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 After numerous hours of training Saito finally managed to use his second phase chakra mode for 1 hour. It was a huge advantage but he needed to eat a lot in order to replenish his energy reserves, in order to make up for the calorie usage he bought a lot of Nutrition Pills, created especially for ninjas who go on long secret missions.

That expenditure put a hole in Saito's wallet, he did manage to gather a small fortune from missions but still ninja tools didn't come cheap and he also wanted to buy gauntlets and boots to increase the damage he can deal when using CQC.

Tomorrow was the day of the finals he was eager to test his new strength. He arrived at the arena where the last rounds will take place he found a seat in the far corner. He sat down waiting for the beginning of the finals.

In the kage's box Saito saw both the 3rd Hokage and the 4th Kazekage talking. On both sides of the Kage stood ninjas guarding them.

All the seats where full and Saito created a Shadow clone to take his place, while he headed towards the arena and join the other contenders. Sasuke seems to be late. The Hokage soon started his speech and soon the first match began.

Naruto vs Neji, Saito knew that Naruto wouldn't go down easily. And he was right when Neji locked all of Naruto's chakra points, Naruto managed to use a red chakra to increase his speed and power and finally he used his shadow clone to hide underground and knock Neji out. Sasuke didn't show up to his match so his match with Gaara was moved to a later time, the next match was Shino vs Saito. Saito felt really pumped and he knew that he shouldn't give Shino a chance to use his bugs otherwise he will lose. Saito started by using his new jutsu the water dragon bullet, and as Shino was dodging and preparing to use his own bugs to attack, Saito suddenly appeared behind him and delivered a strong punch clad with chakra, causing Shino to lose consciousness.

The audience was shocked at how fast the battle ended. Saito knew that if it was a mission where Shino could prepare before attacking he would have had a harder fight. After that he returned to his seat and released his shadow clone and to his surprise his clone saw a suspicious ninja wearing an Anbu mask. Saito kept his guard up. The next battle was Shikamaru vs Temari, there battle was intriguing both of them analyzed their opponent and prepared counter strategies but at last Shikamaru managed to catch Temari off guard and used the hole created by Naruto to catch her with his Shadow Imitation jutsu. But he then gave up because of his lack of chakra but Saito knew that he was just bored and didn't care about winning.

This time it was Gaara vs Sasuke who finally arrived, the battle was even more exiting Sasuke managed to increase his speed and also put a lot of pressure on Gaara. And soon he used a new jutsu called Chidori managing to injure Gaara. But before the match could end a smoke bomb exploded in the kage's box.

Saito directly knew that shit was going down and directly activated his second phase chakra mode after creating a clone, and luckily he did the anbu who was standing on the back used a Genjutsu on the crowd making them all fall asleep except a few Jonin who were hiding. Saito managed to avoid the Anbu's detection and let his Shadow clone pretend to fall for the Genjutsu.

Directly after the Suna and Sound village ninjas started their attack, but they were intercepted by the Konoha Jonin who were awake and soon the scene broke into a battle. Saito heard a strong commotion coming from the village and new that this was an invasion plotted by the Sound and Sand villages.

He saw Sakura waking up wish surprised him but just as she moved a Sound ninja jumped at her with a kunai in hand, he directly appeared in front of here and delivered a lightning fast punch to the ninja's chest directly were the heart is, a bone crushing sound was heard and the ninja fell lifeless on the ground, Kakashi who was about to act was surprised to see Saito unaffected by the Genjutsu, Gai also joined the fray practically destroying ninjas with each punch, Kakashi then asked Sakura to wake up Naruto and Shikamaru to follow Sasuke who went after the Gaara, Temari and Kankuro who left the arena. Kakashi was about to ask Saito to follow them but he declined he told Kakashi that he will help the village evacuate the civilians. Saito and his clone directly rushed out of the arena, heading towards the academy. He knew that the easiest targets were the young ninjas and in order to weaken a village the easiest way was to kill their future generation. With his second phase speed he reached the academy within seconds. After that he informed Iruka who was with his class, Iruka's face took a dark shade. He directly gathered the students and headed towards the academy to evacuate. But soon Saito heard the sound of confrontation coming inside, he sent his clone to help Iruka and soon they managed to kill the Sand ninja who infiltrated the academy and disguised himself as a Konoha ninja. Saito left his clone with Iruka and He started to move directly towards the places where there was a commotion, on his way he met a lot of ninjas some were Konoha's anbu, He gave them a report about the situation but most of the time he met with a bunch of sound and sand Chunin. He was happy that he trained hard otherwise he would have become one of the victims in this invasion. Just as he broke another ninja's neck he heard a strong explosion coming from the wall and there it was a three headed giant snake had destroyed the village wall. The moment he saw the snake only one person came to his mind.

Saito: "Orochimaru that creepy bastard!"

