That afternoon, Yin'Er is tapping on the table as she looks outside. (Hmm...I haven't heard anything.)

She whispers, "Hanzo." The leaves of the tree rustles, pops up a baby monkey. "Ooh Ooh."

She smiles and secretly chants a spell for Hanzo to speak in human language. "Master. Master."

She throws a piece of banana for Hanzo. "Mm. Yummy." She chuckles. She notices a maid. (Isn't she..?)

A maid was checking her surrounding as if there's anyone following her then she heads to a liquor store.

"Hmm." Yin'Er quietly stands up. "Hanzo. Let's go." Hanzo rushes to his master's side.

They both exit the tea house and enters the liquor store. They take a seat behind the maid and whoever she's meeting with.

"Prince Su." "What happen?" "I got caught but he let me go." His brow raised. "Who?" "I didn't ask because he was armed."

"Did you say any unnecessary info to him?" "No. I didn't." He taps on the table, quietly.

"Did she drinks it?" "Yes." "You're dismissed." She nods. Before she leaves, she asks, "Prince Su. My family...they're safe right?"

"You don't trust me?" "I trust you."

The maid bows to Prince Su and left the liquor store. Prince gestures his attendant. "Kill them." "Yes."

Yin'Er grips her hand. (Bastard.) Yin'Er then gestures to Hanzo to follow the attendant. Hanzo nods. Yin'Er continues to drink her liquor.

Soon Prince Su stands up and exits the store. A few minutes later, she exits the store after him. (You won't get away that easily. Whether you're a commoner or a Prince. You're still a murderer.)

She was about to follow him but she felt some presence from Hanzo. "Hanzo's in danger."

She turns her heels and quickly rush tot he opposite direction of Prince Su is heading. "Damn it."

She steps the side of the walls and leaps onto the rooftop. She then heads to the direction Hanzo is at.

"Hold on, Hanzo." She quickly dash and jumps rooftop to rooftop. Then she finally found him who is surrounded by a group of attendants with swords.

"Tsk." She summons wind to blow them away from Hanzo. She then jumps down and pierced them with her sword.

Hanzo climbs up on her and sits on her shoulder. "What did you find?" "They've taken that maid's family to this building. They're all covered in gasoline."

She nods. "Go and let them escape." Hanzo dash into the building. One of the men tries to flee in order to inform to the Prince Su.

She summons her blade sickle and throws at the attendant. It pierced through him.

The others were shocked and scared. The attendant coughs up blood. She released her weapon from him and attacks other attendants who dares to escape. None of them made it out alive.

Hanzo comes back. "Master. There's a problem." "What is it?" "...They're all dead before we came here."

Her hands were clench. "He's going to pay." They went to take their bodies and buried them in a good place. "Master, that maid." "She's going to be next."

She respectfully bows to them. "I'll avenge for you guys." Hanzo climbs up on his master and sits on her shoulder. She gets up and heads back to the palace.

She leaps onto the rooftop and report to the Queen. The Queen notices Yin'Er is back. The Queen dismisses all the maids.

Yin'Er enters the room from the window. "Your Highness." "What is it?" "One of the maid's family were killed."

The Queen's hands twitch. "And the maid?" "I looked everywhere but no sign of her. I'm afraid he has already killed her."

She closed her eyes and nod. "Alright. You did your best." "Yes." Hanzo speaks, "Master, someone coming."

Yin'Er heads to the window and leaps onto the rooftop and eavesdrop. That someone is Prince Su. "Mother." "Ah Su. I was wondering when you're going to visit."

Prince Su dismisses his attendants. He walks closer to the Queen. Yin'Er wants to help but she cannot reveal her identity.

She whispers, "Hanzo. Go get that Prince Qin." "Leave it to me." Hanzo jumps off of her shoulder and jumps down the rooftop.

He went to look for this Prince Qin. He runs and stop for a bit. He sniffs the air and head to the right. He jumps over the wall and enters his chambers.

Prince Qin was sitting down at his desk, reviewing the documents. Hanzo jumps on his desk. "Hey old man."

"Oh? A monkey. Wait did you just talk?" "Now it's not the time. The Queen is in trouble. Go to her chambers."

Prince Qin knits his brows and stand up. He rush to the Queen's chambers.

The Queen sits down. Prince Su has a knife behind him. (It's now or never.) "Mother, have you drink your medicine? I heard that you're not feeling well."

"Ah, Yes. I did." Prince Qin arrives. Prince Su's attendants flustered. "P-Prince Qin. W-what are you doing here?"

Prince Qin glares the attendant. "Do I have to answer you?" Prince Qin enters the chambers. "Mother."

Prince Su hides his knife. He turns to his little brother. "Ah. Qin." "Brother." They both glares at each other.