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 The following days were hell, the training while effective it was physically and mentally draining. Saito finally managed to reach an expert Genin's level in physical prowess without using weights and with weights he is at Advanced level. He also managed to create a new way for him to use Medical Ninjutsu. Similar to how he uses chakra to walk on water he tried to apply it using Mystical Palm technique. At first he barely managed to use it on another part of his body other than his hands. He was actually envious of the Huga clan's ability to see chakra channels making it easier for them to control it. After numerous trails he finally became able to use it on his legs giving them a passive regeneration effect allowing him to use more strength than his body can handle usually. While the effects where good the chakra expenditure was strong so he could only use it for a few minutes and as he tried using it on other parts of his body he failed. According to Yamato that's is due to lack of Chakra and control. While the training did expand his chakra reserves he is still far from Gunin level.

Yamato: "We will be taking a C Rank mission."

The team was exited as this was their first mission outside of the village.

=Hokage's office=

Hokage: "This mission is an escort mission, you will escort a merchant's caravan to a nearby village."

Yamato: "Understood!"

After going out to the gate. They soon were joined by the merchant and his caravan.

Merchant: "So you are our escorts for today. We will be in your care."

Yamato: "Nice to meet you."

Yamato started to explain the formation they will use. Both Akane and Akira will take the sides and Saito will take care of the rear. Yamato will stay by the merchant's side.

The first part of the trip passed without any problems, but when they were nearing the village a bunch of bandits blocked the road and surrounded the carriage.

Taking out there Kunais Akira, Akane and Saito prepared themselves to intercept the enemies, the bandits weren't that strong but this was the first time for the team to fight any other humans to the death.

Saito jumped towards one of them closing the distant, his speed increased after the training, the bandit couldn't react before he delivered a kick to his jaw taking away his consciousness. Just as he was about to turn towards another bandit Saito felt wind coming from the rear he urgently rolled to the left barely avoiding the attack. The moment he attacked another bandit snuck behind him and chopped at him. This one looked more experienced, Saito felt cold sweat on his back if he didn't dodge at that moment he would have lost his head. The bandit attacked him again, this time Saito made up his mind making hand signs as fast as he can.

Saito: "Water Release: Rapid Thunder Whip Technique."

Using his two finger he made a whipping motion with his two fingers soon a whip made from water attacked the bandit with lightning fast speed. The bandit ducked barely avoiding the attack. He the stood up and started to make hand signs. Saito was surprised this guy was a bandit ninja. Before he could finish his signs Saito hurled a barrage of shurikens towards him in order to stop him. Saito's plan succeeded and he managed to interrupt him.

Saito started to make hand signs, the bandit tried to stop him but too late.

Saito: "Water Clone."

Soon a Water Clone appeared near Saito. Then both of them intercepted the attacking bandit.

Saito's clone used a kunai to block the attack. While Saito used chakra scalpels on his hands to cut at the bandit's throat.

The bandit stumbled and fell lifelessly on the ground. After his blood cooled down he was hit by the realization that he just killed another human being. He was hit by nausea. Soon he went to the side of the caravan and started emptying the contents of his stomach. But while he lost his focus the bandit he took down earlier woke up and made a sneak attack. Luckily for him Yamato appeared behind him and apprehended the attacker.

Yamato: "Saito never let your guard down. Next time make sure that the enemy is fully bound and incapable of retaliation. Otherwise kill him."

Yamato's voice was a little cold but Saito can only nod his head. Soon Yamato's face lit up with a smile.

Yamato: "But you did great against a ninja."

Akira and Akane also managed to take down there opponents, Akira rained a hell of fire on his opponent while Akane made them lose consciousness using Genjetsu, both of them were pale, while they didn't kill their opponents they felt the pressure of facing a human opponent who had the intention to kill them.

After completing their mission. Yamato took them to the BBQ restaurant after filling their stomachs they finally gained some color in their faces and started discussing their own experience. Yamato also gave them some advices concerning combat and how to handle it next time.

That night Saito's head was filled with the image of the lifeless look on the bandit's eyes. Saito put his hands on his face while he was lying on the bed.

Saito: "I had to do it. He would have killed me if I didn't stop him."

Saito finally calmed down. He was really in a world where strength meant everything and without it his life can be lost at the click of a finger.

Saito: "Check Stats"

Name: Saito Nakamura

Age: 12

Fame: 180

R. Points: 24

Chakra: 1500 (Expert Genin level)

Physique: Expert Genin level

Chakra Control: Expert Chunin level


-Basic CQC (Master)

-Advanced CQC (Advanced)


-Shuriken Mastery (Master)

-Kunai Mastery (Master)


-Dancing Shadows (Advanced)


-Tree Climbing (Master)

-Water Walking (Master)


-Body Replacement Technique (Master)

-Clone Technique (Master)

-Transformation Technique (Master)

-Rope escape Technique (Master)

-Body Flicker Technique (Master)

-Medical: Mystical Palm Technique (Master)

- Medical: Chakra Scalpel (Master)

-Medical: Chakra mode {Legs, Arms} (Beginner)

-Water Clone (Advanced)

-Water release: Rapid Thunder Whip Technique (Master)


-Medical Ninjutsu Enhancement (25% more potent)

He knew that he should learn more jutsus and find a Taijutsu style that can help him fully use his body's strength.