Yin'Er shows the King his hidden memories which has been blocked. He couldn't believe in his eyes that he's been treating his Queen very poorly.

The King looks at Yin'Er in the eye. "Tell me who hire assassins to kill my dear Queen?" "Very well. It's Prince Su, Consort Mi and her father, Minister Yu."

He couldn't believe it. He stumbles and fell onto the ground; on his knees. "What sins did I commit?"

"You did nothing wrong. Prince Su felt like you and the Queen only shows love to Prince Qin, who is your son by blood." "Su..." "You always relied on Prince Qin, which makes him angry."

"And the others?" "Consort Mi and Minister Yu just want the power to control. Consort Mi never loved you. She's in love with a trading merchant, Jiang Lu. Prince Soh is Jiang Lu's son."

"I knew he's not my son, but I still treat him like one." "She's using her own son to be the next King, but he is not qualified because of his blood of a consort and a merchant."

The King nods. "What should I do?" "You're asking me to help you?" "...Yes..." "Your Highness." "Please." He bows to her.

"Please." She sighs and gives in. "Alright. Listen very closely." She kneels down on one knee. "I want you to pretend nothing happen. I want you to continue to act like you're still being their puppet. You have to endure it to save the Queen and everyone else."

The King nods. "I'll come again and let you know what's Prince Su's plan are. Right now, I need another ear to Consort Mi and Minister Yu's plan. Understand?"

"Got it." "Ah, also..." "Yes?" "Do not. I repeat, do not rely on the maids, servants, attendants, or anyone who comes and goes into your chambers. They all under Consort Mi and Minister Yu's, in order to keep an eye on you."

He nods.


Yin'Er hears a footsteps. She exits to the window and escapes. She leaps onto the rooftop and gently puts back the tile to its place.

She then reports about what happen to the Queen. "Bewitched?" "Yes, Your Highness." "Is he alright?" "He's fine." Yin'Er looks at the Queen in the eye.

"Your Highness. If I may?" "Go on." "He's free but...he's going to pretend that he's still under them. I want you to endure for a little while. Soon it will be over."

The Queen nods. "I understand." She turns to Hanzo. "Master." "Call me if anything happen." "Understood." She exits through the windows.

Next morning, Yin'Er spotted Xiao Mao. She slightly bumps into him. "Xiao Mao. You're daydreaming."

He startles. "Yin." "Hm?" She leans forward. "You have dark circles." "Ah..." "Studying again? You never change." She smiles. (I need to tell her.)

"Yin. There's something I want to talk about." "What is it?" He grabs her hand and take her to a quieter place.

"Xiao Mao. What's wrong?" "I want to ask you something." She tilts her head, confused. (Ask me something? Gasp. No way. Is he proposing to me?)

She smiles. "What is it?" "I..." He got interrupted by a man with his sheeps running wild. "Hold that thought. Let me help the old man first." She dashes out to help the old man to gather his sheeps.

After she's done, she turns around and doesn't see Xiao Mao. (Where did he go? He couldn't go that far.) She walks on the path to the forest.

She sees him. "Xi--" She stops. He's talking to someone. "Who's that?" She was about to turn her heels.

"Young Master, time is running out. You need to tell her that you're getting married to Tian Lu's daughter, Liang."

Her eyes widen. (Xiao Mao is getting married?) Her heart just drops. She looks where Xiao Mao is at. "I already know that."

"Then...why are you hesitating? Just tell her already!" "I can't! I love her." "If you're going to be the next heir, you need to forget about her and marry Liang."

She doesn't want to hear it anymore. She returns to the place where he took her and waits for his return.

She couldn't think straight. She wanted to hear from his own mouth. She kept denying it.

"Yin." She jolts and tries to remain calm. She turns around and forces a smile. "Xiao Mao. Where were you?"

"Ah...just wandering around.." She looks away and looks at the view. Xiao Mao stands next to her.

They both stays in silent for a few minutes, she decided to speak up. "Xiao Mao."

Their eyes met one another. "You said you have something to say to me." He looks away. "Ah..that..." "What is it?"

He stays silent. (How should I say it to you, Yin? I only dream to marry you only. But I have to...)

He turns to her. "It's noth--" (Lies.) "...You're getting married, aren't you?" His eyes widen.

"Yin." His hand reaches out to her hand, but she pulls back and slaps him across the face.

"You've been keeping it secret from me." He turns to her and puts his hands on her shoulders. "Yin. It's okay. I'll make you as my mistress."

She couldn't believe her ears. "I'll still love you. In order to be together, I'll make you as my mistress, okay, Yin?"

"...You want me to share you with other women?" "Yin. I--I'll do anything for you." "Anything." He nods.

"Can you stand down as a heir for me?" His eyes widen. "Yin. I.." "You can't, right?"

"Yin. Once you're mistress, no one would harm you." "Fine." He smiles.

She looks at him. "From this day forward, we no longer owe each other anything." She removes his grip on her hands.

"Yin. W-what..." "You only think about your future as a heir. You never think about us or me. You promised me yet you broke the promise."

She looks away. "From on now, we're nothing but strangers." She walks pass him. He turns and hugs her behind.

"Yin. I really love you. I-" "Then give up as a heir." His arms loosen. She turns around. "You can't do it, can you?" "Yin. This isn't you."

"How would you know the real me?" "Yin. I think you're just upset. Calm down." She pulls her sword out and slightly cut her wrist.

"Yin!" "The Yin you once knew is dead. She's no longer here." She turns her heels and before she could walk away, she grips the necklace that he gave her.

She pulls it and it tears apart. She throws it on the ground. She left him there.

As she walks on the way home, she only looks at the ground and let her foot takes her wherever she goes.

Soon it started to pouring heavy rain. She walks and walks to the bridge. She stops in front of someone. She looks up and sees Prince Qin in front of her. He standing there with the umbrella in his hand.

She looks away. "Why are you here?" "Waiting for you." She scoffs. "What is it to you?"

"It seems you found out why "he" is here for." She looks at him. "You're been spying on me?"

"No. I was worried about you." She looks away. "I don't need your worry." "Take the umbrella."

"Leave me alone." "Yin'Er." He tries to put the umbrella into her hands but she takes her hand away.

The umbrella then fell on the ground. Both of them are all drenched. "I said leave me alone! Goddamn it!"

She's so angry. She put her anger out. "HE said he'll marry me once he becomes a heir. HE...that bastard....had the nerve to say he'll make me as his mistress. A mistress."

She scoffs. "He wants me to share him with other women." She looks at him. "You're the same. Every damn man in this world are the same."

He couldn't bare seeing her in pain. He grabs her arm and pulls her close to him. "Let go. Let go. I said let go."

She repeatedly hit him as he hugs her tightly. "I said let go! Let go!" She hits him over and over until she doesn't have the strength to.

"Go on. Cry. Let it out. I'm the only one here to hear you cry." She hugs him and cry in his chest. He knits his brows and closed his eyes.

(If it was me, I couldn't let you bare with this. I wouldn't dare let you suffer, or had the nerve to ask you to be my mistress. You will always be my Queen. I only need you, no one else matters. I wouldn't make you cry like he did.)