As she walks away, she stops. (Wait. I just kick the Prince's ....no it's okay. He deserves it) She continues to walk to her cabin.

Next day, she spotted someone. She taps on his shoulder. "Senior." He turns and sees her. "Yin." He smiles. She blush.

(Oh my god, that smile of his.) "Why are you here in Shang?" "Ah. I'm running some errands for my father." She nods. "I see." "What about you?" "...Vacation. I got a few days off of work."

"It must be hard being Din Din's disciple." She shakes her head. "Not at all. I really enjoy my job." He smiles. "That's good to hear." He stares at her. "W-what?" "It's been two years, yet you still call me 'Senior'. When are you going to call me by my name, Yin?"

Her face blush. "...Err...." She looks away shyly. Up above, Prince Qin was watching the whole thing. "So you can make that kind of face." He looks at the man that Yin'Er is with. "I seen him somewhere....but where...."

"...X-Xiao Mao.." She said his name shyly. He smiles. He takes her hand. "There's a cafe nearby, it's really good. Let's go." She nods. They ate and talk together. "How's your mother?"

"She's doing pretty good after you give your full opinion about her treatment. She wanted to meet you in person." "I will once my vacation days are done. Your dream..."

His hand flinch and water spills on her. "I-I'm sorry." "It's okay." She stands up. "I'll wash it off. I'll be back." "Okay."

As she left the table, a man shows up and sits on her seat. "What is it?" "When are you going to tell her?" Xiao Mao shows a painful expression.

"Hurting and deceiving her is the last thing I wanted to do." "Young Master." "No worries. I'll tell her." "Yes." The man stands up and walks away.

Yin'Er returns to the table and notices his expression. She puts her hand on his shoulder. "Xiao Mao, what's wrong? Are you ill?"

He startles and looks up, sees Yin'Er. "Ah...no...I'm alright." She sits back down. "Alright. If you say so." She smiles.

(I have to tell her.) "Yin." "Hm?" (But how can I?) "I.." Yin'Er felt Hanzo's call. She stands up. "Ah. Xiao Mao. I forgot something. I'll go back for now. Take care. See you tomorrow."

Without hearing his reply, she dashes out in a hurry. (Damn it. Damn it. I'm supposed to find clues.)

She leaps onto the rooftop and head to Queen's chambers. As soon as she got there, she sees four men in black. (Didn't I told him to stay low?! That selfish Prince Su!)

She enters the chambers through the window. She summons her blade sickle and aims at them. It pierced right through them. "ARGHHH!"

They all fall onto the floor. She removes their masks. (They're not Prince Su's men. That means there's another person wants the Queen dead.)

She turns to the Queen. "Your Highness." The Queen remains silent. "I'm guessing you already know who also wants you dead."

"True." "Who?" The Queen hesitates for a few seconds then she opens her mouth. "Minister Yu and Consort Mi."

Yin'Er remembers those names. The King turns his back on his Queen for Consort Mi and favors her more. Consort Mi is rumored to be very beautiful lady, but the Queen is more intelligent and more radiant than anyone else.

The King never steps in the Queen's chambers after giving birth to Prince Qin. They never see each other for eye to eye.

"Your Highness." She sees the Queen's painful expression. "Yin'Er. I'm very delighted to ran into him but he pretends not to see me." She sadly smiles. "He won't even see me, assassins after assassins, he didn't show up."

"Your Highness." "Even if I'm dead or alive, he couldn't care." After Yin'Er dispose the bodies. The Queen's painful expression remains in her head.

She decided to pay a visit at the King's chambers secretly. As she arrives, she removes one of the tiles and peek in. She sees the King with Consort Mi, who is serving him some tea. A few minutes later, Consort Mi returns to her chambers.

Yin'Er enters the King's chambers. She quietly checks the tea. The silver turns green. (Poison?!) She then heads to the bed. She checks underneath the bed and the comforters.

Nothing. She then checks the pillow. She sees a wooden mannequin. (He's been bewitched after all these years.)

She then heads to the study room where the King is at. She sees him and snaps the wood mannequin.

The King jolts and slowly fallen over his desk. She quickly walk towards him and check his pulse.

She feels relieved that he's still breathing. (Since they tried to bewitched him...let karma harm those bad people.)

She walks behind him and puts both of her hands on his back. She closes her eyes and enters his dream.

[The King's dream]

The King wanders around. "Where am I?" Yin'Er appears. "Your Highness." He turns and sees her. "Who are you?"

"It doesn't matter who I am. You've been bewitched by Consort Mi and Minister Yu." "What nonsense are you talking about?!" "Don't believe me then let me show you."

Yin'Er shows him how it started. The day Prince Qin was born, the King was very happy. That night, the King heard that Consort Mi has fallen ill.

He went to check on her. Soon enough he got knocked out by someone. "That's right. Someone knocked me down. I don't know who it was." "Let me show you who."

It appears to be Minister Yu. "WHAT?!" The King was furious and continues to watch his memories being replay.

March 5th. He spotted the Queen yet he ignores her. "My dear Queen." He tries to reach out to her but the image of her is just a hologram. "Someone sent assassins to kill the Queen." "What? Who dares harm the Queen?!" "If I tell you their names, how would you handle it? How can you be the King when you don't know what's going on around you?"

The King looks at her. "Tell me who hire assassins to kill my beloved Queen?"