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 Today is the day, all of Saito's hard work would be put to the test. The first written part will take place in the academy.

After meeting with his teammates, they started chatting while walking towards there exam room. There an interesting scene was playing, two guys where blocking the door to the examination room, he was surprised to see Lee being pushed back, even Tenten got hit, Akira was going to act but he held him back.

Saito: "I know the guys who were hit and let me tell you. They are just laying low. If he wants Lee can beat those two up single handedly."

Akira and Akane started in shock the bushy eyebrows kid sitting on the ground.

Saito continued to observe the situation from the side, the people present weren't just the Konoha ninjas but also other hidden villages are present.

Soon Naruto's team joined the fray, Saito could only sight at how arrogant Sasuke was and soon enough he confronted the two standing in the door. And as he expected it turned into a physical confrontation, but just as they were about to clash Lee intervened. Saito was surprised he taught that Lee wouldn't make a move. The following events left him in shock. After stopping their attacks. He directly confessed his love to Sakura in front of every one and was rejected instantly. Saito couldn't help but laugh at the way Lee confessed it was so intense and edgy. A perfect Gai like impersonation. Saito couldn't understand why Naruto and Lee fell for Sakura. She was cute and has a unique hair color but that's it. Her personality was the worst kind and according to what he heard from Naruto she was useless during missions. There are many better candidates.

After that a little confrontation went on between Neji and Sasuke.

Saito: "He really likes to get on peoples nerves."

He was friends with Naruto but he never came in contact with his other team members. He wasn't interested in talking with them and passed a big chunk of his time training or doing missions, He and Naruto only met at Ichiraku. After Naruto's team left. Lee was still depressed. So he headed there to say hello and also comfort the crazy kid.

Saito already knew Lee's team members.

Saito: "Yo Lee! Making a spectacle are you."

Lee raised his head ready to beat whoever talked to him. But he stopped as soon as he saw Saito.

Lee: "Oh Saito! Been a will since we met."

Tenten: "Long Time no see."

Saito: "Well with all the hellish training. I had to do to prepare for the exam. I barely had time to eat."

Lee's eyes started to sparkle. If Saito was a training junkie then Lee was a Training Monster. After that he and Lee kept talking about training methods. Meanwhile Akira and Akane started talking with Tenten. They soon became friends.

And as always Neji kept treating people like air.

After that they split up Saito headed out with Akira and Akane. They kept walking around as they still had a long time before the exam starts.

Suddenly Saito felt a slight discomfort.

Saito: "Sorry guys I need to go to the toilet."

Moving as fast as he could, Saito reached his destination just in time.

After taking care of business. He started walking back to join his team. But on the way he heard a commotion. As he looked in the direction of the noise he saw a choking sight. Currently Lee was confronting Sasuke. Saito was interested to watch this. He wanted to see how powerful the Uchiha heir is.

But soon he was disappointed, Lee was playing with him. Without putting any effort in his attacks. As the bout went on, Sasuke activated his sharingan, but that really didn't change much Lee's speed was so great that even if Sasuke sees the attacks he couldn't react to them. Just as lee was going to send another attack towards Sasuke. Saito made his move appearing directly between Sasuke and Lee. He deflected both attacks. Lee wasn't using his full power so he managed to deflect it.

Saito: "Lee I think that's enough, we don't have much time left we need to register now."

Lee was shocked by Saito's appearance but he soon relaxed his stance.

Sasuke: "Who are you and why are you interfering?"

Saito looked at Sasuke and sighted.

Saito: "I just stopped you from getting the beating of a lifetime."

Sasuke seemed pissed off.

Saito: "Now calm down, I will check on Naruto, Lee I hope you didn't hit him too hard."

Lee froze for a bit. Saito's voice was calm but Lee knew that Saito hated it when people got hurt for stupid reasons.

Just as he approached him Naruto woke up.

Naruto: "What the hell happened?"

After checking him Saito sighed in relief.

Saito: "You were just knocked out. Naruto you really should work on your taijutsu."

Naruto: "Saito what are you doing here? And where is that bushy eyebrows guy."

Saito: "Naruto that guy's name is Lee, he is also a friend of mine so please forgive him."

Naruto nodded. But just as Saito was about to leave a strong voice resonated in the hallway.

Voice: "Lee."

As he heard the voice Lee froze. Soon Gai appeared in a cloud of smoke. And soon enough he stated his antics about the flames of youth with Lee. After that he spoke with Saito asking him about his training progress, he also wanted him to show him that technique he learned.

Saito excused himself and headed towards the registration bureau. Leaving Gai who was talking with Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto.

Saito was surprised, he didn't expect that Sasuke will be weaker than Lee, but he knew that he should not underestimate him with his bloodline Sasuke has a bright future ahead of him and with time he could become one of the strongest ninjas in Konoha. He remembered one of the two legendary figures responsible for building the village, Madara Uchiha. One of the strongest ninjas in the history of the world.

Saito: "I should really prepare myself for any unexpected events."

Saito knew instinctively that this exam will be filled with excitement and danger.