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 After registering Saito and his team headed towards the examination hall, opening the door he was surprised to find the hall, filled with ninjas from different villages as they entered many people started glaring in their direction releasing killing intent. Saito ignored them, and headed to a corner with his team.

Not long after Naruto and his team entered the hall, he didn't see where she came from but Ino directly jumped on Sasuke, they directly started bickering, the commotion attracted the attention of others they soon where joined by other teams. Seen that Chouji was with them, Saito decided to say hi.

Saito: "Yo Chouji, Naruto!"

Chouji saw Saito and smiled.

Chouji: "Saito how are you doing?"

Saito: "Doing great! So are you ready for the exam."

Chouji: "Well I just hope the written part isn't very hard."

As Saito was talking with Chouji, Naruto also joined in on the conversation.

Shikamaru: "Chouji, present us to your friend."

Sasuke was also interested in this guy.

Chouji: "You know Saito is the person I was training with these last days."

Shikamaru: "Oh! Well thanks for the help! I know that it's a hustle."

Saito could only laugh.

Saito: "Nice meeting you. Chouji is a friend so it was no problem."

Kiba and his team also joined the conversation and soon they started to bicker. Saito could help but notice the heiress of the Huga clan had big crush on Naruto, she kept looking at him with rosy cheeks, and the moment he looked in her direction she looked away. Saito could only sight Naruto was so concentrated on Sakura that he would never think that a girl has a crush on him. Saito made up his mind to tell that block head latter. Naruto should become more aware of his surroundings.

The bickering was stopped by an older ninja he was wearing round glasses and really simple cloths. His name is Kabuto, He started telling them about his experience, and apparently he tried to pass the exam for 4 years. He started showing them cards filled with information about the participating villages and also some participants making the others a little bit shaken after learning about the competition. Saito found it weird that this guy had this much information and also in order to show them the information he used a trick injecting his chakra into blank cards.

Others may not have noticed it but this guy's Chakra control was Jonin level. After some discussion Saito felt a movement coming from the other side of the hall.

The sound made their move and soon attacked Kabuto. He managed to dodge a punch but he still received damage. Saito observed the attackers he was wearing a gauntlet with holes filling it. He noticed that Kabuto's glasses broke, and the attackers was from a sound village so he most likely used sound to attack, he noted this if he ever run into these guys later.

Naruto and Sakura run to check on Kabuto who was down, Saito also went close to him making it seem like he was checking on him, but he found something weird. Kabuto's wounds weren't that damaging but he still made it look like he was defeated. Saito noted this and he became even more suspicious of this guy. His abilities should be far more superior to a Chunin, He most likely is hiding his strength.

Soon the commotion was stopped by the appearance of the exams proctor accompanied by about ten other Genin who will most likely be responsible of observing.

The proctor started telling us the rules of the exam and how cheaters will be handled. Saito was calm he knew that his team members could handle themselves so he had to make do his best to avoid holding them back. After he started reading the exams questions he was shocked they were beyond what a normal Genin can answer. He knew the answers but for his teammates he had no idea. When the proctor Ibiki gave them the starting signal he directly started writing as fast as he could. He started to observe the others and sure enough only a small number could answer, he was surprised to see that Sakura was also filling her answers. After some observation he came to one conclusion this exam wasn't about knowledge but intelligence gathering. And surely the others started to use any means necessary to get the answers. Saito let out a sigh of relief because Akira was lucky enough to sit right besides one of the guys answering the exam, as for Akane she used Genjutsu to switch the answer sheet with another guy. When 15 min where left Ibiki announced that there is a 10th question if answered incorrectly you will fail and your whole team with you. He gave an ultimatum. Saito sighted he knew that this was psychological warfare and this Ibiki guy was most likely an expert in torture. Because, he kept putting pressure on the candidates and even the smallest moves where captured by him and he made sure to fail about half of the candidates. Saito looked towards Akira and Akane and signaled them to continue.

Maybe due to the pressure Naruto started screaming at the proctor, who surprisingly didn't berate him. And surely the 10th question was just a trap to filter weak willed people. Just as Ibiki was explaining the context of the exam. A figure smashed through the window. Using two kunais, a flag was pinned down, on it you could read second exam proctor. Saito recognized that figure. It was Anko.

Anko then announced that the second exam will take place tomorrow morning. And that they should meet near the 44th training ground.

Saito was mentally tired after talking with his teammates for a few moments he headed towards his home. He won't to rest for a bit and organize the information he gathered about the other candidates.

He knew that the sound Village ninjas where dangerous but he also remarked that in this year's Sand village candidates there was a strange team. A kid named Gaara he somehow knew that that kid was bad news, his eyes where filled with blood lust.

There are also some people from the grass village they looked more like mercenaries and he knew that they were up to no good especially the lady, she gave him the creeps.

And lastly that guy Kabuto, His old life's experience made him warry of him. Because he knew that although ninja's should hide their own power there was no reason for someone that strong to hide amongst Genin, if he didn't have any plans. For the moment he could only keep his guard up.

The more he thinks about it the more clear it becomes, the Main Character of this world is taking an exam so there is no way in hell an event won't happen.