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 After waking up eating breakfast and taking a quick shower, Saito headed straight to the academy today was orientation day.

After entering the classroom he saw Naruto in the middle of the class sitting for some weird reason next to the Uchiha kid. Naruto was in the middle of showing his headband to the heir of the Nara clan Shikamaru Nara, that guy left quite the impretion on Saito, because while he is as lazy as one can be he is as smart as a whip. Naruto saw him and run up to him.

Naruto: "Yo! Saito!"

Saito: "Yo!"

After talking for a bit they started discussing about their next training meeting. Soon they were joined by Akira who for some reason looked dead tired. Apparently his father got carried out and they partied for two days straight. His family has no ninja in it so you can imagine how proud he was for the family to finally produce a ninja.

Soon they sat at the back of the classroom and kept talking. With the seat beside Sasuke Uchiha empty. It turned into a battle royal between girls to see who gets the seat.

Not much after a commotion was heard from the corridors. Suddenly the door is flung open and two girls where fighting about who entered first. One of them is a Light blond haired girl with clear blue eyes and the other is a pink haired girl with green eyes. If he remembers correctly the first should be the heiress off the Yamanaka clan and the other should be Sakura Haruno the girl that Naruto has feelings for. He turned and saw Naruto's eye stuck on that girl. He and Akira could only sight helplessly at this guy's persistence.

As soon as Sakura saw the empty seat besides Sasuke she practically teleported presides him. Ino was angry at first but soon she gave up and sat beside Shikamaru. But she is still bickering with Sakura.

Naruto was fuming regretting ever leaving his seat. Now he can't sit beside Sakura.

Soon Iruka came in class and started explaining what being a Genin means and how they will handle missions for the village. They will be put in a three man cell team. Each team will be leaded by one Jonin. He will be responsible for training and guiding them.

Soon the teams where decided. Naruto was in heavens when he was put in the same team as Sakura but he directly fell to the deepest pit in hell when Sasuke was put in the same team on the contrary Sakura was so happy she could fly. Saito couldn't help but see a hint of dissatisfaction in Sasuke when he was put in a team.

As for Saito he was happy to be and the same team as Akira as for their last member it was a girl named Akane Tanaka she had long black hair and Black eyes. Saito was not that in touch with the people around him especially girls so he asked Akira about her. One of the strongest points of this guy is his information network. This guy while a muscle brain was quite popular. And according to his information she was an excellent student and was quite popular her family runs a restaurant and her older brother is already a Jonin, she specializes in Genjutsu.

Their team number was Team 4.

=Headmasters Office=

The hokage is sitting with a Number of Jonin around him they are observing the new recruits. Many of them showed great interest in Sasuke as he was the number one graduate. Only a grey haired guy wearing a mask was focused on Naruto.

=Back to Classroom=

After the teams where decided they were free to do whatever they want. Saito excused himself, Akira knew that he was off to train he would have joined him if he didn't need to help his father at home.

Saito once again started the tree climbing tree he wants to reach Master level today. Finally his hard work paid off and he was able to execute tree walking flawlessly jumping from tree trunk to tree trunk standing parallel to the ground.

Back at home he ate dinner and as usual checked his Stats.

Saito: "Check Stats"

Name: Saito Nakamura

Age: 12

Fame: 120

R. Points: 21

Chakra: 750 (Normal Genin level)

Physique: Expert Academy Student level

Chakra Control: Normal Chuunin level


-Basic CQC (Master)

-Advanced CQC(Advanced)


-Shuriken Mastery (Master)

-Kunai Mastery (Advanced)


-Dancing Shadows (Advanced)


-Tree Climbing (Master)


-Body Replacement Technique (Master)

-Clone Technique (Master)

-Transformation Technique (Master)

-Rope escape Technique (Master)


-Medical Ninjutsu Enhancement (25% more effective)

He was surprised to see the huge gain in R. Points he had no idea why he would get 7 R. points.

Unbeknown to his interference changed an event that was supposed to happen in the classroom that will cause Naruto to be trampled and gain the hatred of all the girls in the classroom except one.

With no idea about where the points came from he finally gave up and fell into a deep sleep.