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 The following days Saito passed the majority of his time learning chakra shape transformation and Nature transformation. Due to his level of chakra control he was able to learn shape transformation pretty easily, as for Nature transformation he is still struggling, on the other hand he found it easier to learn Medical Ninjutsu, he already managed to learned the Mystical Palm Technique and He also started learning chakra scalpel wish can be considered the basic Medical Jutsus, and Saito finally got to see the ability that amplifies Medical jutsus in effect, he could heal wounds faster with less chakra. Akane and Akira also finished learning the basics of chakra control while not to the level of mastery they managed to get a passing note from Yamato, he then tested their Chakra affinity, and Akira had Fire affinity while Akane had earth Affinity, Yamato created a training program for each of them.

Team 4's daily program was basically training in the morning and taking missions in the evening. The missions usually consisted of finding lost animals or objects and sometimes helping the villagers with some shores.

Today, Saito was standing in front of Yamato. He finally managed to change his chakra Nature lucky for him with Yamato's guidance and the fact that Water is one of the easiest chakra nature changes. Saito was now listening attentively to Yamato's explanation about the first two jutsus he should learn: Water Clone and Water release: Rapid Thunder Whip Technique.

Yamato: "Water Clone is a very useful, it creates a water clone that's fully capable of combat but it's power is a tenth of the users. As for the WR: RTWT it creates a whip made from water. It can be used as a weapon or to bind an enemy although if the enemy uses lightning jutsu it will cause the binding to weaken and if the user is strong he may even attack you directly."

Following his introduction Yamato began demonstrating the two new jutsus to Saito. And again Saito started his hell style training. He knew that if he didn't push himself to the limit he won't be able to keep up with this turbulent world. After 3 days of hard work he finally managed to master the two jutsus and after his experience with these two jutsus he managed to master the Chakra Scalpel. He actually loved this Medical Jutsu because of its potential as a Medical Jutsu it can be used for healing but at the same time it can become a weapon to destroy the enemy from the inside. In order to be able to use it effectively in combat he had to read a lot of books about human anatomy. And to he was happy when he found that his ability also affected the potency of the Chakra Scalpel.

Yamato was watching his team members training from the side. When he saw Saito's use of the chakra scalpel he was surprised by the sharpness of the Chakra. At that moment Saito got an idea what if he extended the chakra scalpels instead of just enveloping the palms he could try and extend it make it more like a sword. But just as he started to pour more chakra and started extending it the chakra distorted and the jutsu failed.

Yamato: "What where you trying to do?"

After explaining his idea Yamato nodded and pointed out the problem. With Saito's current level of Chakra control he can use almost any basic rank E and C Medical Jutsus but in order to extend the chakra and maintain its shape he will need better control.

While he was a little disheartened with his failure he knew that he has to advance step by step to build up his power. He was also bothered with his weak Taijutsu abilities. He turned to Yamato to ask him about training in that direction.

Yamato: "For the moment I will recommend doing some weight and stamina training to build your body's specks. I believe you can use your medical jutsu alongside your training to increase your training efficiency."

Saito seldom taught about his old memories, he was too busy to reminiscent about the past. But when he heard Yamato's words an idea hit him. On earth in order to raise the trainings effectiveness medicine and science where used. And to his knowledge in order to make muscles stronger he need to make a huge effort enough to exhaust them and then wait for the body to mend itself, then restart the process. In the old world there were no effective ways to increase the healing speed of the body without side effects. But in this world mystical palm technique did just that. Using it he can increase the healing rate of his muscles and also increase his training speed.

He started explaining his idea to Yamato, who was surprised by the idea.

Yamato: "The method you just mentioned. Exists in the records but not many Medical ninjas use it as they mostly work in the hospital and if needed they are usually protected. And normal ninjas can't find a medical ninja who is free enough to keep healing them. At most they would use ointments to reduce pain and help with the healing wish is not as effective."

Saito nodded and he knew that another round of hellish training awaits him.

This evening, after finishing their missions and having his ritual ramen, while heading back he passed by a weapons shop, he remembered that he needs training weights. After entering the shop a girl welcomed him she was about the same age as him he saw a Konoha headband on her forehead meaning that she is a ninja like him. She had Black hair and Brown eyes. She wears her hair in two Chinese-style buns.

Girl: "What can I help you with?"

Saito: "I'm looking for training weights preferably a vest where I can adjust the weight."

Girl: "Oh! We have just the thing for you."

Saito: "I don't need anything too fancy just a normal vest. Because I know that some use seals instead of metal weights."

Girl: "I think we have one in the back wait a second."

After a few minute she came out holding a vest and a box filled with weights. After trying the vest and weights. He payed her.

Girl: "Come back anytime you need ninja tools."

Saito: "I will. By the way my name is Saito Nakamura Genin, Team 4."

Girl: "My name is Tenten Genin, Team 9."

After taking his purchase back home. He put the vest by the bed and started checking his stats.

Saito: "Check Stats"

Name: Saito Nakamura

Age: 12

Fame: 170

R. Points: 24

Chakra: 1150 (Advanced Genin level)

Physique: Normal Genin level

Chakra Control: Expert Chunin level


-Basic CQC (Master)

-Advanced CQC(Advanced)


-Shuriken Mastery (Master)

-Kunai Mastery (Master)


-Dancing Shadows (Advanced)


-Tree Climbing (Master)

-Water Walking(Master)


-Body Replacement Technique (Master)

-Clone Technique (Master)

-Transformation Technique (Master)

-Rope escape Technique (Master)

-Body Flicker Technique (Master)

-Medical: Mystical Palm Technique (Master)

- Medical: Chakra Scalpel (Master)

-Water Clone (Advanced)

-Water release: Rapid Thunder Whip Technique (Master)


-Medical Ninjutsu Enhancement (25% more potent)

The Fame was gained from doing Missions for the village. He wasn't bothered by the lack of R. points because he knew that for the moment. He needs to increase his strength first and become able to protect himself before trying any actions.