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 10 min later, Yamato was standing relaxed in front of them. But even with that there were no openings. As soon as the start signal was given. Saito threw a smoke bomb to hinder Yamato's vision. Directly the three of them jumped in different direction inside the forest area.

Yamato: "Not bad for a firs move."

Yamato started to observe his surroundings, trying to find any traces left by them. The academy training curriculum includes tracking training and stealth training. Yamato was quite satisfied with the results as the traces left by them where minimal.

Soon he started moving to look for them, and soon enough he found Akira who was crouching in a bush and warily observing his surroundings. Yamato smiled and created a Wood Clone to create a diversion while he captures Akira.

Akira was alarmed when he saw Yamato's clone passing near the bush he was hiding in. But to his surprise Yamato didn't seem to notice him. Just as he was about to relax he heard a voice near his ear. Turning his head he saw the most frightening thing in his life. Yamato was staring at him without blinking his eyes looked like a dead fishes eyes.

Yamato: "You shouldn't put your guard down!"

=Deeper in the Forest=

Akane heard a harrowing scream coming for the other side of the forest.

Akane: "That should be Akira's hiding place. I hope he's ok."

Akane continued to move stealthily. Towards the meeting point that they decided on.

=Back to Yamato=

After capturing Akira he tied him upside-down to a tree. Akira kept struggling but the ropes where tight and even with the rope escape technique it will take him a while to free himself.

After insuring that Akira won't be able to free himself for the moment. He started looking to find his next victim. But to his surprise just as he was about to move he saw Akane heading towards him. He was shocked as he thought that the others won't make their move just yet.

Akane started throwing a barrage of kunais and shuriken at Yamato he deflected them easily and even reflected some of them. Akane was not aiming at Yamato alone but also at the rope tying Akira. But Yamato was fast and deflected by throwing his own kunais. Seen here first plan fail she started to make hand signs rapidly and just as Yamato was about to stop her she finished.

Akane: "Demonic illusion: Hell viewing Technique."

Yamato was shocked that a Genin can use a Genjutsu of this level but he was a trained Jonin and managed to break free almost directly. But that split second was enough for Akane to throw another barrage of shuriken this time he was not able to stop them from cutting the rope tying Akira and as soon as he was down to the ground Akira joined the fray. Yamato was impressed with Akane's judgement Ability because if she had aimed for him he would have deflected the shurikens easily.

With Akira's help they started bombarding Yamato with Shirikens and Kunais some even had explosive tags attached to them. While Yamato was going easy on them he still couldn't help but sweat at the ferocity of the attack and he still hasn't found any traces of Saito.

Yamato was finally forced to use Ninjutsu. Making signs lightning fast he finished his jutsu.

Yamato: "Wood release: Four-Pillar Prison Technique."

The moment he finished both Akira and Akane were imprisoned in wooden cages. Just as Yamato was getting ready to look for the last person. He felt a movement besides him but before he could dodge a hand caught the two bells dangling from his belt. Yamato was surprised as just a moment ago Saito was nowhere to be seen. He even checked underground.

Yamato sighted.

Yamato: "You pass."

Saito: "We all passed the test right?"

Yamato nodded.

Yamato: "Perfect strategy and teamwork!"

As a Jonin he finally discovered the trick used by these Genin to catch him of guard.

The frontal assault of Akane was a diversion, while Akira's capture wasn't part of the plan they managed to use it as well and created a viable reason for Akane to attack Yamato. Even the barrage of attacks was only a diversion for them to sneak attack him. Taking advantage of his mastery of the Transformation technique Saito camouflaged himself as a Big Shuriken and during the attack the ground was littered with kunais and shuriken both those that Yamato deflected and the ones that missed him. One of the shurikens that missed him was the disguised Saito. Yamato was impressed as he knew while transformation technique can help you take the shape it won't reduce the power of the impact and if the person transformed loses his concentration the transformation will be undone and at that moment. Their plan would have failed.

Yamato: "But I must say that getting captured by the end make you lose a few points. Still I'm impressed by your teamwork. You didn't disappoint me."

And with that they passed the test and Akira gained a new found fear of Yamato. That nights he couldn't sleep remembering the dead fish eyes of his respected sensei.