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 The Chunin exam was just around the corner. Saito had to increase his training time with the help of solider pills. He was standing in front of the waterfall. After calming down and preparing himself he started running towards it just he was close he jumped and started channeling chakra in his feet. The moment of contact with the falling water he moved his chakra to counter the movement. And he started running up the waterfall soon he reached the top. After coming down he was satisfied he finally mastered this technique. And his chakra control and reserves grew another level. During his training he managed to perfect his Chakra mode, now he is able to infuse his whole body with chakra giving it regenerative abilities, he could also concentrate on a single body part to maximize the regenerative effect, for the moment he could maintain it for 30 min before running out of chakra.

After taking a solider pill to restore his chakra, he stood in front of a tree and started using chakra scalpel. He is going to try to use the variant he taught of. With chakra scalpel activated he slowly started to extend the chakra and mold it.

Saito: "Slow and Steady! Yes finally."

Saito managed to increase the length of the chakra scalpel from its usual length to about 35 cm. He then started testing it on the tree. At first the new scalpel was not as sharp but after slowly tuning and adjusting it he was able to cut the tree effortlessly.

Saito: "I should call it chakra sword."

He was happy with his new found power but he knew that he still had a long way to go. He started analyzing his current arsenal of jutsus and just as he taught about the last water jutsu he learned, the Water Bullet Technique, he remembered a certain machine in his old life that made use of water to cut through metals.

Saito: "I wonder if I can use the water bullet as a base to create that effect. A water jet cutter uses compressed water and releases it in a narrow line making it sharp, sharp enough to cut almost any type of metal with precision."

After doing some thinking, he finally had an idea instead of releasing the water bullet he should increase the compression and the speed and release it in a stream instead of a big mass.

After making some changes he started his first test. And the results amazed him, the destructive power of this jutsu where stronger than anyone of the jutsus he learned. He hoped to at least be able to emulate the water jet cutter from his old memories but the power he displayed was a level higher the stream penetrated the trunks of seven tree before losing power. But he knew that this power came at a price, the chakra usage was huge compared to any of his other jutsus, with his current level he could use three times a day before exhausting his chakra reserves. He named the jutsu after the machine that inspired him.

Saito: "Water stream cutter. It sounds lame but well, I never had a good naming sense anyway."

After this unexpected harvest. He finally made his way towards the BBQ restaurant. He's going to treat himself to a feast to celebrate his trainings success.

With his current abilities he should be able to stand up against an expert Chunin without any problems unless they used some unknown Kekkei Genkai. If he pushed himself the limit and use surprise attacks he should be able to win against a special Jonin.

Saito knew that there is still room for improvement and that any carelessness can be the cause of his death. That night Saito fell into a deep sleep.

After reporting to Yamato about his success and showing him the new jutsus. Yamato was impressed by the power displayed, and he started to show him some new ways to apply the chakra control he learned to his body increasing either his sensory abilities or body strength. Saito was not that interested in using Chakra to give himself a temporary strength boost as he already had the Chakra mode wish was more useful. He was more interested in increasing his sensory abilities. Either increasing hearing or sight. After demonstrating Yamato left Saito to continue his training.

Saito amused himself by trying to increase his hearing and listen to people standing far away from him talking. He knew that it wasn't good to peep on peoples conversations so he stopped after he felt that he mastered it but he still needs a great deal of concentration to hear people standing about 100 meters away from him.

Today he is going to the library, He knew that knowledge is essential for him, as he knew if used correctly it could save his life. At first he started looking into books about plants and poisons, soon he found that the library had a section for failed jutsus or techniques, some of these jutsus either used up all of the users Chakra or damaged the users body sometimes even crippling them.

After rummaging through a good number of scrolls, he found a certain technique that looked quite interesting. After examining it he found out that it closely resembled the Eight inner gates Technique. But instead of increasing the flow of chakra in the chakra pathways by opening the gates. This technique uses chakra to increase the speed blood flow in the body the resulting strength while weaker than the inner gates opening it could be used by anyone as long as he has decent chakra control. But the reason it's considered a failure is because of the repercussions. In the inner gates technique opening a gate with a weak body will result in death but if strong enough the damage dealt to the body can be nullified and even if damaged the body will become stronger after recuperating. But this technique allows to increase the amount of oxygen and nutrition sent to the muscles resulting in increases speed and power, this increase is limited by the muscles original power and speed. But the biggest problem is that the increased speed of blood flow causes blood vessels to slowly rupture, so after each use the user have to get healed or he will die from internal bleeding. The second and most dangerous thing is that if it's used for a prolonged time it will cause the heart to explode from the pressure. According to the scroll the user also suffers from increasing body temperature making it harder to fight. All in all this technique looked useless in other people's eyes it had such a big danger with a mediocre return. But to Saito he felt that if he could somehow fuse it with his chakra mode he would create a technique with great potential. Saito knew that not all people would take this risk, the only reason he considered this possibility is because of his ability to increase the potency of Medical Ninjutsu. He knew that there where people before him who created techniques similar to his chakra mode but the effects where always minimal so they were abandoned and the only living medical Nin to create a technique with enough power to regenerate the body at a big rate would be One of the three sannin Tsunade her Creation Rebirth is considered the pinnacle of medical Ninjutsu but it has the drawback of damaging the users vitality. Saito's chakra mode if used by other people will give them a weak regeneration only slightly stronger than their normal regen but with his ability that 25% increase in potency while it looks small has a huge effect on the power displayed by his medical Ninjutsu. So Saito will test and see if this techniques damage can be healed by his chakra mode constantly if so he would be able to use towards the training grounds to meet with Yamato and consult with him about this technique. He will also need someone present to help him in case he loses control and hurts himself.

After explaining the raisons of his choice without mentioning his ability of course, Yamato agreed to help him, but he would need to call for a medical nin from the Konoha Hospital before they could start.

Saito is filled with anticipation, as if he manages to pull this off he would gain a huge boost of strength. And he will slowly become able to control his own fate and no longer be a side character that can be killed at any moment.