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 The following days where quite fulfilling, While training with Chouji, Saito managed to increase his CQC prowess without the use of Chakra Mode, Chouji's techniques where quite surprising and they packed quite the punch and even with his Chakra mode activated he wouldn't dare to take a direct hit. The biggest weakness that Chouji had was that his attacks where mostly physical and while most of them uses wind chakra, Chouji didn't use any Jutsus that attack from long range and his attacks can be stopped easily using C Rank jutsus.

After some discussions and asking for Asuma's advice Chouji started learning new Jutsus to increase the versatility of his arsenal. Saito wouldn't be able to hold against him using Taijutsu alone so they integrated their own jutsus in there spares, slowly but surely Chouji started to gain his self-confidence, he admitted that he is ashamed of his past behavior, he knew his own weakness but he didn't make any efforts to redeem himself.

Saito's passion was also reignited, and he doubled his effort in training, he created a new way to increase his own mobility when fighting on water surfaces. He remembered the ice scatters from his old memories who moved with speed and agility. He tried applying using the water walking. By coating his legs the same way and moving the chakra in certain pattern he could propel himself at fast speeds on water surfaces without using that much chakra.

Chouji found it amusing and tried mimicking the way Saito moved, but he didn't have enough chakra control to use it. Saito knew that for the moment he couldn't use this Technique in combat but in the future he might find a way to make it more useful.

Today is the final day of their special training. Saito and Chouji finished there sparing session. During the few past days, Saito and Chouji hit it off, Chouji was a true food savvy and he knew every food stall and restaurant in the village. Today they were going to a dango shop, according to Chouji this place had the greatest dango in the whole village.

Saito: "So tomorrow is the first day of the exam, how are you feeling?"

Chouji: "Thanks to the training it should be a breeze, except for the written test because seriously, I can never keep my concentration, as soon as I hold a book I fall asleep. The team tried doing a study session but 30 min after we started it turned into a card game tournament."

Saitou started laughing, He remembered that In his old world he wasn't that fond of studying himself, he surprised even himself that in this world he didn't feel repulsed by studying, maybe when his memories merged he kept his love for studying.

After ordering their sets they started discussing their speculations about the future. Each year the Chunin exam takes place in a different village, luckily this year it was Konha's turn.

Suddenly a lady sitting close by started laughing she was a fairly tall woman who was of slender frame. She has light brown, pupil-less eye her hair color was violet.

Saito: "What's so funny?"

The lady showed a sadistic smile.

Lady: "I just find it funny how frustrated you kids act. About a simple test."

Saito: "Well it's an important exam for us you know!"

Lady: "Well! You have to have your guard up all the time. And many young ninjas died during these exams."

Hearing this Chouji and Saito where a little bit shaken. But they calmed down fast.

Saito with a firm face.

Saito: "We know. Only the strong can live freely. And weakness will only end with death."

The lady nodded approvingly.

Lady: "That's a nice mindset you have. Because no matter what a ninja is still a solider in the service of the village."

After that she swallowed the last dango. She stood up and headed towards the exit.

Saito: "Wait miss! What's your name?"

The lady was slightly surprised.

Lady: "Anko Mitarashi and you better remember it."

Chouji observed the exchange from beginning to end without uttering a single word.

Chouji: "Saito, you better be careful around that person."

Saito: "Why?"

Chouji shuddered.

Chouji: "That lady is part of the Questioning and Intelligence investigation bureau. Any suspicious moves and you will be brought for questioning."

Saito nodded knowingly. Even in his old world such bureaus existed and used the most inhuman ways to make a person divulge his secrets. And in this world where something like jutsus exists he could only shudder at the idea of being tortured.

After saying his good bye, Saito headed back home. Tomorrow is the first day of the Chunin exam. He needs to rest. And before sleeping he checked his current status.

Saito: "Check Stats."

Name: Saito Nakamura

Age: 12

Fame: 280

R. Points: 224

Chakra: 2000 (Normal Chunin level)

Physique: Expert Chunin level

Chakra Control: Normal Jonin level


-CQC Training (Master)

-Strong Fist (Advanced)

-Leaf Gale (Advanced)

-Leaf Whirlwind (Advanced)


-Shurikenjutsu (Master)

-Tree Climbing (Master)

-Water Walking (Master)

-Waterfall Climbing (Master)


-Body Replacement Technique (Master)

-Clone Technique (Master)

-Transformation Technique (Master)

-Rope escape Technique (Master)

-Body Flicker Technique (Master)

-Medical: Mystical Palm Technique (Master)

-Medical: Chakra Scalpel (Master)

-Medical: Chakra Sword (Master)

-Medical: Chakra mode [1st Phase](Master) [2nd phase](Beginner)

-Medical: Body Pathway Derangement (Advanced)

-Water Clone (Master)

-Water release: Rapid Thunder Whip Technique (Master)

-Water release: Rising Water Slicer (Master)

-Water release: Water Bullet Technique (Master)

-Water release: Water jet cutter (Advanced)


-Medical Ninjutsu Enhancement (30% more potent)

Saito's eyes opened widely

Saito: "What the hell is up with that?"

He gained 200 R. points. He was shocked since the day he became aware of the system he only managed to gain 24 R. points. Plus he saw that the effects of his ability became stronger.

Suddenly he heard a voice he hadn't heard since the day he regained his memories.

System: "The host's actions has affected an important character in the world's fate. And abilities will gradually grow stronger the stronger the user is."

He was both happy and confused at his unexpected harvest. The R. points gain can only come from his interaction with Chouji. At first Saito interacted with him without any expectations he didn't won't himself to approach people only to gain R. points, but to think his newly made friend would give him this huge boost.

He was also surprised to learn that his ability could grow stronger. After calming down he fell into a deep sleep.