Empire: Tian Empire

Location: Clan Ōtsutsuki

In a huge Japanese-style mansion, you can see a man walking tense and anxious, beside him you can see an older man, who looks at the man with a frown. After a few minutes, hear a scream from inside. The room and the man anxiously approached the door of the room, with the intention of opening it.

"Quiet". said the old man.

"But teacher, do not you hear your daughter screaming? Maybe I should go to make sure everything is okay," the man said.

-Calm yourself, call us when the delivery is finished "said the old man

"But if she needs me ..." the man stopped before he finished speaking, he knew that worrying was not going to solve anything.

The name of the man was Ryu Ōtsutsuki, the future patriarch of the Ōtsutsuki clan, was a powerful martial artist and genius of his generation, was adopted by the patriarch of the clan, when his parents died, he was the pupil of the Patriarch and husband of the only daughter of the patriarch clan.

The Elder who was next to the man, Hamura Ōtsutsuki, current patriarch of the clan, was known as a wise man and he dominated the clan with an iron fist.

Ryu Ōtsutsuki was worried about the situation, they heard the cry of Mei Ōtsutsuki (wife of Ryu, daughter of the patriarch of the clan), followed by the crying of a baby, at that time Ryu Ōtsutsuki was already in the clouds, finally his first son had born.

After a maid leaves, and talks to Ryu and Hamura:

"Mestro Ryu, his wife, teacher Mei, are healthy and safe, but the baby has had a complication, the matriarch says it must happen," said the maid with a complicated expression on her face.

Ryu and Hamura, they worried and entered the room.

Inside the room.

There was a beautiful pale-skinned woman with black hair and white eyes, you could barely see her iris, she was Mei Ōtsutsuki in her arms, there was a baby, she had light blue hair, she looked like the color of ice, she was very beautiful, she had the eyes closed and rested in his mother's arms.

It was at that moment when the sound of the door was heard, they were Mei's husband, Ryu Ōtsutsuki and his father, the current patriarch of the Hamura Ōtsutsuki family.

Ryu, seeing the baby in Mei's arms, gets excited, but seeing the worried faces of the matriarch and his wife worry.

"What's going on?". Ryu asked.

The matriarch who was sitting on the side of the bed gets up from the chair, the name of the matriarch is Sakura Ōtsutsuki, current wife of the patriarch of the family and mother of Mei.

"Sit down". says the matriarch, while she tells the maids to leave the room.

Ryu and Hamura, sit on chairs that were near the bed and tell Sakura Ōtsutsuki to continue.

"The child will not be able to walk in an imbalid way and will not be able to cultivate, his body is very weak, I have checked his body and it is the first time I see someone in this situation," said the matriarch with a worried tone. .

Ryu and Hamura, they were in total shock, not what to do in such a situation.

"It does not matter, if you can not cultivate or can not walk, it's my son, I'll take care of it no matter what situation you're in," Mei said, her eyes watering, as she hugged our little MC. .

Ryu, out of her shock state, at Mei's words, got up from her chair and hugged her.

"Besides, I do not care if I can not cultivate, he's still our son, I'm very happy to have him as my son" said Ryu with a smile.

Hamura smiles and says: "What will the boy's name be?"

"His name will be Indra, Indra Ōtsutsuki," Mei says, looking at Indra with loving eyes.

(NT: Escogi Indra, for its significance in Hindu mythology, Indra is the king of the gods or devas and the lord of heaven and the chief god of the Vedic religion).

Indra, who was currently in the arms of his mother, I can hear someone talking. "... husband, our son is moving ..." After which, there was a vague male voice, "Let me hear ..."

Husband? What's going on? .Indra was completely stunned. Do not tell me I've reincarnated so fast? .

Indra, I try to open my eyes, as I gradually opened my eyes, saw a beautiful young woman with a tired face, who held him in her arms.

"She must be my mother." Indra thought, he could not help feeling a little love in his heart when he revealed a smile.

"Wahahaha! Look, he's smiling! My grandson is smiling!" Indra heard a voice, looked at an old man who was at the side of his mother the man laughed until his spit began to spit with most of the landing on the face of Indra. Indra was completely speechless as he thought: Just laugh if you want, but is there a need to give me free rain?

"Old man, you're going crazy again! What if you scare my grandson with your loud voice? Get away from my grandson." Daughter come, give it to me, Give it to me, Mmm, grandson, let the grandmother hug you. They are very beautiful. "An elderly woman with a kind face held Indra in her arms, as if she were a treasure.

"Really? Wow, his eyes are silver." You could hear a voice close to him ...

A young man, snatched it from the hands of the old woman. "My son is really handsome," said the man.


A great commotion was formed and after 1 hour of discussions, they finally left him in a comfortable bed.

Indra, I try to feel, his body, he realized that he was imbalido, he had studied medicine, his past life, he realized instantly to check his body, but he knew because his body was weak.

Before reincarnating. The supreme told him that his body would be weak until he was 15 years old.

He also felt that there was a strange energy inside his body, which made his body constantly change, but it did not produce any pain.

Suddenly Indra, felt that her eyelids closed little by little, until she fell into a deep sleep.