She just arrive to her homeland. Townspeople notices her and greets her. "Yin'Er." She nods at them. "Wow. She's so cool."

She then heads to the palace. The guards notices her. "Yin'Er." "Mm. Keep up the good work." "Yes!" She walks through the gates and heads to see the Queen.

"Your highness. She has arrived." "Send her in." "Yes." The maid exits the room to get Yin'Er.

She walks in the room and appears in front of the Queen. "Your highness. I, Yin'Er, comes to greet you." She bows to the Queen.

The Queen gestures the maids to leave them alone. The maids bows and left the room. "Rise."

Yin'Er stands up and walks up to the Queen, she sits next to the on the Queen. "There's a mission I want you to do for me." "What is it?" "I want you to protect the Queen of Shang." "Your sister?" "Yes."

The Queen gets up and walks down, pacing back and forth. "There's rumors saying someone is trying to eliminate her. So..."

She turns to Yin'Er. "I want you to go there and protect her. Meet her personally and alone." "I understand. I'll leave first thing in the morning."

The Queen walks up to her and touches her face. "You need to be careful. They're stronger than us." "No need to worry. I'll do my best."

The Queen nods and smiles. (Yin'Er...you're grown...if only your father can see you...) "I'll get going." The Queen nods.

Yin'Er left the the room. The head maid comes in and stands by the Queen's side. "Your highness." "I'm worried about her." "Yin'Er is skilled. She will be fine."

The Queen nods. Yin'Er heads to her room. She sighs and laid on the bed. She closed her eyes and sleep.

Next morning, she wakes up and made her bed. She then head to visit the Queen without going in the room. "I'll be off, Your Highness." She turns her heels and head to the horse stables.

The stableman notices her appearance. "Ah. Yin'Er." "Hello. Is Dark Knight all set?" "Yes. He is." Dark Knight is a white horse who's only let Yin'Er rides him. Yin'Er pets him and then gets on him. "Let's go, buddy."

They head to Shang.



Qin sneaks out again. He went to the market. He taps one of the owners. "Where do I find Boss Yin?" "Ah...you're looking for Boss Yin, eh?" "Ah yes." "Well...he left a couple days ago." "He left?!" "Ah yes. Something came up and he left. But don't worry. He'll be back." The owner continues to work.

Qin depressed. "Man. He left..?" Then he recalls the day that Yin'Er saved him. He smack his face.

"Ahh. That's right. He did. I forgot." Qin then returns to the palace. Qin heads to his room. He sits down and sighs. (Where did he go?) He hates staying in the palace, so he sneaks out again.

That night, she arrives with Dark Knight. She gets down and walks with him. "You must be tired." She found a cabin and stayed there until morning. She sighs as she looks at the stars. (I need a bath.) She went out and head to the forest.

She walks towards the river. She checks her surroundings and takes off her clothes. She steps in and bathe.

Qin was walking in the forest and he hears something. He went towards where the river flows. He hides between the bushes and sees her. "...Wow."

He was in awe by her beauty. He walks closer but he accidentally steps on a small branch. *crack.

He held his breath and hides. Yin'Er hears it. She then steps out of the water. Qin looks up after a few seconds but she's no longer in the water.

"Where did she go?" She went behind him. He turns around and got punch it in the face. He fainted. "You again?!" She sighs. She hears footsteps. She went and hide behind a big rock.

She peeks and sees a man. He sighs. "This stupid Prince." He grabs Qin and drags him. "Such a troublemaker. Always sneaks out." She gets out of her hiding place. "Prince...? He's a Prince? Then...I just offend the Prince."

She returns to the cabin. "I just offend the Prince, wait...he doesn't know what I look like since I have the mask on. So...its fine."

Next morning, she sneaks into the palace. She hides and sees a maid coming towards her. She knocks her out and grabs her.

She takes her to a empty room. She exchanges the clothes. She disguises herself as a maid and heads the Queen's chambers.

Before she enters, she notices a maid who always checks her surroundings. (Hmm...suspicious.) She waits until the maid enters and she went to peek on what the maid is up to.

Yin'Er notices the maid puts something in the drink and gave it to the Queen. (A mole got loose, huh?) Soon Yin'Er hides behind the pillar.

Qin was walking by and sees her. "What is that maid doing?" He walks closer then he hides as soon as he sees the other maid. Then soon he sees Yin'Er enters the Queen's chambers. He quietly follows and takes a peek.

Yin'Er walks up to her Queen who is gasping for air. "Damn." Yin'Er helps the Queen to sit up and sits behind her. She puts both of her hands on her back. She closed her eyes and transfer the poison that is in the Queen's body through her body.

Yin'Er spits blood. She then gently puts the Queen to lay in bed. She wipes the blood on her lip.

She takes out a pill from her pocket and give it to the Queen. "You will be okay since I'm here." She then heads out of the chambers. Qin quickly hides and watch her leave. Then he follows her.

She slowly feels dizzy. She puts her hand on the wall to support herself but she fainted. Qin catches her in time. She sees him but her vision is too blurry. (Who..?) Qin lifts her up and carries her to his chambers.