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 After today's test Yamato took them to Ishiraku. After curbing their hunger with the delicious ramen. Saito excused himself as he was about to go Yamato asked him what he is doing.

Saito: "To tell you the truth. I want to become a medical-nin and these past few days I've been training my Chakra Control."

Yamato was surprised.

Yamato: "It's a great that you want to become a medical-nin. They are really rare, especially in Genin teams. So how far did you advance in your Chakra control."

Saito: "I managed to master tree climbing but I still need to work on my Water Walking."

Yamato was shocked.

Yamato: "You are doing great. To be able to master tree climbing is already a good thing I was planning to teach you advanced chakra control later."

Saito: "Thank you for the compliment sensei. But I'm still far too weak. In today's Test if not for Akane's Genjutsu things would have been much harder and my jutsu arsenal is still mediocre. After finishing this training I'm planning to start learning some offensive jutsus."

Yamato nodded. He liked people who knew their own weaknesses and tried to work and fix them.

Yamato: "Later I will check. Everybody's chakra element. That way I will be able to give you the appropriate jutsus to learn."

Saito was happy. After saying his goodbye he headed for training ground to continue his training. From today's experience he was further confronted with his weakness and was assaulted with a sense of urgency.

Today's training was hellish if his Chakra reserve was emptied he used pills to restore it and kept training his chakra control. By the end of the day he was dead tired and could barely move. He didn't even have time for his ritual (Ichiraku ramen) and directly went to bed.

Saito: "Check Stats"

Name: Saito Nakamura

Age: 12

Fame: 140

R. Points: 24

Chakra: 1000 (Advanced Genin level)

Physique: Normal Genin level

Chakra Control: Expert Chunin level


-Basic CQC (Master)

-Advanced CQC(Advanced)


-Shuriken Mastery (Master)

-Kunai Mastery (Master)


-Dancing Shadows (Advanced)


-Tree Climbing (Master)

-Water Walking(Master)


-Body Replacement Technique (Master)

-Clone Technique (Master)

-Transformation Technique (Master)

-Rope escape Technique (Master)

-Body Flicker Technique (Advanced)


-Medical Ninjutsu Enhancement (25% more effective)

Saito: "I can finally start. My medical Ninjutsu training."

And with that he drifted into dream land.

=Hokage's Office=

The hokage was hearing the reports from all of the jonin about their teams he was delighted to hear that Kakashi didn't fail his team this year as the Team had two people of great interest for the village.

As everyone left he asked Yamato to stay.

Hokage: "So how was your first team. They didn't disappoint you I hope."

Yamato: "Not at all. I see potential in them. Akira has excellent Taijutsu capabilities and Akane is quite adept in Genjutsu. Too bad she is not an Ushiha and as for Saito he's got a good head on his shoulders with his strategy they managed to snatch the bells from me. Even if I wasn't going all out they still managed to surprise me."

The Hokage was happy. It is always a good thing for the village to have powerful seedlings.

Hokage: "Good!"

Yamato: "Saito apparently aspires to become a medical-nin. He already mastered tree walking and is currently training his water walking. I will give him some medical-nin ninjutsus as soon as he master water walking."

Hokage: "You do that! Medical-nin are rare and especially skilled ones."

With that Saito gained the support and guidance that he lacked in his training.

Next morning Saito felt refreshed and filled with excitement today he will be his first step in the medical-nin way.

After meeting with the team they all headed to the training ground. Yamato first demonstrated to Akira and Akane the tree walking technique and asked them to try it. After that he turned to Saito and asked him about his own progress. Without a word Saito jumped to the water and to Akira's and Akane's surprise instead of plunging in the water. He was walking on the surface as if he was standing on solid ground. He started to run and jump and he even jumped and used his hands as a support. Yamato was amazed at Saito's chakra control.

For Saito this was the first time the he could show off something that he was proud of other than his academics.

Saito: "Yesterday, I finally managed to master Water walking."

Yamato: "Good before you go home I will give you some scrolls, Study them well. I asked Hokage sama to allow you to learn them. Those are entry level jutsus and also some information about the human anatomy. Being a medical-nin is a lot harder than normal ninjas."

Saito's eyes shined he was going to go to the library later looking for some medical jutsus. But thanks to his teacher he no longer have to look for them.

Saito: "Thank you sensei!"

Yamato took out a small piece of paper. And handed it to Saito.

Yamato: "That's a chakra testing paper. Run your chakra inside it, it will change depending on the chakra nature you can use."

Saito nodded. His heart was beating fast as this test can change a lot of things in his future if he had more than one affinity. He was eager.

After he started running his chakra in the paper. The paper became wet. Saito was slightly disappointed as having more than one affinity would have being a great boost for his strength.

Saito: "So I have water affinity?"

Yamato nodded.

Yamato: "It's a good thing. I can help you more in your water jutsu training. I have wood element wish is a Kekkei Genkai based on the fusion of both Earth and Water. So I can teach about water release jutsus."

Yamato managed to see a hint of helplessness on Saito's face.

Yamato: "You know Water release is as strong of an element as others. With hard training it can stand on equal grounds as any other Kekkei Genkai. The 2nd Hokage had also water affinity and he created a great number of strong jutsus based on it."

After hearing Yamato he finally cheered up and he also felt a little ashamed of acting spoiled.

Saito: "Thank you sensei! From now on I will be in your care."