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 The Wheel started turned and slowly it began fusing with Saito's soul. The process took some time so the wheel began to explain what been a reincarnator meant and how the system works.

Wheel: "A reincarnator is a person given the privilege to reincarnate each time he dies in the world of his choosing, once the choice is made unless the reiancarnator reaches the top of the world in terms of power and abilities he can't change the world. Each time you reincarnate you are given a number of abilities to choose from you can have more than one ability, bloodline or physique. In order to obtain more powers you need to spend reincarnation points. These points can only be obtained trough taking certain actions either positive or negative that have repercussions on the world the number of points depends on their magnitude for example killing the Main Character of the world will result in a huge change in timeline and also give you a huge number of points"

Saito: "I think there is a price if I'm not wrong"

Wheel: "Exactly, For each action there is a reaction, any change will cause a ripple in that worlds fate the ripple will depend on the action if the ripples are small the world will adapt rapidly and the changes to fate will be minimal but as the ripple grows bigger the more variables are introduced to the world some time it may even lead to the destruction of that World and if you are not at the top of the World in terms of power you will disappear with it"

Saito: "But so the best way to gather points is to do it steadily"

Wheel: "You are correct, know that your fame level in the world also make it easier for you to decrease that backlash, so if a nobody kills the strongest person in that world, the ripple will be huge but if a well-known person managed to kill him the ripple will be reduced"

Saito: "But won't that still change fate?"

Wheel: "Fate is not something that can be explained simply, and the human mind can't gasp the true meaning and magnitude of that power, if you think that fate is a river that flows following a predetermined direction then you are wrong fate is closer to an ocean sometimes there is turbulence and sometimes calm. Back to our explanation after each reincarnation you will be given one random ability the rest as I said earlier have to be bought using reincarnation points, the points can't be used until you enter the reincarnation cycle otherwise they just accumulate. Know that if you try to gather points forcefully by committing suicide after gaining points you will be penalized and lose all accumulated points. The system will also allow you to observe your progress by allowing you to see your stats and give you an appropriate evaluation. Know that the world that you have chosen is different from earth where money meant power, there the only true strength is your own so train hard in order to avoid meaningless deaths. Now I will send you on your way the ability given to you has been randomly chosen you can verify it when you awaken your memories. Your memories will be sealed until you are 10 years old."

Suddenly the wheel stopped turning.

Wheel: "Know that only one reincarnator is allowed to exist in the multiverse and that the power given to you can be stripped away if you are deemed unworthy."

With that the wheel and Saito's Soul fused into one entity and then the wheel created a tear in space and flied inside.