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 Chapter 17 - Nether Devouring Flower (5)


Bai Fuah is currently tailing Arthur from the shadows.

Just earlier, he eavesdropped on Arthur and the two of their conversations. It seems that Arthur would scout the area around the farmland first before taking any drastic action. It was a coherent decision, the two agreed and advised him to be careful.

Afterwards, Arthur told them about the strange gaze he has been getting ever since he entered the village. Bai Fuah was astonished to hear this, he was certain that his concealing method wouldn't be detected by a kid with a Vigor Stage cultivation, however, it was somewhat acceptable, he is, after all, a genius.

That is why, currently, he is twice as far from Arthur compared to before. It would be awkward if Arthur discovered that some big brother was secretly protecting him from the shadows.

At this moment, six new silhouettes appeared before their eyes.

Upon getting a closer look, they can discern that they have green, dry, scaled skin, a long tail, clawed feet, short neck, and dark brown eyes. All of them were very identical to each other.

Arthur silently stopped walking and gazed at the six silhouettes, "'Fuck, what rotten luck, these things are Green-scaled Lizard beasts!', he viciously cursed on his mind.

Bai Fuah has also stopped walking and is gazing at the six figures. He murmured, "Green-scaled Lizard beasts... they are fast and agile, and their scales are also hard to break through even with an Altering Bones Stage cultivation. Heina and Darriel would have no problem taking care of them simultaneously, however, this kid...

"It's a good thing that they are newly born, or else he could just forget about his beast hunting," he hopped skillfully at a nearby tree and sat on the branch, he then added, "Wish you luck, Arthur."

At the present, Arthur's right hand is supporting both of his temples, deep in contemplation, "According to my retarded instructor, Green-scaled Lizard beasts are extremely protective of their kin, especially the young, such as these six before me...", he contemplated even more for a long period of time until beads of sweat started dripping down his forehead.

"I apologize, mortal villagers, you might want to eat some bread or something in the meantime. I really want to investigate this unusual matter for a while..."

Arthur sneakily circled the surroundings for a couple of hours. He was checking to see what was something special about this farmland that these Green-scaled Lizard beasts got them to stay. However, he couldn't find or feel anything in particular. In his couple hours of circling, he also found out that the Green-scaled Lizard beasts must have been fighting amongst each other, it is evident by the wounds on their bodies. He was slightly ecstatic to learn this, there might be a possible scenario where he doesn't have to fight all of them at once. However, the possibility is extremely slim, they are protective in nature, to begin with, whatever be the reason they pummeled each other, they may gang up on him once a common enemy appeared.

Subsequently, he surveyed his surroundings around the area for possible predators that are preying on those six green-scaled Lizard beasts. The six of them combined would be hard enough for him to deal with, so he doesn't want any interference while dealing with them.

After observing his surroundings, he stood, once more, fifty meters away from the closest Green-scaled Lizard beast to prevent them from noticing him. As soon as he was about to stand up, he suddenly had an epiphany, 'Yes, that's right, Green-scaled Lizard beasts are extremely protective, they would never leave their own unless something too great occurs within...' his head tilted sideways, lush greeneries came into his sight, his mouth arced upwards and he continued, '...the forest.'

For the old Green-scaled Lizard beasts to leave the young, there must be something happening in the forest. It might be a large group or sect massacring their way deep into the forest. If he could carefully avoid attracting their attention, he might reap some benefits by collecting the bodies of the fallen beasts, he might even collect a few herbs that grow only in the inner part of the forest!

'It's decided then. There aren't really any benefits in killing these few guys, I will be greedy for a bit this time and try to harvest as many benefits as I can!'

Bai Fuah was still sitting above a large limb of a tree. Besides meditating for some time, his eyes were still fixated on Arthur the entire time. Currently, he was in the middle of meditation, he was rather feeling uneasy about not doing anything, thus, he started to cultivate while waiting for Arthur to finish what he's doing.

After finishing his short meditation, he immediately scrutinized for Arthur's figure but he discovered that he was gone!

'Shit! Where did he go?!', Bai Fuah swore on his mind, 'Did he go back before me? No, the path towards the village is below me, half of my consciousness is still active while I was meditating so I would immediately notice him...'

'Obviously, he didn't get eaten by those Green-scaled Lizard beasts since I had not heard anything...'

'Did he... go deep into the forest?!'

Bai Fuah immediately launched his movement technique and went directly towards the forest, his perception multiplied by a few meters as he jumped on the large boughs of the trees.

'Shit, shit, shit! O' younger brother of mine... Indeed you have talent but why must your brain be lost?! Your cultivation level is not even enough to walk freely in the wilderness yet you actually dared to enter this large of a forest?!?'

The speed of Bai Fuah was his fastest so far, but he still caught no sight of Arthur. Only after several minutes did he managed to catch after his silhouette.

'His speed is actually slightly half lower than mine!', Bai Fuah was greatly dumbfounded to figure this out.

The speed at where Arthur was going is half of his, a middle stage Yellow Blood Realm cultivator! His cultivation level is a realm and a stage below his, however, he was running with such a speed...

Bai Fuah decided to stop thinking about this matter. It would only give him a headache if he thought about it too much. What was important currently is to protect this boy from getting any real harm!

Arthur was just as shocked as Bai Fuah with his own speed. The 'Sable God's Movement Technique' was actually this powerful! It's a pity that he can't use a mouthful bit of Genesis Energy or else he would even be much faster!

Judging by the heaviness of aura that was permitting through the air, he should already be somewhat deep into the forest. However, not a single beast have appeared before him. His inference was indeed correct, but, there has been no sight of any corps of beasts yet.

Arthur gradually stopped running, he spotted a familiar looking herb from the memories in his sea of consciousness. He crouched down and gently inspected it. Arthur was shocked to encounter such a rare poisonous herb. According to the memories, it should be able to paralyze a Yellow Blood Realm cultivator for a bit more than five hours. It's a pity that the same herb in front of him is completely desiccated!

The leaves are completely gray in color, and it seems as if Arthur exhaled for a bit, it would entirely crumble before him. The only thing that made it recognizable is owing to the fact that its structure is identical to a completely grown plant of this particular poisonous herb, which is rather unique.

However, this poisonous herb is not the only thing that is wholly dried up, tilting his head to the right for a little bit. What lies before his eyes might make an eloquent man bereft of words.

In contrast to the view of the exuberant trees outside the forest, the scene ahead of him is most likely similar to the garden of Asura.


Author's Note:

I was supposed to upload this yesterday, however, I had to go to the hospital since I had like 38.5 degrees of temperature... The rest could explain itself.

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