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 As soon as he approached the training field, Saito saw Yamato talking with another ninja he didn't know.

Saito: "Good morning!"

Yamato: "Morning, Saito this is Ibuki a medical Nin from the Konoha Hospital he will assist us today."

Saito: "Thank you for your help."

After finishing their preparation and attaching some sensors to Saito's body. Saito started by activating his chakra mode his body was filled with chakra and slowly he started moving it towards his blood vessel, having a water affinity made it easier for him to control the water in his blood and slowly he started to increase the circulation speed. He started to feel his body's temperature rising slowly soon his body was filled with power. He slowly started to do a punching routine as fast as he could. From the side Yamato was in shock the speed of the current attacks was frightening even his trained eyes could barely follow them. Saito's body was heating up as he further increased the speed of the blood flow. His body usually white skin turned red and slowly his sweat started to evaporate from the heat generated. Surprisingly steam started to rise from his body.

Yamato: "Ibuki how is the situation."

Ibuki: "Amazing! As soon as the vessels rupture they are healed

True Saito was at his limit he couldn't increase the blood flow any further anymore and he would die. He was currently in pain.

Saito: "I will reduce the speed."

Slowly he started reducing the speed of blood flow gradually until he reached a level where the pain won't hinder him becoming almost negligible.

Saito: "I think this is the level I can maintain it. Without losing fighting efficiency."

Saito now concentrated on his Chakra usage. With the current expenditure he would be able to last about 15 min half the time he could maintain Chakra mode. Surprisingly his two Techniques are highly compatible so the chakra usage didn't increase by much. He also learned another thing when he activates both techniques he can't use ninjutsus as his Chakra is constantly moving with his blood but on the contrary he becomes immune to Genjutsus.

After some more analyzing he thanked Yamato and Ibuki for their help.

Saito was truly happy, when he activates the power of the accelerated flow Technique. His power is close to a Jonin. But he still needs to learn how to use the power effectively and also increase his chances of changing fate, he also knew that while he gains Jonin level power a real Jonin have more experience and has a bigger arsenal of techniques that can incapacitate if he shows any opening.

He also discovered that using this technique has a ridiculous fuel consumption when it comes to food. Before coming to the training grounds he already ate a full breakfast usually that would last him a full day but it was late evening and He felt as if he hadn't eaten in 2 days. And it didn't help that he had nothing for lunch.

Moving towards a stall selling dumplings.

Owner: "Welcome, what can I help you with?"

Saito: "50 dumplings and please hurry. I'm starving."

The owner was shocked but sure enough this was good business for him. Working as fast as he can he started making dumplings and one after another put them on a dish then passed it to Saito.

The scene was comical the cook is moving like the wind producing dumplings and the customer is like an endless pit swallowing the dumplings as if they were air.

This scene attracted a lot of attention and in the crowd a Fat kid about the same age as Saito. He had brown hair and his eyes looked small in his chubby face he also had markings on his cheeks in the form of swirls, he was also wearing a strange looking Konoha Shinobi band. Holding a bag of ships in his hand he started walking towards the stall.

Guy: "Mister, give me 50 dumplings."

Saito was surprised at first but he soon returned to eating. He recognized the guy he should be the heir of the Akamichi family, he knew him from school he was I mild mannered person and his character was gentle and polite, he only gets riled up if you call him fat.

The stall owner was in tears he pushed himself to the limit in order to fill the first order now another kid wants to eat 50 dumplings. While he welcomed good business he will still suffer from muscle pain after today. Still business is business and he started moving at a faster pace. People started to wonder if the Owner was a ninja in hiding. And soon the same scene played out but this time a new person joined the fray and he was swallowing food as fast as his compatriot.

After finishing there meal and paying. Chouji held his hand towards Saito.

Chouji: "Nice to meet you my name is Chouji Akamichi."

Saito shaking his hand.

Saito: "My name is Saito Nakamura nice meeting you."

Chouji: "So you are also a foody?"

Saito smiled.

Saito: "Not exactly but I learned a technique that has a ridiculous calorie expenditure. So after using I was starving."

Chouji's eyes widened. The Akamichi family had one unique feature and that is all its members are fat and have huge appetite. Most people think that it's only because they loved food. But the real reason is that their family uses a technique that consumes a lot of calories.

After that Saito and Chouji started talking about their own techniques. Chouji couldn't give him the full details but Saito understood the basics. To Saito's surprise Chouji has surprisingly low self-esteem his team was composed of him, Ino Yamanaka and Shikamaru Nara, their three clan had a great relationship so members from the three clans where always put on the same team. Shikamaru while lazy is an intelligent individual, Ino in her own right was strong she could basically win against anyone using her clans technique, but according to Chouji he felt inferior to them, he thinks that he is the weakest one in his group. Saito sighted. He couldn't do anything to help him become more confident.

Saito: "How about we try some special training. Starting from tomorrow, we can meet and train together. My team mates are still training with Yamato sensei, so I have no one to spar with."

Chouji was surprised by the sudden proposal but after some thinking he made up his mind.

Chouji: "If you don't mind."

After saying good bye, Saito made his way back home. He was tired and after eating that much food he felt sleepy.

As soon as he entered the room he fell in his bed, deeply asleep.