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 Our story starts with a man named Saito Nakamura. An old man who lived a pretty normal life , He used to work in a factory due to his helpfulness he was quite popular with his juniors but after retiring he became idle and started to feel his age catching up with him his body weakened and he started to feel more and more hopeless as he spent the biggest part of his life working so he didn't have time for a hobby or leisure ,he had a family to take care of .He married pretty young and in other to support his family he toiled from 8am to 7 pm without any breaks , he felt that it was his duty as a father to give his children everything that they wonted unlike his childhood where he had to work hard to gain the smallest thing. His older son is 24 years old a typical lazy person who spend all his time playing computer games, reading novels or watching anime (a perfect personification of a negative otaku (*Self-reflection*)),while he was doing ok in his studies his father wanted him to live an active life the life he didn't get to live but his advices always fell on deaf ears and his younger daughter is 18 she is your typical teenage girl doing good in here studies unlike her brother she liked going out with her friends and using social media apps to keep in touch with her friends. His wife has always been supportive of her husband and took it upon herself to handle the house finances and advise him when he needed some insight.

One day while going on a walk he saw a couple of young men pushing a heavy cart filled with cement bags it looked they were struggling to push it up a slop. A lot of people passed by and didn't care about helping them at that moment he remembered his younger days and saw his younger self in those youngsters, he made his move filled with energy something he didn't feel for a long time with large strides he stood beside the youngsters and put his hand on the cart and started to instruct them. Thankful for the help the youngsters coordinated with him and steadily they made it. After, exchanging some pleasantries he bid them far well that night he started to feel a slight pain in his chest but he dismissed it as another aspect of growing older. That night after dinner with his family he went to bed .Next day he never woke up .At first his family taught that he was just tired, after sometimes his wife tried waking him up but to no avail. His family was devastated his wife felt that she lost a huge part of her soul, to her the pillar that supported the family was gone as for his children the daughter could not stop crying she was still young and this death hit here hard as for his son he was the most regretful as seldom spent time talking with his father and most of the time they argued the only thing that is left for him now is regret and he can only pray for his father in the afterlife. He also knew that he had to grow up and leave all the childish stuff behind he now became the man of the house and he also felt the heavy responsibly that his father has shouldered all his life .The funeral was attended by a huge number of people who knew his father and they were all filled with sorrow at the loss of a friend they could depend on.