One week after the attack the village is slowly recovering. After his battle Saito woke up in the Hospital his body still hurting. But to his delight the casualties where small and none of the villagers where hurt.

He asked the nurse taking care of him about what happened, apparently the attack was staged by Orochimaru in order to destroy Konoha and get his hands on Uchiha Sasuke. That kid Gaara was surprisingly the jinchuriki of the Ichibi due to that he was used by the sand village as a weapon he almost released the Ichibi but was stopped by Naruto who used Summoning jutsu to fight on par with him and finally stop him from going berserk.

On the other hand Orochimaru failed to kill the third Hokage who with the help of Jiraya another Sanin managed to hurt him and destroy the chakra channels in his hands.

Saito was happy that the snake bastard can no longer use jutsus. But he knew that this wasn't the last time he will cause problems.

Saito was discharged after some examinations. The village still had signs of the attack. Saito was starving he directly went to Ichiraku. There he met Yamato. Yamato wasn't present when the attack happened he went on an urgent mission. But he heard from the Hokage about Saito actions. Yamato was furious, he knew that Saito was strong but he should have never acted alone. After a long session of scolding. Yamato smiled and told him how proud he was. Saito was surprised, he felt that all his hard work validated.

Yamato: "You should head to the Hokage's office after this."

Saito: "Why?"

Yamato: "One to receive your Chunin certificate and second the Hokage won't to talk with you. And before I forget congratulations."

Saito nodded. He was happy to finally become a Chunin. Chunin can act as leaders during missions but they also had more freedom. While Saito felt sad that he was no longer a team with Akira and Akane. He knew that everyone should move on. He headed towards the Hokage's office the secretary informed the Hokage who let him inside.

When Saito entered he was surprised to find that he wasn't alone. The hikage was speaking with a white haired old man. And behind him stood Naruto who looked bored.

The hokage raised his head.

Hokage: "Saito, It's good that you are alright. A moment and I will talk with you."

From what Saito could understand the man was Jiraya one of the legendary Sanin, Hizuren (3rd Hokage) asked him to become the fifth Hokage but he refused so Jiraya will take Naruto with him to training him and also to get Tsunade to become the next Hokage. After confirming the content of the mission Jiraya took Naruto who was talking with Saito. Gave Saito a thumbs up then disappeared dragging Naruto with him.

Saito was curious

Saito: "Excuse me Hokage sama. Why will you leave your post as hokage?"

Hokage: "During the confrontation with Orochimaru I was hurt. Plus I took up this post is temporary for me. After the death of the fourth I took over to stabilize the situation. But now I'm getting old and can't display as much power as I used to. So it's better to leave the post for someone younger."

Saito was shocked at the answer. He didn't expect the Hokage to give him a straight answer.

Hokage: "Well back to business, first I congratulate you for becoming a Chunin. And I would like to thank you for helping the village during the crisis take this as a token of my gratitude."

The Hokage handed Saito a scroll. Opening it Saito saw that it's a storage scroll. He directly put it in his pouch.

Saito: "Thank you Hokage sama."

The hokage nodded.

Hokage: "That scroll contains some money and two water jutsus created by the second Hokage. I hope you find them useful. Now that we finished talking about that business. I have a proposition for you."

Saito: "I'm listening Hokage sama."

Hokage: "I see great potential in you and hope that you will join the Anbu force. You will be given access to all Anbu resources and training facilities. A senior member will also teach you."

Saito was elated he didn't decide what to do after becoming a Chunin he could either work at the hospital or start taking missions. Becoming an Anbu is a greater opportunity to gain even more power while keeping an eye for any unexpected events.

Saito nodded. Which made the Hokage quite happy.

Hokage: "Then from today onward you are a member of Anbu. I would like to warn you that your identity should be kept a secret. You will work in the hospital as a cover. I think that it will also help you get more training in medical Ninjutsu. Tonight a member of the Anbu will take you to the headquarters."

Saito: "Understood. Hokage sama. I will not disappoint you."

Saito then left the room. Hizuren knew that this kid was the last Anbu he will recruit.

Hokage: "I hope that Danzo will leave him be now that he is an Anbu."

Saito's actions attracted a lot of attention and one of the people who were interested is Danzo the head of Root. He knew that Saito had no backing so capturing him and recruiting him is easy. Thanks to the Hokage Saito managed to dodge one deadly bullet.

Saito directly headed home. He didn't go back for a week and he had a lot of cleaning to do hopefully he could use his clones help to finish before night time.