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 That night, Yin'Er felt Hanzo's presence. "Hanzo." She turns her heels and heads to the Queen's chambers.

As soon as she got there, she sees Hanzo and the Queen are surrounding by the assassins.

Yin'Er puts her mask on and jumps down from the rooftop. She summons her blade sickle and throws it to one of the men.

It pierce right through the man's body. "Argh!!!" Others turn and notices her.

They went and charge at her. She remains standing and let them charge at her. She then attacks them in the right moment.

One of the men throws darts at her, she dodges it and one of the darts pierce through her mask. Her mask then came off and stabbed into the wall.

Her face was revealed. Since her face is revealed, she needs to eliminate every single men in the room.

Prince Qin is taking a stroll, but he sees shadows from the Queen's chambers. He dashes and heads to the chambers. As soon as he arrives, "Mother!"

In front of him is a man who got pierced right through the blade sickle. The blade got released from the body.

The body falls onto the ground. His eyes widen as soon as he sees her. She has small cuts on her left cheek. Their eyes met.

Qin notices there's a man behind her, charging. She also felt the presence. She turns and strike him with her sword.

The man falls onto the floor with the rest. She turns her heels and kneel on both of her knees. Ignoring his presence.

"Your Highness, sorry for being delay. Please forgive me." The Queen stands up from the chair. "Yin'Er. I'm alright. You can rise."

She stands up, facing the Queen. The Queen notices the small cuts on Yin'Er's face. The Queen walks up to her and touches her face.

"You're hurt." "I'm alright, Your Highness. As long as you're not hurt." She turns to Hanzo. "Hanzo."

He jumps down and stands in front of her. "Master, I smelled their aura. They're from the same person." Yin'Er nods.

"I understand. Please protect the Queen." "Yes." Yin'Er did a teleportation spell for the assassins to transfer to Prince Su's chambers.

She then exits the room by the window. Prince Qin walks in. "Mother."

The Queen startles, "Ahh. Qin." "That woman. Who is she?" The Queen sighs. She then explains to Prince Qin.

"She's a secret agent who works for my sister of Shu. Her name is Yin. She's protecting me."

"I see. And Brother is behind it?" She looks away. "I don't want you brothers to go against each other for the heir." She sighs.

He walks up and sits next to her. "Mother. I don't care about the heir, but if he's going to harm you, then I'll use any method to be the next heir." "Qin."

Prince Qin stands up and exit the room. Few days later, Yin'Er avoids going in the tea house because of Prince Qin.

She heads to liquor shop and sits far from the window. She enjoys her liquor. She hears a familiar voice which belongs to Prince Su.

(Prince Su.) She listening to his conversation with someone.

SLAM! "How did the assassins end up in my chambers?!" "I don't know." CRASH! "You worthless bastard. Out of my sight!" The man exits the shop.

She then speaks, "My, My, What a temper." "Mind your business." "If you want to get rid of her, I'll give you a hand." Prince Su stops pouring his cup.

"You?" He was about to turn around. "Don't look back here. There's guards in disguises." He obediently listens to her.

"How can I get rid of her?" "How are you getting rid of Prince Qin?" Prince Su stays silent. "Wait for the coronation. Soon you'll know. Don't do anything reckless or I won't help you what you want to achieve. Lay low. I'll do the work."

"But I-" "If you interfere, you're blowing your cover. They already on you. Understand?" Prince Su thought about it and agrees.

She then quietly left the shop. Prince Su then turns around but she's no longer there. "Who..?"

Prince Qin was waiting for her in the forest. He sees her walking towards his direction. He went to hide behind the trees. He giggles to himself.

As she walks closer, she already sense his presence. She sighs. (Damn Prince.) She ignores him.

He was about to jump on her but she dodge it. He falls on the ground on his stomach. "...Ow." She walks away without checking on him.

He quickly gets up and blocks her path by standing in front of her. She glares at him. "What do you want?"

He smiles. "I want you." She scoffs and tries to walk pass him but he once again blocks her way. She tries to punch him but he blocks it.

"Be my wife." "Like the hell I would!" She struggles to break free from his grip. "Let go!"

He lets go and pulls her close to him. He place his lip on hers. Her eyes widen. (That son of..)

She then puts her hands on his shoulder. He thought she feels the same until he felt a sharp pain down there.

She literally kicks his little beast. He falls down on his knees. His hands covers his little beast. "Argh. You-" She just ignores him and walks away. He points at her. "Hey. You. Ughh."