activating his second phase and started slowly trying to create a scalpel all while maintaining his chakra mode. The technique was harder than he taught when he tries to create a chakra scalpel he ends up losing control over his chakra.

While the Original Saito is struggling with his new improvement to the chakra mode. The clone who was training chakra nature change was also struggling with changing his chakra to lightning.

The last clone was still in the Hospital helping with healing the injured patients, Saito managed to learn a way to heal a group of people at the same time without creating clones, using chakra strings he make contact with all the injured people and start using chakra to heal the injured areas, at first he could only use two threads but as he became more and more proficient at using it he increased the number of strings.

A week passed by Saito still didn't finish his training, he passed of his time in the training facilities, and he only stops when going for missions or to shut his eyes for a few Hours.

Today Saito finally made a breakthrough in his chakra nature change and managed to create lightning, but he still needs more time to use it in actual battle. He was also happy because his intense physical and Ninjutsu training helped increase his chakra reserves to Jonin level and with that he could create two more clones.

Tired Saito decided to head back home, he had no idea on how to improve his chakra mode for the moment. On his way home Saito passed by his favorite BBQ restaurant, the delicious smell attracted him and he directly entered the restaurant. During his latest mission was a solo mission where he hunted a ninja from the bingo book, he defected from his village after killing all his teammates and the client, he was apparently the leader of a bandit group, Saito tracked him to his hideout and using his newly acquired jutsus to wreak havoc on the target he managed to kill all of the bandits and killed their leader but he knew that if he knew lightning release he would have destroyed them even faster which pushed him to train even harder.

Eating his BBQ meat he started thinking about a way to develop his chakra technique, but he still had no idea. As he finished his food paid his bill and was heading out he met an unexpected person. Chouji, Ino and Shikamaru were heading inside with Asuma at the lead. Saito didn't see them since the attack, he said hi and after exchanging some pleasantries. He saw something and he directly had an idea. Chouji was as always eating his chips this time he was eating cornet shaped chips, and instead of picking one by one he put one on each finger and devouring them one after another, they looked like claws made of corn, and that's when it hit him. He thanked Chouji and co and started running full speed back home. As soon as he entered, he calmed himself and started using his second phase chakra mode, and slowly started covering his right hand's finger tips with chakra and he directly shaped them into small razors. He did the same for his left hand but he ended up losing control. Saito knew that he just needed to train for a bit in order to use it on both hands.

Satisfied he opened his Stats.

Saito: "Check Stats."

Name: Saito Nakamura

Age: 12

Fame: 1450

R. Points: 5600

Chakra: 4500(Normal Jonin level)

Physique: Advanced Jonin level

Chakra Control: Advanced Jonin level


-CQC Training (Master)

-Strong Fist (Master)

-Leaf Gale (Master)

-Leaf Whirlwind (Master)


-Shurikenjutsu (Master)

-Kenjutsu (Advanced)



-Body Replacement Technique (Master)

-Clone Technique (Master)

-Transformation Technique (Master)

-Rope escape Technique (Master)

-Body Flicker Technique (Master)

-Shadow clone (Master)


-Mystical Palm Technique (Master)

-Chakra Scalpel (Master)

-Chakra Sword (Master)

-Chakra mode [1st Phase] (Master) [2nd phase] (Advanced)

-Body Pathway Derangement (Master)

-Mass healing [5 people] (Advanced)


-Water Clone (Master)

-Rapid Thunder Whip (Master)

-Rising Water Slicer (Master)

-Water Bullet (Master)

-Water jet cutter (Master)

-Water Dragon Bullet (Master)

-Heavenly Weeping (Advanced)

-Water Fang Bullet (Advanced)

-Water Colliding Wave (Advanced)

-Water Formation Wall (Master)

-Water Prison (Master)



-Medical Ninjutsu Enhancement (35% more potent)

Saito managed to gain another boost of R. points and Fame after the attack on Konoha. He advanced both physically and in chakra reserve, He could only laugh when he started training his physical prowess was his biggest weakness and now he relies on Taijutsu more than anything.

His ability also became stronger, increasing potency by 5%. Happy he slowly fell asleep.