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 In a dark space a big number of globes made of light were floating towards an open white door with golden engravings on it. The line seemed endless the globes themselves where not identical some were big some were small others were shining with pure light some were dim. The globes slowly entered the huge door .But the line did not shorten as more globes joined the line. Suddenly a disturbance appeared in the black space as a broken wheel filled with mystic runes shot through the black space directly cutting the line formed by the globes the disturbance only lasted for a moment and soon the disorganized line was fixed and the empty space that appeared due to the wheel was filled by another globe.


The wheel finally stopped and at its center was one of the globes that where in the line the globe was of a slightly bigger size compared to the others but it's brightness was normal with only slight impurities appearing for time to time.

Globe "Where am I?"

But no one responded.

Even since his death Saito felt peace and emptiness and soon he joined the line of souls waiting for their judgement, he felt at ease within the line as he knew that even if he died, he could depend on his son to take care of the family, because he knew while his son looked unreliable, he always acted actively when he was needed and while he didn't have much hope for his friends helping his family actively he hopes that the connections he made through his life.

But after he was sucked towards that wheel he felt that the link that leaded him towards the door snap and he soon found himself in the center of the wheel with no way to move but he somehow knew that the wheel meant no harm to him. Suddenly he felt as if the wheel was invading his soul.

Saito:" What is happening?"

Soon he heard a sound in his head

Voice: "Hello fortunate soul you were chosen from trillions of souls coming from different universes to profit from the power of the wheel of reincarnation"

At first Saito felt confused but after what seemed like an eternity he finally calmed down.

Saito: "So what are the advantages of been chosen?"

Wheel: "The chosen soul can be reincarnated in one of the multiple universes that he is aware of. The worlds that are works of fictions in the soul's world are reflections of real existing universes"

Saito: "Can I access my old world?"

Saito wanted to see if he has a chance to relive a new life on earth and check on his family.

Wheel: "Unfortunately your link with the reincarnation cycle of your world is broken and if you reincarnate you will be treated as an intruder or anomaly to be destroyed by the world's laws"

Saito was slightly disappointed but he had a hunch that he can no longer come back to earth.

Saito: "So what are the worlds that are possible for me?"

Wheel: "According to hosts memories you can reincarnate in : Terminator world, Alien World, Lord of the rings World, Harry Potter World, Exorcist World, Resident evil World,...,Naruto World"

After hearing this he was deep in toughs the choices where numerous and he remembers some of those worlds and almost all of them where dangerous or even deadly for a normal human with no survival or combat skills to live in.

But the last world mentioned was foreign to him.

Saito: "What is that last world? I don't remember watching this movie or drama"

Wheel: "You have caught a glimpse of this world while talking with your son"

Saito: "But I didn't watch it fully!? So why is it a possibility?"

Wheel: "Due to your son's strong connection and obsession with this anime, you have shown interest in this world although subconsciously to learn the reason of your son's love for it"

Saito was shocked but he rapidly calmed down, in the end he still had a link to his family on earth. He then felt a bit of happiness inside his heart. Although, it's ironic but he can finally get closer to understanding his son's obsession. Without further waiting he made his decision.

Saito: "I choose the Naruto World."

Wheel: "Your choice has been confirmed. From now you are a reincarnator."