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 Next day in front of the 44th training ground a great number of people were standing observing the place. The 44th training ground was a peculiar place it was a forest area filled with giant tree and from time to time big shadows could be seen moving in the depth of the forest. Simply put it was a scary place filled with danger. The forest was surrounded by a fence and the access doors where sealed by thick chains and seal tags.

Saito was standing with his team discussing some strategies they could use. And also about some of the creatures present in the forest. When he arrived he talked for a bit with his friends and left them to do a strategy meeting.

Suddenly, Anko appeared in a cloud of white smoke. After asking the candidates to gather she was presenting the training ground and explaining the dangers when Naruto started making fun of her. Before he could finish a hand covered his mouth and in front of him he heard a clinging sound.

Saito: "Please forgive this idiot. He will get himself killed someday due to his carelessness."

Saito who saw Naruto making fun of Anko knew that she will act directly, so he moved towards Naruto to shut him up and also barely managed to deflect the Kunai that was aimed at him.

Anko caught the deflected kunai and put it back in her pouch. She recognized Saito.

Anko: "So you managed to pass Ibiki's test not bad."

Saito: "Thanks for the compliment. Can you please continue your explanation about this part of the exam?"

Anko: "Welp ignoring the noisy idiot..."

Anko started explaining how this exam worked and soon every team headed towards a tent and got their scroll, this process was hidden from other teams. Saito's team got the heaven's scroll, they decided to leave it with Akira. After that they headed towards one of the doors and stood there.

As soon as Anko announced the beginning of the exam the door opened and the competitors started heading full speed inside of the forest.

Saito had an idea after they headed deeper inside the forest he took a piece of stone after covering it with explosive tags he used a transformation jutsu on it changing it into an exact replica of their own scroll. He then made a water clone and gave it the replica. He then told Akira and Akane about his own Idea. Soon they started advancing deeper in the forest directly towards the tower.

Saito kept using his chakra to increase his sense and kept looking for another team.

And soon they found a target the only problem is if they had an earth scroll or not. After they came in contact it appears that it's a Suna (Sand) team. This team had no intention of letting them leave even if their scroll was useless to them. Akira took the lead in the attack followed by Akane. Both of them where intercepted by a Suna shinobi they were equally, the last Suna ninja made his move attacking Saito.

The Suna shinobi was quite strong, but in order to avoid attracting other teams they had to finish this fast. The suna ninja took a bomb looking thing and threw it at Saito. Saito managed to avoid the explosion. But the Suna ninja used this opportunity to attack him with poisoned needles. Saito couldn't avoid it and was stabbed in the shoulder. The Suna shinobi was elated he managed to poison Saito. After the poison took effect Saito fell paralyzed to the ground.

The suna ninja took hold of Saito's body putting a kunai to his neck. All while rummaging through Saito's pooch, there he found what he was looking for and to his surprise it was a heaven scroll.

Suna Ninja: "I got the scroll!"

Announcing that to his friends he moved as fast as he could to join his friends and help them in their fights. The poison he used is quite potent the paralyzing effect lasted for a long time.

Seen the new arrival Akira and Akane broke their combat with the other teams and moved towards Saito.

The Suna ninja didn't stop them they had completed their own mission. Just as they also regrouped they heard a voice from the top of a tree. Just as they saw Saito standing on a tree branch and turned their sight towards the one laying on the ground.

Saito: "Kai"

The Heaven Scroll transformed into a bundle of explosive tags. Before they could throw it away. The tags ignited and exploded. The suna ninjas didn't take the full burn of attack. But the damage was crippling. Saito, Akane and Akira moved in on them and directly neutralized them. Saito carefully verified that they were out cold. Saito was careful he didn't won't to end up the same way as these guys and it would be embarrassing if he fell for the same trap.

In the pouch he found a number of poisoned needles and also the Earth scroll.

They have finished their own mission and should head towards the tower, they left the area as fast as they could the explosions should have warned the other teams of their position.

As they were about to reach the tower Saito felt an ominous chakra coming deep from the forest, He could think of only one thing Naruto. He must be in danger, he felt bad for Naruto he is pushed by his fate into dangerous situations in order for him to grow stronger. Saito informed Akira and Akane, he gave them the scrolls told them to inform the proctors. He then started running towards the place he felt the chakra from.

As he slowly approached he saw what was happening the creepy lady from the Grass village was fighting against Sasuke, While Sakura stood there trembling in fear, and he also saw Naruto nailed by his cloths with a kunai to a tree. He looked unconscious.

Before he acts he had to observe the enemy and it looked like Sasuke is doing ok against her.

As the combat proceeded he noticed that that women was holding back and after Sasuke used a technique from his clan to bind her to a tree and used a flame jutsu to attack her. He saw a horrifying scene the attack had no effect and part of the woman's face was peeled revealing a pale skin and snake like eyes. After freeing himself from the binding as if it was nothing. That Person made a hand sign causing Sasuke and Sakura to freeze. Even Saito was slightly affected.

Saito knew that he had to act, that person identified himself as Oroshimaru, after speaking a bit about Sasuke he made hand signs and soon his neck lengthened and he opened his mouth heading straight to Sasuke, Saito knew that he had to act, activating his Chakra mode's 2nd phase he moved at break neck speed and kicked Oroshimaru's as he was about to reach Sasuke, Saito knew that he wasn't this guy's opponent. He had to hold on for Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto to escape. Or for the proctors to act he knew that the released Chakra was sensed by the Ninjas waiting for them in the tower he could only hope to hold on long enough for them to come.

Oroshimaru: "What do we have here? What's a bug like you doing standing in the way of my ambition?"

Saito felt a huge amount of killing intent coming from Oroshimaru.

Saito: "Fuck, I hope I survive."

Saito could only curse at his own stupidity. Who would have taught that a legendary sanin will appear here? He felt only regret.

There's no medicine for regret.