Yin'Er slowly opens her eyes. She notices unfamiliar ceiling and quickly sits up. She checks her surrounding. (Where is this?)

(How did I get here? I should leave before anyone sees me.) She gets out of the bed and quickly leave the room by escaping through the windows.

She leaps to the rooftop and heads to the Queen's chambers. She quietly removes one of the roof tile and takes a peek.

She sees the Queen is in a good condition. (It's good that she's doing well.) Soon, the same maid comes in.

(Her again? I wonder who she's working for.) Yin'Er notices the maid puts poison into the cup again. (Tsk.)

Yin'Er checks her surroundings and sneaks in the Queen's chambers. Before she appears in front of the maid, she puts her mask on.

She approach the maid. She grabs her by her shoulder and slam her on the wall. The maid gasps. Yin'Er holds a knife by the maid's throat. "Who are you working for?" The maid refuses to speak.

"If you do not speak, I will kill your family and your ancestors." "...Prince Su." "Who's he?" "He's the Queen's adopted son. She took him in before she had Prince Qin." The maid falls on her knees.

"Please. I beg you. Not to kill my family. As a maid, I'm just following orders." "Rise. Go and report to him that you already give the poison to the Queen and you witness that she drinks it. After that, I will take you and your family far from here."

The maid bows to Yin'Er. "Thank you." The maid exits the room. As she stands there, she turns to her side. "What do you think about this matter, Your Highness?" She turns around and looks at the Queen, who was standing behind the cherry blossom screen divider panel.

She comes out of there and looks at Yin'Er. "So, he trying to harm me." "I'm afraid so." "Who sent you?" Yin'Er gets on one knee and her right fist on her chest.

"Queen Yang Yue. She orders me to protect you, Your Highness. She got a report that someone wants to assassinate you, Your Highness."

The Queen nods and looks out the window. Yin'Er stands in the shadow. "Yang Yue. It's been ages since I heard of her. Is she well?" "She is but she hasn't rest due to the report." "I see. Your name is ..?" "Ah. Forgive me. My name is Yin'Er."

Her eyes widen. "...Yin'Er..." (Why is she here? Yang Yue...what you are trying to do here...?) "May I ask about your parents?" "I grew up without any." (Ahh. That's right. Prince Xu is dead before he gets to see his daughter.)

She turns around and looks at Yin'Er. (Prince Xu, your daughter has grown very beautiful. Her manners are well taught.) "Rise." "Yes, Your Highness." Yin'Er looks at the Queen. "Your Highness. You need to be careful, it seems all of your maids has be replaced with new ones." "Is that so?" "Yes. They will monitor your movements to him."


Prince Qin returns to his chambers from meeting with his teacher but realizes Yin'Er is gone. He sighs. "Who is she...? Somehow, I feel like I know her from somewhere...Hmm.." "Your highness." He turns around and sees his attendant. "What now?"

Prince Qin sits down. "Aren't you going to go visit the Queen?" "Ah. That's right. Let's go." Prince Qin gets up and heads to the Queen's chambers. As he arrives, he notices none of the maids are present. (Hmm...what's going on?)

His attendant shouted, "Your Highness, Prince Qin has arrived!" Yin'Er jolts. The Queen looks at her and nod. Yin'Er bows to the Queen and escape through the windows. "Come in."

Prince Qin enters the chambers. "Mother." "How's your studies?" "Ugh...don't mention it." "What's wrong?" "It's too boring." The Queen chuckles. Prince Qin looks around the room. The Queen notices and asks, "What's wrong?" He looks at his mother and put his hand on top of hers. "Mother. How come there's no maids in your chambers?"

"Ah. I ask them to get something for me. They should be back. No need to worry." Prince Qin nods. "Have you pick a queen yet?" "I don't want to marry." "Qin." "I only want to marry the woman I love."

The Queen smiles. "Have you found her yet?" "Yes." "What's her name?" He opens his mouth but realizes that he doesn't know her name. "I didn't ask." The Queen chuckles. "Oh, Qin." He turns to his mother. "She's very pretty, Mother. And...and her eyes are like, wow."

"Alright, alright, Qin. I cannot wait to meet her." "You will, Mother. Next time, I'll bring her here to meet you."


Yin'Er returns to her base and change her clothes. She disguises herself as Boss Yin and head to the market. As she arrives at the market, the meat owner informs her that someone was asking about her.

"Who?" "He didn't leave a name." Yin'Er nods. "Thank you." She heads to the tea house. She sits where she usually sit. The shop owner greets her. "Boss Yin. You're here." "Mm." He looks around and whispers, "Someone was looking for you." "Oh? Who is he?" "His people calls him, 'Prince Qin'"

She nods. "Thank you. You are dismissed." The shop owner bows and left to serve other customers. (Why is he looking for me...?)