A great number of Konoha ninjas where fighting against the snake but there attacks didn't seem to hurt it one bit. Saito knew that if that snake wasn't stopped a lot of lives will be lost. Making his mind Saito released his Chakra mode and then released his clone. To his delight the clone and Iruka managed to take the students to the side of the Hokage Mountain and a great number of Chunin also evacuated the villagers. Saito now will fight at full power without having to fear for the villagers. He will do his best to hinder Orochimaru's plan. After releasing his clone. Saito swallowed a bunch of nutrient pills and a bunch of solider pills. He felt his body overflowing with power taking a deep breath he activated his second phase Chakra mode at full power.

The Konoha ninjas where fighting both the snake and the invader ninjas. Suddenly a flash passed by and directly two sand ninjas lost their heads, without giving the enemy a chance Saito started attacking using a short katana he got from one of his previous victims. He was like a death god the moment he flashes past an enemy the enemy will either die or be deeply injured some of the Jonin managed to avoid a fatal wound but Saito's interference gave the Konoha shinobi enough time to kill the enemy.

Saito was using his full power. Avoiding enemy attacks and counter attacking. The snake who was busy destroying the village buildings around it suddenly saw Saito and deeming him a threat. One of the heads lunged at Saito opening its large jaw ready to swallow him.

Saito avoided the attack and at lightning fast speed he went from his 2nd phase to 1st phase. Joining both hands he put almost all of his Chakra into his chakra sword. A huge sword made of Chakra appeared from Saito's hand and with a fast speed Saito chopped the head that was attacking him. While the Snake had different heads it was still tied to the same body and all of other heads started rampaging from the pain felt.

Saito almost exhausted all of his Chakra in that last attack. Without wasting time he put a new batch of pills in his mouth, using body flicker he disappeared before the enemies attacked him.

=One of the buildings=

Saito was sitting trying to catch his breath that last attack was a new idea he got, using his control and by joining both hands he could create a huge sword made from his chakra. The only problem is that his chakra was almost exhausted and he didn't won't to use chakra sword this way unless he had to destroy a huge target. For the moment he didn't contract any beast as he didn't have the chakra to contract a strong summon.

After slowly recovering he reactivated his Chakra mode with his current level he could keep fighting for a long time as long as he has chakra pills. He taught about using Shadow clones to replenish his chakra by creating them and releasing them each time he needed to fill his chakra reserve but this technique was problematic. The clones couldn't be maintained all day long, id Saito sleeps the clones will be released and he couldn't predict when he will have to fight. So instead of trying to cheat and use a method that's unreliable, he prefers to manage his chakra and use his power in the most effective way. Plus his clones will be more useful in battle than waiting for him to release them because he had a limited number.

Saito looked outside and the serpent was still looking for him destroying all the buildings on its way. The snake was getting closer to Saito's hiding place and he almost recovered completely. Saito had an Idea he created a shadow clone and ordered it to move towards another building that was closer to the serpent.

Saito swallowed another pill to recover the chakra he just used. The clone moved stealthily from one building to the other getting closer and closer to the serpent. When it reached its destination the clone stopped. Ready for action.

Saito will use his clone as a diversion and deal another fatal hit to the huge snake.

Saito's clone suddenly jumped out before the snake destroyed his hiding place. Using a lot of explosive kunais to attract its attention. And the snake obliged directly advancing towards Saito' clone ready to kill the person who hurt it.

The clone kept jumping from building to building while lunching Water Dragon bullets at the Snake. The snake ignored the attacks, it was in a berserk state the damage it received was significant and it's two heads kept lunging at the Clone ready to chop him. The clone finally run out of Chakra just as the snake managed to catch him. When Saito used body flicker the Konoha ninjas where still fighting the invaders and when the snake ignored them in order to look for Saito they managed to deal with them some were captured for interrogation. And when they saw Saito's clone get caught many of them tried to help but too late the Snake swallowed the clone. To them the young ninja who assisted them was a hero and seen him die many felt regret at the loss of a great ninja for the village. The clone before disappearing left a little gift for the snake. Inside the head that swallowed the clone a pouch filled to the brim with explosive tags detonated. The head had hard scales from the outside but it was still soft from the inside the result of the explosion almost destroyed the lower jaw of the Snake and to make things worse. A huge mass of chakra could be felt near the base of its two necks. Before it could react a huge Sword made from Chakra chopped another head from the base and almost destroyed the last head. What was left was a horrifying and the snake could no longer move. Feeling death getting closer the snake could only flee. Directly the snake's huge body disappeared in a huge cloud of white smoke.

The snake didn't know that the guy who almost killed it has lost consciousness even when he recovered his chakra using pills it wasn't a perfect and natural recovery as a result Saito directly fainted. The Konoha ninjas secured the area and sent small teams to hunt for any remnants. Some of the Konoha shinobis left checked on Saito. Finding that it was chakra exhaustion two ninja's took him to an intact building and guarded him while he recovered.

Unbeknown to them on top of a building stood a white haired old man he had two red lines running from his eyes to his cheeks wearing a green short shirt kimono and matching pants, under which he wore mesh armor that is visible at his wrists and ankles. He also wore hand guards and a black belt.

Man: "Interesting fella, lots of potential."

The man scanned the area then he looked at in the direction of the arena.

Man: "I guess I should help the old man."

Saito's actions today had bigger ramifications than what he could think off.