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 Today is the day that each team will meet there teacher. Even Saito was eager to meet their team leader. After getting inside the classroom he found all the Genin sitting with their team members.

Soon after the teachers entered one after another calling for their teams. Their team was assigned to a dead eyed teacher called Yamato he has short brown hair and black almond shaped eyes.

Yamato: "Follow me!"

After saying good bye to Naruto, We headed out with him.

Akira: "Sensei where are we going?"

Yamato: "Where going to eat BBQ. My treat."

We were surprised by his answer.

=In the BBQ restaurant=

Yamato: "Now present yourself, your likes, dislikes and future aspirations."

Akira: "My name is Akira Ito, I like training, I dislike studying and for the future I want to become the strongest shinobi in the world."

Saito smiled.

Saito: "My name is Saito Nakamura, I like reading books and training and I don't have any dislikes. As for my future aspiration I hope to gain the strength to protect myself and the people around me."

Yamato nodded.

Akane: "My name is Akane Tanaka, I like flower arrangement and Genjutsu, I dislike slugs as for my future plans I have no idea for the moment."

Yamato nodded.

Yamato: "I'm Yamato and I will be taking care of you from now on. Tomorrow meet me in the second Training ground at 7 am. Don't eat breakfast as you might throw up. And bring your ninja tools."

After paying the tab he vanished in cloud of white smoke.

Saito knew that's the he Body Flicker Technique, he is planning to learn it after he perfects his chakra control. As it's a more advanced version of the substitution Technique.

After leaving the BBQ Restaurant he headed for the training grounds where he started preparing for the water walking training. That was the start of a new hellish training in the end he finally managed to do it. If he didn't Master the tree climbing technique he would have taken even longer time. He believes that he will need another day to fully Master water walking.

After his training he made it a ritual to go get a bowl at Ichiraku. As he entered the shop he saw Naruto sitting there stuffing his face with ramen. After making his order he sat with him and they started talking about their teams and teachers.

Saito was surprised to learn that their teacher is Hakate Kakashi. He is a well-known elite shinobi.

Saito: "Naruto, Kakashi is an elite Jonin. You better try to learn from him and ask him to teach you some jutsus."

Naruto was surprised he knew that the teachers are strong but he couldn't believe that a lazy person like Kakashi is an elite. Naruto was well aware of his weakness as he had no ninjutsu's in his arsenal other than shadow clones.

After that they started discussing tomorrows test. Saito was surprised as the content of the tests seems to be the same. Just that Kakashi asked them to be there by 5 Am wish is ridiculous.

Saito started to have some doubt about this test. So after separating from Naruto he went to the ninja tools shop to buy kunai and explosive tags using the rest of the money left he bought Ninja pills for nourishment and Chakra recovery.

After checking his equipment he directly went back to his home. After heading back he went directly to bed too tired to move.

Next morning he went to the second training ground, soon the team assembled waiting for Yamato.

7 am, Yamato appeared he then began to explain the test.

Yamato: "The test is for the each student to take one of the two bells from me before noon in order to pass. Since there are three of, it would seem that one of you will be sent back to the Academy. You have 10 minutes to prepare."

Saito made a sign for them to assemble.

Saito: "This test seems fishy. One of us will be sent back to the academy. I believe that this is a tactic used to create infights in a team."

Akira was nodding and Akane seems to agree.

Saito: "For the moment we need to work together in order to get the two bells."

Akira: "Agreed!"

Akane: "Seems reasonable."

Saito: "Yamato sensei is a Jonin so a frontal assault is out of the question. We should create a diversion."

Suddenly the sound of growling stomach resounded. Akane's face became beat red.

Akane: "I didn't eat dinner or breakfast."

Saito was relieved that prepared for today. He gave each one 3 nourishment pills and 2 Chakra recovery pills.

Saito: "This should help with the hunger problem. And also fir chakra recovery. Akane I heard that your strong point is Genjutsu. You will play a central role in our strategy."

After that they started building a strategy to deal with Yamato and block him lock his movement long enough to take the bells.