A silver hawk is soaring in the sky. Soon the hawk went down and arrives on Yin'er's window.

"Sho." Yin'er pets him and then takes the letter.

Letter: Queen wants to speak with you.

"Finally I can go home." Yin'er place a new letter into its slot. "Go, Sho." Sho then hops and flaps his wings and fly to the sky to deliver the letter.

Yin'er packs her belongings and puts her hat and her mask back on. She grabs her sword and head down.

As she walks down, she sees the landlady is sweeping the floor near the entrance. "Landlady."

The landlady looks up and sees her. "Ah Boss Yin. You're leaving already?" "Yes. Something came up so I'll be back. Let me know if you guys need anything, I'll come." "Thank you."

Yin'er left the hotel and heads back to Shu.


Qin sneaks out of the palace again. Qin rams into trouble. "Tsk." "What are you doing on my turf?" "Oh I'm sorry. I'll leave now."

He turns around and tries to leave. One of the big guys grabs him and slam him against the wall. "I didn't say you can leave."

Yin'er was passing by and see them. She sighs. "Hey!" They all turn to her. "Let him go."

"My, it's the famous Boss Yin." "I'm not going to repeat myself again." They all laugh. He toss Qin into his men's care.

He walks towards her. "I'm sorry, What was that?" She grabs her sword and quickly slit his throat.

He gasps and puts both of his hands on his throat. The men got angry. "Attack!" They charge at her.

She sighs. She drops her belongings on the ground and remain still as they charge at her.

She dodges their attacks and pierce through them. Once they're all dead, she puts her sword back.

She turns her heels and picks up her bag. Qin was in a daze then he snaps in reality. He claps. "That was amazing." Yin'er ignores him.

"Hey." He chase after her. "So your name is Boss Yin?" She remains silent. "I'm Quinn." She still remains silent.

"So where you're heading?" She stops and looks at him. "Turn around." He did as he was told to. (This guy...is he stupid?) She hits his side of his neck, he collapsed on the ground.

She then walks away from him. A few minutes later, he opens his eyes. He sees his attendant in front of him. "Wahhh."

His attendant smacks his head. "You stupid prince." He grabs his collar and drags him away. "Wait, wait. Where is he?"

He looks around but he doesn't see her. "Boss Yin, huh?" He smiles. "I like him." He chuckles to himself.