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 "Ah Qin." "Brother." They both glares at each other. The Queen coughs.

"Qin. What brings you here, hm?" He turns to his mother. (The monkey said you're in trouble.)

"I wanted to see you after I felt a bad presence. I'm glad you're alright, mother." He sits next to his mother.

The Queen smiles and pats his head. "Silly. I'm fine." Prince Su grips his hand. He turns his heels and exit the chambers.

After Prince Su's presence is gone. The Queen turns to Qin. "Did she told you?" "..She?"

(Seems like she didn't go up to him in person. Ah. That's right. Her monkey.) "Mother. Who's "she"?" Qin was curious. She laughs.

"Someone we can trust." Qin got really curious. "Is she here?" "Soon. Soon you will meet her." After Qin left, Yin'Er appears again.

"Thank you." "I apologize, I act without informing you. Prince Su was holding a knife that is dip in poison." The Queen sighs.

"I love both of my sons equally." Yin'Er stays silent. The Queen looks at her.

"Is there a way to stop those two going against each other?" "Prince Qin will listen. But Prince Su wouldn't."

Yin'Er looks up at the Queen. "He won't stop until he's King however, I do sense an evil aura on him, Your Highness."

The Queen nods. "I, too, sense it as well." "Hanzo." Hanzo appears and jumps down. "Master."

"Stay here with the Queen. Send me a signal if anything happens." "Yes, Master." "Also keep an eye out on any suspensions." "Yes, Master."

She then left the room. She disguises herself as a man and went to the tea house.

As she walks in and head upstairs. Up ahead, she sees someone was waving at her. She looks up and its Prince Qin.

"Tsk." (What does he want?) She ignores him and walks pass him. She sits on the usual table.

He lets himself to sit across from her. "Boss Yin." She ignores him. He kept yapping while she continues to ignore him.

She heard a woman screaming. She turns and looks down. She sees a group of men blocking the woman. While others are beating a man.

She drops her cup on the table which the tea spills on the table. She grabs her sword and holds onto the rail.

She jumps down from second story. Qin was amazed. She takes her sword out and attacks one of the men. "Arghhh!"

The man falls down onto the ground, bleeding heavily. "So...who's next?" They all charge at her.

She smirks. She pierce them with her sword. One of the men manage to hit her hat off.

Her hat flies in the air. Qin's eyes widen as soon as he sees her face very clearly along with her mask.

The second man manage to break her mask off of her face. (Sh!t!) Qin stands up as soon as he sees her face. (She's that one maid..)

That moment, Qin fell in love her beauty. (Wooow. She's really pretty.) She quickly summon wind to blow the dirt in their eyes. "ahhhh! My eyes!"

They drop their weapon and cover their eyes with both of their hands. She grabs her cape and covers lower of her face. She then finish them off. She puts her sword away.

She helps the man to stand up. "Husband." "I'm fine." The woman and the man bows to Yin'Er and thank her. The couple left.

She felt someone's staring. She looks up and sees Qin, who has his mouth wide open. (Did he...see? Humph. Whatever. I don't care.)

She turns her heels and walks away. Qin manage to close his mouth. He puts his hand on his lip, thinking. "Boss Yin is a woman?"

Yin'Er walks on the alleyway but feel someone is following her. She walks in the dark alleyway.

She continues to walk then takes her sword out and pointed at that someone, who turns to be no other than Prince Qin. "Tsk."

He puts both of his hands up in the air, surrender to her. She puts her sword back and turns her heels.

"Wait. You're that maid." She stops and turns to her side. "So what of it?" She walks away.

He stands there speechless. His lips turns to a smirk. "Oh my. I think I'm in love." He can feel his heart pounding. "She's so cool."